My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 144


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 144 – The Devastating Punch

Ding Yu’s shout for help had made Ling Mo pause for a second, but he realized after that even if the two of them had heard his cry for help, they would still need time to put on their clothes before coming here and by that time he would have already been done.

Afterwards he would just need to make the zombies run outside, who would have time to check the room next door with three people in it? He would be able to leave without anyone finding out.

If it weren’t for Shana needing to see Ding Yu get beaten with her own eyes, Ling Mo wouldn’t have come here personally.

However in order to end the battle quickly, Ling Mo raised the frequency of the attacks. The two zombie puppets coordinated with each other and the attacks became even more wild, increasing their combat power.

The reason why he hadn’t fought for real before was because he was practicing his skills. Usually he used his puppets to fight other zombies which became a routine.

But the way he fought against zombies wouldn’t work well against humans, because compared to zombie, a human’s biggest advantage was that it was able to use a weapon as well as dodge better.

Let alone his target was a psychic, in order to let his puppets fully display their effectiveness, he had to be fully concentrated.

From the beginning, Ling Mo’s movements were a bit stagnated actually, the reason why Ding Yu was still pushed into a defensive position was due to the way the zombies had fought.

Although he was currently in a defensive position, he was slowly grasping the concept of how the two zombies fought, waiting for a opportunity to fight back.

But what he didn’t know was that Ling Mo was also trying to grasp the way he fought as well.

The two zombies started to increase their frequency of attacks as well as making their attacks more diverse. Their coordination in each attack became easier and better after each attack.

Ding Yu didn’t expect the zombies would attack him harder after he had shouted for help making him complain in his head as well as regret this current scenario.

His heart could not help but regret his arrogance.

He had a principle of never being a liability which also was used to apply on other people as well. If he hadn’t followed his pride of not asking for help and had immediately shouted for help the second he got attacked, he wouldn’t have been beaten so pitifully.

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The sides of his waist had already been hit several times already making it hurt a lot. He was desperately looking forward to Luo Heng and Zhang Ning’s rescue, but at the same time he felt complicated.

He was the type of person who usually thought that his decisions were all correct and reasonable, but right now he had doubts.

Didn’t they hear me? Or did they hear me, but chose to ignore it because I was usually unconcerned when it came to them.

That shouldn’t be right, I’m a psychic, so I still have value to them.

But… Luo Heng and Zhang Ning aren’t like me, they wouldn’t use a person’s value to judge others.

Ding Yu’s attention slightly gets diverted letting the zombies find a flaw in his defense. The zombie holding the table leg smacked him at the bottom of his ribs while the other one punched him on the nose.


The severe pain made Ding Yu incapacitated

His nose was in extreme pain while at the same time a warm liquid started to flow out.

Ding Yu started to take several steps back after his nose bled out, but just when he was going to bump into the French window behind him, a shadow appeared behind him. The shadow opened the French window and punched him right on the back of his head.

Ding Yu immediately dropped like a bag of potatoes.

Ling Mo was surprised, he quickly controlled a puppet to catch Ding Yu and slowly put him on the ground, just in case it made noise and interrupted the passion between a man and a woman by attracting their attention.

The person who had knocked Ding Yu out was of course Shana, she had smelled blood and couldn’t repress her urge of running over here.


Ling Mo and Ye Lian quickly went through the balcony, but at the moment Shana had already walked in front of Ding Yu, kneeled down, stretching her neck and wrist before grabbing his collar.

“Damn it…Shana, I thought I told you I’ll handle it.”

When Ling Mo himself arrived, Shana had already punched Ding Yu on his left eye with a smile on her face.

The pain made Ding Yu send out a groan while he was passed out, but thee sound was covered by some “PAPAPA” sound.

With Shana’s speed, it wouldn’t have been too hard to throw ten punches within a second. Blood had already covered her hand while she punched Ding Yu making him seem very pitiful, her eyes turned red, she appeared to be very excited.

Ding Yu was going to wake up but after these punches he totally passed out.

When Shana threw Ding Yu away, Ling Mo took a look, a chill flowed through his back.

Ling  Mo kneeled down to look at his injuries and then said in a low voice, “He is not going to fully recover for at least a month. OMG Did you break his nose!?!? Damn it, You basically disfigured him for a short period of time.”

The two zombies aimed at his waist but that only caused internal injuries, so one couldn’t really tell from the outside.

Ling Mo also had controlled his use of power, making sure he was only in pain, but without any real damage.

He would of been fine after ten days.

After all, Luo Heng needs him. If Luo Heng couldn’t use guns, Ding Yu would become the most powerful guy in their team.

If he had killed Ding Yu, it was basically lowering their chances of surviving.

So Ding Yu was right about one thing, he was still useful to the team.

Ding Yu had the quality of a strong survivor. He was careful and rationale, obviously there were still some flaws with him from Ling Mo’s perspective.

Obviously there would be some friction between him and Wang Rin after suggesting to abandon her.

But he wasn’t the decision maker, so after that Wang Rin became angry towards him.

So he deserves this punishment.

One of the reasons Ling Mo had agreed to beating his ass up was because he wanted to let him know how it felt to become another person’s liability.

After getting attacked, he would need other people to help support him. Maybe his mind would change by then.

At least he should understand what kind of decisions should be made under different kinds of situations, otherwise he might pay a even higher price someday, perhaps even implicate Luo Heng and the others.

After getting beaten by Shana, he could still walk, but his face has become unrecognizable….

“Humph! He made me unhappy, I can’t let him off! The way you hit wasn’t hard enough, I couldn’t see anything!”

Shana smiled and extended her hand to Ling Mo, made an “innocent” smile before saying, “Brother Ling, wipe it off for me…”


Ling Mo sighed and took out some tissues to clean her hands.

The strength of advanced zombies are really unusual, although their bodies looked the same, but under those slim hands actually hides a very strong power.

These long, white fingers were enough to penetrate the body. Based on this, Shana had actually held back. It seems that she did remember Ling Mo’s words and didn’t go overboard.

Ye Lian actually also decided to back Shana up by adding, “Yeah, hitting like this is more interesting.”

Ling Mo felt a huge headache and helplessly said, “People aren’t toys for you to play with. Well at least you can’t play with normal people.”

There were just too much differences between zombies and humans, no matter how much they looked like a human or how much they recovered their memories, they were essentially different.

Ling Mo was already prepared for this though, at least the two of them saw him differently.

Thinking to this point he became happy again. Anyways, the two of them wouldn’t dare play with him.

After making sure that Ding Yu wouldn’t die, Ling Mo quietly took the two girls downstairs. After walking through Luo Heng’s room, Ling Mo creeply smiled, and waiting until he heard a “AHHH” sound before he immediately took the two girls away.

When he went back, he made sure Wang Rin was safe, and then focused his attention on the two puppets.

“You guys have completed your parts, but you at least have to finish the show.”

Ling Mo controlled one of the puppet to lift the sofa and threw it on the ground.


A huge noise came out, the ground started shaking.

Luo Heng and Zhang Ning who were currently hugging each other and reminiscing the aftertaste of what they did together, did not expect something to happen so suddenly.

“Something must have happened to Ding Yu!”

Zhang Ning quickly put on her clothes, took a gun and ran out. Luo Heng tried very hard to put on his pants and also took a gun while dragging his leg and went up.

When they reached Ding Yu’s room, Zhang Ning became shocked after seeing Ding Yu’s body lying on the floor and the two zombies. Just when she raised her gun, the zombies jumped off from the balcony as if they were afraid and landed on the air conditioner on the second floor and made a “Bang!” sound.

Zhang Ning took her gun and carefully walked to the balcony and was ready to shoot them but found out that they had already vanished into the night. She finally walked back to Ding Yu to see if he was okay.

By the time Luo Heng arrived, he only saw the very pitiful Ding Yu and Zhang Ning.

“What the fuck is going on?” He dragged his leg and walked up to Ding Yu before putting his fingers on Ding Yu’s carotid artery and saying, “He’s still alive.”

Zhang Ning put down her gun and walked over, “It’s possible that those were advanced zombies. If we had came any later he might have been dead. The two zombies were really weird, they seemed to understand how fearsome guns were.”

Luo Heng thought that it was nothing, but he was surprised and started thinking whether the zombies had come back for revenge.

This idea was the same as what Ding Yu was thinking….

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