My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 145


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 145 – This is a Nice Surprise

The next morning Luo Heng brought his two teammates to where Ling Mo had stayed.

It wasn’t hard to tell that they didn’t sleep well, they must have been anxiously waiting til dawn.

Ding Yu looked gloomy following behind Luo Heng. He was holding onto his waist, not only were his eyes and face black and blue, his nose was completely destroyed, he seemed both pitiful and distressed.

“In a while, if they want any supplies, give it to them. Right now we don’t really know what Wang Rin plans to do…. Ding Yu can’t fight temporarily, if Wang Rin doesn’t come with us…..”

Luo Hengs expression appeared to be worried, but his words triggered complicated and embarrassed feelings for Ding Yu.

Initially Ding Yu was the one that had proposed the idea of getting rid of Wang Rin, now they had to worry if Wang Rin wasn’t willing to follow them anymore. After changing the roles of their positions, Ding Yu started to contemplate on how he should treat others.

“Don’t say that, Ding Yu will get upset…” Zhang Ning grabbed Luo Heng and said to him in a low voice.

But Ding Yu still heard everything, he looked at the both of them and saw them looking at him, he bitterly smiled, “It’s fine, I won’t get upset, this is just the truth. Sorry, I am a burden right now, if it weren’t for you guys, I would have been dead already.”


Zhang Ning hesitated and smiled.

Although the two zombies only viciously beat up Ding Yu, but no one expected that they wouldn’t kill people. Therefore Ding Yu thought he was saved by them.

This was the first time he benefited from a group and it was something he really cared about.

He also benefited from teams before, but from his view of point, he could earn the benefits from any group.

But comparing to those survivors, he is even more willing to work with Luo Heng who is a armed policeman.

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So these people are just partners rather than real buddies.

At least this incident changed his mindset a bit…At least when he got hurt, the first thing Luo Heng was thinking about wasn’t whether he was still valuable or not…

“Don’t worry Ding Yu, later I will ask for some medicine from Brother Ling, if he can’t give us some, we’ll use Zhang Ning’s pistol in exchange.”

Luo Heng said with determination.

Ding Yu looked deeply at Luo Heng and said, “If Wang Rin isn’t willing to come because of me….even though I don’t think I’m wrong, I am willing to say I’m sorry.”

These words shocked Luo Heng and Zhang Ning, this cold guy was willing to apologize?

“Ding Yu you….”

Ding Yu calmly said, “I lost the ability to fight, although Wang Rin’s super power isn’t that strong but she is still a pretty good fighter. I’m just thinking for the team’s benefit. We might not make it out of X city alive if it was just the three of us.”

But Luo Heng seemed to ignore what he said and excitedly said, “I am so happy. I knew you were a rational guy, this actually is not something bad, really! This trait is actually quite important for a group to survive. If you decided to let your partners join, then you should embrace them, not consider them as a tool. Your previous method could increase the chances to survive, but it would make you into a cold and heartless guy. If you ever got hurt, your partners would probably abandon you, I have always been really worried about this!!”

“Yes….” Ding Yu became silent for a bit and slowly nodded, “I will find the right balance and not make it hard for you again.”

“Great. Your rational personality is actually very helpful, but do that to others, in here we are family.”

Luo Heng looked very sincere when he said this.

The three of them talked and reached Ling Mo’s room.

Before they knocked the door opened, a beautiful young lady showed up.

But the eyes gave people a cold look, the three of them looked somewhere else to avoid eye contact with her.

“Brother Ling, the guys are here”

The one who opened the door was Shana, she looked at Ding Yu and made a expression as if she is smiling, which made Ding Yu feel weird.

This girl gives people a dangerous feeling, it was no different than facing the advanced zombies.

Ding Yu actually had a split second misconception that the girl in front of her and the other tall girl were zombies.

However he immediately thought his idea was somewhat funny, not to mention a zombies eyes would be red, but their eyes were normal and plus it was impossible for a human and a zombie to live together in the same room.

Ye Lian and Shana have already detected them when they came in.

Li Ya Ling was sitting in a corner, suppressing her desire to attack.

This was actually a kind of training Ling Mo gave her, it was definitely not ok to have the intentions of eating someone whenever she saw them.

If he ever got hurt, she might rebel.

After hearing what Shana said, Li Ya Ling twitched a bit and Ye Lian looked at the door with vigilance before taking two steps back.

On the other hand, Wang Rin, who was lying on the cushion, tried to get up.

When she passed by Ling Mo, he looked at her head and tried really hard not to laugh…..

This Shana was too naughty…..but why didn’t Wang Rin realize? Is it because her butt hurts too much?

Ling Mo went to the door. When he looked at Ding Yu, although he already knew how he looked like, he almost wasn’t able to hold back his laughter. He had raised the corners of his mouth before finally holding back his laughter.

“Quite early….” He made a dry cough, looked at Ding Yu and asked, “What the fuck happened to you?”

“We…” just when Luo Heng was going to talk, Ding Yu interrupted.

“Nothing, I fell off the stairs.”

Ding Yu answered as if it was nothing. But that calm expression really made people want to laugh.

No one would believe that a person with superpowers would fall off from the stairs.

This Ding Yu was terrible at lying….

Ding Yu knew that he would never say anything that disgraceful about himself, so he lied.

Ling Mo said, ”Oh well, be careful, don’t fall next time.”

The corner of Ding Yu’s eyes started to twitch. Fall again? Or get beaten up again?

They also saw a more mature female who looked mixed, with her head low and her cold eyes staring at them.

Know one dared to look at Li Ya Ling like this.

Although they were very curious why there was another girl, Ling Mo didn’t seem to want to introduce her to them, so they didn’t bother asking more.

Luo Heng wanted to get some drugs from Ling Mo and he was also worried for Wang Rin so he quickly said, “Brother Ling, as you can see, Ding Yu fell down the stairs, do you have some medicine that can be traded?”

Before he even finished, Shana coldly said, “Nope.” and then turned to Ling Mo with a tender look.

The change of attitude made Ling Mo spaced out…

“Brother Ling…”

How could she use such a soft voice to act helpless in front of so many people! It’s so embarrassing and tempting!

This made Ling Mo get turned on, but no matter what she did, he actually wasn’t going to give other people his drugs.

There was really no point in giving Ding Yu medicine, it would have been a waste of medicine, even if his entire face was applied with medicine, it would still need to take a long time to heal.

As for the injured waist….Ling Mo estimated that he probably wouldn’t be using it for a long time and the injury wouldn’t cause any huge impact on him.

Although Ling Mo was thinking this he still politely declined, “HAHA! No need to be so nice, if I had any left, I would definitely give you some for sure. But I used all of it on you and Wang Rin already.”

This made Luo Heng feel a bit sorry and embarrassed.

He thought he was the one who used up all the medicine, he silenced and suddenly said, “”I didn’t expect Brother Ling to use the rest of the medicine on us. Unfortunately, I have nothing good to give you, if you don’t dislike…” He said that he would hand the pistol over, but he was rejected by Ling Mo. What could this stuff do for him?

Seeing Ling Mo refusing and looking at Wang Rin, he paused, but awakened immediately.

He was surprised and said, “Wang Rin…Don’t worry! I would treat her very well, she is actually our part of our main force!”

Wang Rin made a cold laugh when she heard this, even though she already knew. When Zhang Ning came to help her up, Zhang Ning became surprised.

“Wang Rin you…” Zhang Ning widened her eyes and looked at Ling Mo.

Ling Mo gave her an innocent look and showed the “it has nothing to do with me attitude”.

Wang Rin looked puzzled and asked, “Something’s wrong?”

Zhang Ning slowly shook her head and said: “Nothing….”

When Zhang Ning was helping her to walk out, Luo Heng and Ding Yu was shocked to see her head, and both gave Ling Mo a weird look.

“Why are you guys looking at me?”

Ling Mo was sweating, thinking I had nothing to do with this.

Shana was secretly laughing, even Ye Lian raised her lips, but she was happy because she likes to see Ling Mo’s helpless expression.

Wang Rin didn’t know that when she was holding her butt and the back of head was revealed, it showed something very funny…..

Shana had used a razor to shave two chinese characters on the back of her head. Those characters spelled out, “DUMBASS”.

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