My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 146


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 146 – The Prettier You Are, The More Dangerous You Are

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After a night, the fire has been completely extinguished.

Since the neighborhood buildings consisted mostly of high-rises, there were actually not many zombies that discovered the fire here.

Even so, when Ling Mo’s group of people walked out of the building and looked towards the mall, they found that there were about one or two hundred zombies still wandering in the streets.

Seeing the wreckage in the morning really gave the others a chill.

Inside, there were thousands of dead bodies from zombies… It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that it was a huge crematorium!

The reason why Ling Mo paid special attention to that place was naturally because he was curious in the first place, while the second was because he still remembered that gels could be found inside.

While Luo Heng’s group started to look for things, Ling Mo found a chance to control some zombies to find some gels in the wreckage.

At the same time he and the other three girls went to a store to see if there’s anything they needed.

However, Ling Mo did not notice that when Wang Rin saw that they did not return to the other side of the road and had walked to the other side, there was a deep disappointment in the eyes.

“Are you OK? You don’t want them to go?” Zhang Ning suddenly asked meaningfully. She was holding on to her so naturally she noticed her abnormal change.

Wang Rin’s expression changed slightly, then she snorted and said in a very disdainful tone, “Who wants them to stay! They are nothing more than just living a little better now, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are still survivors. Just wait until we go to the countryside. I will get a good foothold over there and they will envy me later! How dare they say that I’m weak and that they feel ashamed to introduce me to others? Wait and see, I will prove myself! Shana and brother-in-law….”

She was clenching her fist and talking with a low voice when she was saying the last few words.

But when Zhang Ning looked at her childishness face and said, “Um…Wang Rin, it’s nice to be ambitious but let me get you a hat first.”

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“….It’s getting cold….”

At the same time, Ling Mo was controlling his puppets to look for gels in the disgusting burned bodies. He tried to distract himself by talking, “Shana if you wish to say goodbye to Wang Rin, do it now. It might be hard to meet her again since we are probably going to stay here for a long time.”

Shana took a deformed milk pot out and put it on Ye Lian’s head and made a weird look after hearing Ling Mo’s words before calmly saying. “No need to. Although we are relatives, and I also have a lot of memories related to her, but in the end she’s still a human.”

“Um…am I not a human also?” Ling Mo did not understand Shana’s thinking, and to be more precise he just didn’t know how zombies thought.

Although he basically fostered two advanced zombies, but it was just a while ago that they had recovered their intelligence. Shana was a special case, she was different than other zombies.

Ye Lian pushed away the milk pot Shana put on her head, she then turned to Ling Mo with her dark eyes, “But..but Brother Ling is different…”

“Then tell me… how different am I?”

Ling Mo smiled evilly and asked, “Is it because we are in a special relationship or because we’ve already seen each other naked?”

At this time, he was facing countless scorching corpses, so he thought that he wouldn’t feel disgusted if he talked to these two girls.

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo and interrupted, “Hu…Humans……how are they different…”

Ling Mo thought that Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian had to temporarily search for vocabulary in their memories whenever they spoke, so it sounded like a stuttering feeling, but the tone of the two women were completely different.

Li  Ya Ling was an advanced zombie. When she talks to Ling Mo she usually has a cold attitude and appears to be very hostile. Of course this is also because they had just recently established the connection.

But from her perspective, it’s not hard to tell that humans and zombies were meant to be enemies.

Even at Li Ya Ling’s level, she didn’t need to eat human or zombie flesh anymore.

If she met a low level zombie, she would just disregard the zombie since it was from the same race, but if she saw a human, she would have a high desire to attack.

It explained everything for the situation when she had first met Ling Mo, if it wasn’t because she had an impression of Ling Mo in her memory, she wouldn’t have talked to him on the second meeting.

Ye Lian was different, she had already an established connection with Ling Mo even before she became a mutated zombie. To Ye Lian and Shana, Ling Mo was really different to them.

So when Ling Mo asked, in his heard he already had the answer. It must be because of the spirit connection…

But what Ling Mo didn’t expect was that Ye Lian shook her head and said, “Time… more time passes by, I fell that Brother Ling’s….umm.. Oh yeah, soul. Brother Ling’s soul is the same….as ours.”


Ling Mo almost burst into laughter, but at the same time Shana nodded, “Although you have a human smell, but your soul is the same as ours.”

“How is that possible…” But before he finished talking, Ling Mo thought of his own spiritual ball, indeed they were all same violent red color.

And as the two female zombies continue to evolve, his spiritual ball was becoming more and more like theirs.

So am i actually turning into a zombie? Ling Mo smiled and shook his head before stopping himself from thinking about this question.

It doesn’t matter to him if his soul is zombie or not, but of course it is not OK for him to become a zombie with no consciousness.

Right at this moment the puppets had dug up something, they really found a bit of gel in the wreckage.

It really was only a little bit….

A zombie bent down and took a red gel from a brain of a burnt zombie.

It was as small as rice, but the blood red color, looked like diamond under the sun, and revealed a bit of a seductive vibe.

If the world was at peace, others might regard this as a ruby.

Who could imagine that inside the brain of these ugly zombies would have this kind of beautiful thing?

But the prettier the thing is, the more dangerous it is.

Although it condensed to a very small one, but it looked a lot more purer than other gels. Ling Mo was very happy and went on searching.

He himself was planning to look into the store, but before that he grabbed Shana and asked, “Did you punish Ding Yu just because he irritated you, or was part of it because of Wang Rin?”

This question came out all of a sudden, Shana just blinked her eyes and raised the corner of her mouth, showing a creepy smile.

She didn’t say anything and just when Ling Mo wanted to talk she tipped her toes and used her icy lips to block Ling Mo’s mouth, the soft tongue slid in Ling Mo’s mouth provoking Ling Mo’s nerves.

Ling Mo spaced out a second and felt happy. Didn’t expect Shana had this move…

Since Shana took the initiative, Ling Mo hugged Shana and started to kiss.

But what he didn’t realize was when they were kissing, Li Ya Ling was staring at them….

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