My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 147


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 147 – The Hand That Secretly Pinches It’s Own Ass

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Although there was a lot of things on street, but there were two groups of people searching for supplies, and they were only looking for things that are were still usage after the wreckage, so everything was collected pretty fast.

Ling Mo’s side actually finished a lot faster, but the zombies he was controlling needed to search carefully, they even had to move away some of the bodies, so their process was relatively slower.

Although the ruins of the mall wasn’t that big, the corpses inside were almost burned into a pile, most of which looked just like residue of burnt coal.

After being burnt, the zombies look no different than humans.

If it weren’t for his psychic powers, even Ling Mo wouldn’t be able to come into this place.

Although it was the zombies who were searching, but it was still a challenge for Ling Mo’s tolerance level.

In order not to smell he made the zombies punch each other’s noses so they couldn’t smell.

While he was controlling them, he realized that the zombies he currently was controlling were slightly more powerful than the zombies he had controlled before.

His prediction was correct. The amount of zombies were decreasing, but the number of zombies was still a lot more than the amount of humans there were. Moreover the quality of the zombies were increasing as well.

Naturally the survivors have also shouldered the initial round of elimination, they were forced to live under the brutal circumstances.

The future was still uncertain, but Ling Mo knows that at least he won’t be defeated by the environment. In order to survive, he would do anything challenging.

In apocalypse, some things just needed to be done.

Ling Mo was actually quite lucky, at least with his ability, he could kind of do whatever he wants.

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For example saving Luo Heng….He had the ability to create a base for survivors, this was kind of paving the way.

Puppets kept looking for gels, in order to not let Luo Heng to find out, Ling Mo himself stayed in the store pretending to look for something, and actually take the time to fool around with Ye Lian and Shana.

Li Ya Ling kept randomly looking at them, as an advanced zombie, she shouldn’t be jealous of the human and two zombies intimate behavior.

But for some reason she seemed to be interested in them fooling around, and she kept looking at Ling Mo’s hand, looking at it while it was touching Ye Lian and Shana’s sensitive parts.

Looking at the both of them trying to hide, unable to tolerate, but with happiness on their faces, Li Ya Ling started to touch her body on the back and pinched her ass.

“Don’t really feel anything…..”

Li Ya Ling frowned, looked at Ye Lian, who had just got slapped on the butt by Ling Mo while struggling, revealing a look that was hard to understand in her eyes.

After a few more minutes, the puppets finished collecting all the gels and then handed them all over to one of the zombies.

The puppet then took a detour behind the street to reach the store and then gave the gels to Ling Mo.

Although a single gel looked very small, but the amount they had collected from the wreckage could fill up half a pocket. And with the purity, the zombies could eat for a long time.

This made Ling Mo feel relieved, at least he didn’t need to be worried about their food temporarily.

Now they can go to Shana’s place without being worried about food and maybe he could also find a weapon that was more suitable for him.

He really wanted to give Li Ya Ling a weapon, she was actually even more powerful than Ye Lian and Shana, but with her current injury, she couldn’t show off her real ability.

However the reason why she had lost and gotten her injuries was due to her weapon being too short.

Although her learning ability was quite fast and she had learned to grab a weapon in order to fight with Ling Mo, but she took a wooden made weapon to fight against a steel knife, which defies common sense.

Only zombies would do stupid things like this….

But she now became Ling Mo’s puppet, so obviously he would correct this weakness.

Ling Mo was going to exploit her ability and make her live up to her potential.

“Ok, guess that’s it. Lets go to the Hundred Flower District. Senior Sister (TL: So yea in chinese they have a word for a girl from the same school that is basically in a higher grade. For those that don’t know who Senior Sister is aka Ling Mo’s upperclassman, Li Ya Ling), you remember the general direction right? Could you show us how to get there? We will be counting on you later.”

Ling Mo carefully sealed the bag of gels and put it in another bag.

These virus gels cannot be completely destroyed by high temperatures apparently. I don’t know whether they had such a strong vitality from the beginning, or they were upgraded and changed in the later process. From Ling Mo’s perspective it was as dangerous as a bomb, so it was better to be careful. Although after so long, Ling Mo already knows that these virus gels would not infect humans through skin contact, but since it was still in the process of evolving, he should still be careful.

Li Ya Ling puzzledly looked at Ling Mo who seemed a bit impatient, she slowly nodded, and at the same time she took away her hands that were on her ass and said,“OK.”

“Let’s go after telling Luo Heng.”

Ling Mo didn’t notice what Li Ya Ling was doing before. He had already collected enough liquid from Ye Lian and Shana and felt fully energized.

Luo Heng and his party were also excitedly collecting all kinds of scarce materials in the shops along the street. They originally prepared four huge backpacks, but Luo Heng could barely carry one and since Wang Rin hurt her back, she couldn’t carry anything.

“We can only give up some.” Most of things seemed to be useless to Ling Mo, but actually to normal survivors, even if the food expired, as long as it didn’t go bad, it was still edible. If someone got poisoned by the food, it’s on them because their stomach wasn’t able to adapt to the new environment.

Zhang Ning looked at Luo Heng and comforted him: “We could move faster if we carry less stuff! After we leave this city, the amount of zombies will gradually decrease, we could look for food in the suburbs. I know completing this plan of your perfectly would make you happy but you don’t need to be so hard on yourself.”

Luo Heng gave Zhang Ning a complicated look, she took the advantage of him when he couldn’t really resist….This kind of behavior made it hard for him to look at her straight in the eyes.

He still couldn’t be with Zhang Ning and acted as if nothing happened.

How could Zhang Ning be so calm!

Fortunately Ding Yu interrupted, but because his face was swollen from being beaten up, his voice became really hard to hear, “Zhang Ning is right, we need to leave right away, if the two zombies come back or are following us, we are dead.”

“That’s right.” Luo Heng nodded, looking at the three bags, “Let’s look for some other stores and leave.”

After getting out, they saw Ling Mo sticking to the wall walking near them.

Ding Yu was thinking that their speed was a bit fast, having already collected everything they needed.

Wang Rin was looking at the Ling Mo with a complicated look, she was wearing a hat, but she probably didn’t touch the back her head yet. When Ling Mo saw her, he wouldn’t help but want to laugh.

Wonder what her reaction would be like if she found out.

Luo Heng revealed his happiness and excitement, but he’s afraid to get the zombies attention so he lowered his voice, “Brother Ling, have you collected everything?”

Ling Mo walked to them two or three steps before nodding, “Yes, so we might need to leave now.”

“Oh…” Luo Heng hesitated and asked: “Brother Ling, you really aren’t going to….”

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “The road we have chosen is different, but it is all for survival.”

Seeing Ling Mo being very determined, Luo Heng felt disappointed, but he later added, “Brother Ling, my house is at Happy Town Lotus Village in X City. You are always welcomed to come here whenever you get the chance. We would use all our power to provide food and supplies, of course it would be even better if you can stay.”

After making the promise, Ding Yu frowned but didn’t say anything.

Ling Mo had saved half of the team members, this promise wasn’t just between Ling Mo and Luo Heng, he had made the promise under the whole team, which is quite understandable.

Naturally the other reason why Ding Yu didn’t oppose of this was because Zhang Ning and Luo Heng saved him….

Seeing how Ding Yu had wanted to say something but didn’t, Ling Mo could not help but reveal a smile, it seems that this guy learned how to be a bit smarter.

Ling Mo had already expected this outcome so he just nodded, “Sure, if there is a chance, I will. In addition..” He turned to look at Wang Rin, this girl hid beside Zhang Ning with her hat lowered and her eyes secretly staring at him.

Thinking about when they had first met, she had kind of a “young miss(basically wanted everyone to listen to her and only her)” temper, obviously she still has it, but she wouldn’t dare show it in front of Ling Mo and Shana.

At this time, seeing Ling Mo looking at her, she felt a bit anxious and a little bit of expectation. She was after all a little girl, although she didn’t like Ling Mo, she would still wish to hear something nice….

Ling Mo seemed very serious while staring at Wang Rin and looked at her eyes. He took a deep breath in her very long-awaited look. He said with a strong heart, “Sister-in-Law, learn to be smarter okay?!”

“……” Wang Rin widened her eyes. What the fuck is that suppose to mean? AM I STUPID?!

Shana added. “You have never won a fight against me before and right now you are not even close. Wang Rin, please get stronger!”


If she wasn’t being looked by a lot of people, she might have cried.

What kind of last words were these. Even though what they were saying was true, but at least say nice things!!

While she was feeling angry she suddenly remembered she also had a sharp tongue.

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