My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 148


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 148 – Learn Some Positions With Me

After Luo Heng and the others parted ways with Ling Mo, Ling Mo turned into an alley and quickly left.

In such an area where the zombies were extremely dense, it was safer to walk a remote path than to cross the street.

After watching the backs of Ling Mo and the other three people disappear, Wang Rin couldn’t describe what she was feeling.

She was absent minded, and said with a very low voice, “Take care.”

It was so low that even Zhang Ning, who was right next to her, couldn’t hear it clearly.

“Senior Sister(Li Ya Ling), I thought you said you knew the general direction of where it was? Where is it?”

Ling Mo aked while carrying a bulging backpack and inserting a short knife into his waist.

Li Ya Ling deliberately kept a distance from him. It seems that she was still unwilling to be too close to human beings.

Her attitude was still cold, but due to her being under his control, she still had to answer, “Here…”

Ling Mo could tell if she was lying right away through her spirit fluctuations.

However Li Ya Ling was not stupid enough to give Ling Mo a chance to punish her, so she told the truth.

But her memory was a bit vague, so she could only remember the general direction.

That was enough for them though, because once they got near the Hundred Flower District, Shana would probably be able to recognize the rest of the way.

Hearing Li Ya Ling answering with an unpleasant voice, Ye Lian and Shana frowned.

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Shana turned back to look at Li Ya Ling and whispered to Ye Lian.

Ling Mo was grabbing the notebook Luo Heng gave him so he didn’t see what the two zombies were doing.

Ye Lian nodded and walked to Ling Mo: “Brother Ling, I think she is not so close to us. Why don’t we ‘train’ her, um…I mean teach her….”

“Sure, good idea…wait…no, I thought you said train her”

Ling Mo was going to nod, but he realized that something was off about this suggestion. He looked at Ye Lian, although she didn’t have much of an expression, but she looked like she was trying to shy away from him, so he realized something.

He specifically reminded Shana before not to go looking for Li Ya Ling’s trouble, she seemed to still remember.

But right now it looks like she was not willing to give up, she had asked Ye Lian to ask him after being told.

“Hmph these two girls actually dared cooperate together to find a loophole in my rules. See how i fix you both!”

Ling Mo knew what they were up to but pretended to play dumb and started to think before saying, “But you two aren’t good enough. Teaching Li Ya Ling is a good idea but if you guys wanted to do it, you aren’t able to. You both need to also improve first. How about this I’ll let you guys teach her but you guys need improve first. So I’m deciding to work a little bit harder and spare some more time each day to teach you different kinds of positions…No….I meant how to be a decent person!”

Ye Lian thought about it, and looked back at Shana. When she saw Shana, she nodded and agreed, “Ok.”

“But in order to ensure the quality of teaching, you two must promise to cooperate, be obedient, and never resist.” Ling Mo quickly added.

Every time when Ling Mo got on top of them, they would always struggle hard, Ye Lian was fine but it was really hard to control Shana.

They are too fast and too strong, although he could control them, but he didn’t want to use it for these kinds of things.

This type of behavior might cause some permanent trauma on the zombie’s nerves.

So most of the time Ling Mo was usually doing something very labor-intensive, even the two zombies would sweat a lot.

But if they promise not to resist, everything would be so great….Ling Mo thought and smiled.

Ye Lian hesitated and nodded, “OK…”

“Great then tra…I mean teaching Li Ya Ling is the responsibility of the two of you now.”

He thought in his head, Senior Sister, I’m your Younger Brother, for my happiness, you will need to be sacrificed.

Li Ya Ling was at the very front, she was waving the baseball bat Ling Mo had given her, using a very brutal way to hit the zombies that were blocking the way.

Although the zombies were somewhat afraid of the three advanced zombies, but because they saw Ling Mo, they began to show the attitude of wanting to attack.

This was because ordinary zombies only rely on instinct when they act. The suppression of natural ranks and the desire for human flesh were completely impossible to have clear cognition and recognition in their completely unconscious mind.

This was why Ling Mo could control a bunch of mutated zombies to clear the path but couldn’t use the pressure of their level to intimidate them, since these brainless monsters wouldn’t be able to ignore Ling Mo just because there were advanced zombies around him.

Seeing Li Ya Ling showing the beauty of violence, Ling Mo felt that it was incredible.

Although she hadn’t recovered her full strength, you can her moving quickly, bypassing from zombie to zombie, swinging the bat with full force. Every swing of hers easy killed the zombies as if she was cutting vegetables. As long as she swung, you would be able to hear a muffled sound coming from it.

The zombies that fell from her attacks were barely able to get up again, those that tried to get up would just get their necks stepped on by her.

“Ka Tsa” A terrible sound came out, one of them has been brutally stepped on.

After looking at Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo turned his attention to the notebook in his hand..

Since there wasn’t much danger right now and he didn’t even need to fight, he wanted to take the chance and see if there were any important information from the notebook.

Only he could do something else on the road like this, he had three advanced zombies with him, as long as he didn’t bump into any advanced zombies or get surrounded by a bunch of zombies, he’s pretty much safe.

However, if he is seen by other survivors, they would probably think that he was an illusion.

The things in the notebook looked very complicated, looks like it had been recorded a long time ago.

Luo Heng’s description was very simple, the words were also mediocre, but you could kind of tell what he was feeling when he was writing.

“It was a scary day, when I was on duty, a old lady suddenly became crazy and dashed towards a pedestrian and started biting him. She was already very old, but she could knock off a man. The guy kept crying for help, I was shocked, just when I was going to save him, I realized the place around me was in chaos, blood was everywhere, even a comrade-in-arms started to attack me. I was scared to death, they looked exactly like the creature in the movie, a zombie.”

This was the first page but the words were very messy, it was covered with dirty blood stains.

However, what is certain is that this was not recorded on the same day, but was written by Luo Heng later.

Ling Mo understood that Luo Heng wanted to find a place to vent his frustration, because he was like that before.  In the process of escaping, most people would feel that they were on the verge of collapsing.

“I don’t remember anymore, it was too scary, the whole city was crazy and there’s no way to pray for help because the other places were the same. Some creatures get up early some get up late. I ran with a group for an afternoon, a person in the group mutated and killed half of the people…I don’t even remember how I got through everything. I only know that the world turned silent when everything ended.”

“I dead silence, I guess this is the so called end of the world in novels”

“Although I had survived, but my heart was dead, I had to find a reason to live.”

“I needed to record what I had seen and hand it over to the army or the country. The information might be useful.”

These words were written inconsistently, and afterwards the words became very formal.

Ling Mo felt that based on what he had written, probably everyone had same feeling.

Although he was at the suburbs when the disaster happened, Ling Mo also went through horrible situations.

Looking at people being ripped apart in front of him, those twisted expression really challenge the tolerance of ordinary people.

But Ling Mo always thought that he was lucky, he has the power to live on, and he found the reason to live quite early.

The notebook was a collected information of what Luo Heng had seen and since he was in the town area a lot earlier than Ling Mo and had met more survivors, he obviously had more info.

He also recorded the situations in the streets around, including which place had less zombies but also less resources, and the other places which had a lot of supplies but also a lot of zombies.

He also made detailed records about the types of zombies that are currently appearing, even more detailed than Ling Mo’s understanding of the zombies. It seems that he did a very careful observation and even made some subtle features of these zombies, but he didn’t know much about advanced zombies. When it came to advanced zombies, Ling Mo was the bible.

“This is probably the guide to survive in the city? It’s not really that completed, but might save a lot of time when the rescue team comes.”

Ling Mo was thinking this notebook was a really good thing, besides supplies, information was also important in the apocalypse. After randomly browsing through, he put it back in his bag.

They went out an alley and went on a road.

There were about a hundred zombies, Ling Mo stretched his neck and wrist before proceeding in taking out his knife.

Just when the zombies saw Ling Mo, they dashed towards him, Ling Mo shouted, “You guys go, I’ll will attack them from behind!”

At the same time he shoot out his tentacles and controlled the zombie at the very front.

The zombies suddenly turned their body, the three advanced zombies also dashed through the zombie crowd, Blood started to spray, and limbs started to fly in the sky.

Ling Mo hid behind the puppets and carefully protected himself, using a very tricky way to attack, aiming only for those tough ones.

After leaving the survivors, Ling Mo could finally fully use his power.

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