My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 149


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 149 – The Snake From the Bush

After leaving the central area near X City university, relatively speaking, the number of zombies began to become scarce.

As they got closer to the Hundred Flower District, the surrounding buildings became less. There were more green areas and the environment seemed a lot better than the town area.

Most of the buildings here were office buildings, not a lot of stores, and the street was very broad.

Looking from far away, you would get feeling that it’s not much different than what it used to be.

But the abandoned cars and several zombies randomly wandering around gave this place a creepy vibe.

This environment made Ling Mo quite happy. Along the way, they have probably killed about 300 zombies, although Ling Mo didn’t actually fight a lot, but he still used up a lot of spirit power.

If it was only Ye Lian and Shana with him, Ling Mo wouldn’t need to worry too much, but he had Li Ya Ling and his connection with her wasn’t too stable right now. The moment he gets exhausted, Li Ya Ling might try to get away from his control.

He had to be careful, especially since Li Ya Ling was spiritually excited now, her eyes had already turned red.

“Shana, we are already nearby, do you have have any impression of this place?” Ling Mo wiped the blood off his short knife and walked towards Shana.

He also realized that Shana’s knife was completely worn off.

If Shana still had human emotions, she would of been really sad.

But Shana was holding it like she didn’t really care and said, “No, I usually ride a car when I go out!”

“So you’ve never seen the road?” Ling Mo was disappointed, this Shana was also a missy(In chinese it’s translated into young mistress which also meant that she was basically pampered).

Obviously she was a lot better than Wang Rin in this aspect, but ever since she became an advanced zombie and had her memory recovered the second time, some of her hidden personality began to show.

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Right now he could still see some of what she was from the past, but that was only just in front of him and Ye Lian.

But to other people, especially Wang Rin, she showed a very completely different personality.

This evil little demoness…..This was the label Ling Mo gave her.

But she obviously had this kind of personality before she turned, she used to smile every time she killed a zombie before she turned… “Here….” Ye Lian suddenly talked, “I think…I’ve been….here before….”

Seemed like the memory was a bit blurry….but office buildings all look the same and this place wasn’t far from the school, maybe she really has been here before.

Ling Mo was happy that Ye Lian was trying to think back. Since he met Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo was always thinking if Ye Lian would be like her, trying to look for some of her memories.

She must care about her fuzzy memory.

“Really? Then try to think harder.” Ling Mo touched her hair and said.

Ye Lian puzzledly looked at the building far away and nodded: “OK..”

Since Shana had no memory, he could only follow Li Ya Ling’s guidance.

If it weren’t because of a sign that showed where the Hundred Flower District was, Ling Mo would probably still be suspicious about Li Ya Ling.

She had recovered less memories than Ye Lian and couldn’t express herself properly, took almost a minute everytime to find the correct word to use in her sentences.

On the way, her bat had already been completely soaked by blood, the top also had gotten gaps and saw dust, Ling Mo thought this might turn into a mace later.

But just when Ling Mo was thinking, Li Ya Ling suddenly fell down.


Ling Mo was shocked, he ran over and was going to help her up, but just when he reached her, he stopped.

“What the hell is this…..”

Li Ya Ling didn’t trip, she was actually attacked!

And the thing that attacked Li Ya Ling gave Ling Mo a headache and goosebumps.

A bowl width long snake wrapped around Li Ya Ling’s ankle and quickly flowed through her long legs and went up. The snake looked different than the snakes Ling Mo had seen before.

The body was red, the eyes were also red, had a flat head, looked extremely creepy. And when you look at it, it gives people a dangerous feeling.

Ling Mo wasn’t sure if it was poisonous or not, but he knew for sure that it is powerful.

Or else it wouldn’t even dare to attack an advanced zombie and plus it’s wasn’t that easy to takedown Li Ya Ling


Shana followed over to see and shouted with her red eyes. Obviously she was shouting with excitement and not fear.

Ye Lian also had the same reaction, she had no fear and of course she didn’t really care about Li Ya Ling.

But this snake was unlike any other snake, instead of completely wrapping the prey, it looked like it wanted to bite Li Ya Ling’s neck.

Ling Mo wasn’t sure if snakes usually attacked their prey like this but the snake’s behavior made Ling Mo think that it sort of had a resemblance to zombies.

The zombie virus completely changes the instinct and the way they normally think, in other words, the brain. If they got a chance to bite their prey in the neck, they wouldn’t bother aiming anywhere else. But when survivors or prey resist, it would be difficult to bite the neck first. Just like how Li Ya Ling attacked Ling Mo, she had aimed for his neck.

The way the red snake insisted on crawling to her neck as if it was a priority seemed like some zombies would do.

It hid in the bushes, even the three advanced zombies couldn’t feel it, it apparently had already found them, and was ready to attack them.

When Li Ya Ling tripped she got a bit injured, at that time the snake quickly crawled up, she the was in great danger.

But right at this moment, the powers of an advanced zombie was exhibited. She quickly grabbed the snake’s body and kneeled down to roll over.

She not only escaped but also had the snake in her hand.

“Throw it away!!”

Just when Ling Mo shouted, the snake got up and attacked Li Ya Ling’s wrist.

Two holes appeared and blood started to leak outs, Li Ya Ling let go immediately as if she was electrified. Ling Mo realized the blood started to turn black, but it immediately turned back to regular red.

There’s poison!!

The snake wasn’t normal, it didn’t seem to want to back off, it actually turned to attack Ling Mo who was watching it.

The snake lifted it’s head and attacked Ling Mo shooting towards him like an arrow.

Ling Mo was shocked, there was no way he could dodge this attack.

He shot out his tentacles, when the snake was about less than a centimeter away from Ling Mo, it bumped into something like a wall and “Pa!!” fell on the ground, right beside where Ye Lian was standing.

Ye Lian was not worried at all, just when the snake wanted to get up, Ye Lian stepped right on it’s neck.

Ling Mo didn’t care about his dizziness and dashed forward preparing to cut off the snake’s body.

“Don’t lift your legs……” Ling Mo was too late, because Ye Lian had already removed her legs.

But just when Ling Mo pulled her away, he realized he was worrying too much. The snake was already killed, and to his surprise, something seemed to pop out from it’s head.

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