My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 15


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 15 – The True Intention

Early next morning, this little building which appears ordinary from the outside immediately began to get busy.

Liu Yu Hao averaged the food stocks in terms of head count, distributed to the hands of everyone; even Ling Mo and Ye Lian were no exception.

Of course for Ling Mo who has a full backpack of food, merely two bottles of mineral water and a few packs of snacks to him were simply useless, which were even more useless to Ye Lian, who is completely not interested in ordinary people’s food.

But when other people took over this meager amount of food, and then saw Ling Mo’s uncaring expression, they all looked a little uncomfortable.

Lu Xin whose cheeks were still swollen even complained in a low voice to people around him: “He doesn’t even care about us, and took our things!”

“Shut up, you want to get another beating?” The man in glasses said something back, frowning.

“It’s all because you guys are too pussy to fight back with me!” Lu Xin’s face immediately flushed, after cursing in a low voice, he suddenly shut his mouth.

Even though Ling Mo did not even look at him directly, but when Lu Xin sees Ling Mo walked in, he still took control of that piece of foul mouth and stopped speaking.

“What kind of weapons do you guys have?” Ling Mo didn’t not even care about people like Lu Xin, he walked directly up to Liu Yu Hao and asked.

Liu Yu Hao is currently trying to rummage in several large backpacks, hearing Ling Mo, he looked up and pulled out a kitchen knife embarrassingly: “This is like the best.”

In fact, with ordinary people’s arm strength, using the kitchen knife to cut off zombies’ head in one shot is extremely difficult, to cause fatal injuries and to prevent zombie movements would probably not be easy at all.

And for close ranged fights; even if you hold the weapon in your hands, willpower and neural response would be another great challenge for ordinary people. If it wasn’t for the help of zombie puppets, it would even be hard for Ling Mo to advance relying on battles.

But that’s still better than nothing, kitchen knives are overall much better than bare hands.

“It’s better to give one to each person. A single zombie is only slightly stronger than an average person, with a little courage everyone should have some ability to resist. After all, zombies win in quantity.”

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Ling Mo said with a somewhat carefree tone. A normal person encountered by a single zombie does have the strength to fight back. Because of this, Ling Mo look down on this room, which is filled by leachers that all have hands and legs, who are healthy, energetic, yet chose to rely on a little girl.

“It’s simple for you to say!”

Even though someone muttered in dissatisfaction, but everyone still suddenly went around Liu Yu Hao to pick up weapons.

From Ling Mo’s attitude, he won’t give them a hand even if they are in danger, and if Shana and Liu Yu Hao have no time to attend to them, guess they will have no choice but to die on the spot..

Soon, food and weapons were distributed, and Shana came back carrying the long knife covered in blood.

She went out early, cleaned up those wandering zombies nearby and at least cleared the road.

“Let’s go. We must arrive at The Third High School before afternoon.” Shana stood by the door, her arrogant face showing a hint of firmness.

When Shana spoke, these people all looked at each other, and followed Liu Yu Hao closely to downstairs. Ling Mo and Ye Lian walked at the rear.

As soon as the door is opened, two lying zombie corpses at outside immediately appear before the eyes, a few girls instantly screamed out.

“Shut up! You will lead the zombies to here!” Shana said while frowning.

Those girls immediately covered their mouth, although the other boys did not make a sound, but they also don’t look good. And Ling Mo who saw this secretly shook his head, being leachers for too long and they are now even worse than those ordinary survivors. Up to this time, most likely not many survivors would still scream at the sight of corpses.

“The Third High School is this way, we have to go through three residential areas and two main streets, as well as a hospital, there are going to be a lot of zombies. You only need to help me out when I can’t deal with all of them.” Shana turned and said to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo nodded casually, grabbed Ye Lian’s hand without attracting attention. There are a lot of factors that caused Ling Mo to agree with Shana’s request. While worried and admired the girl at the same time, Ling Mo also wanted to do something for Wang Rin, after all, the knife she made is very useful. But Wang Rin is dead, he could only help her relative…..

On the other hand, this is also an opportunity for Ling Mo, not only able to take a look at the situation in the city, but also to hone his zombie puppet controlling ability, to enhance the experience of fighting.

In fact, while coordinating with Ye Lian during normal days, along with trying out to control several zombies at the same time, Ling Mo vividly noticed that his zombie puppet controlling technique was becoming more and more skilled, but he always felt a barrier in between him and his puppets. This should be the situation of reaching a bottleneck in the common sense….

Who knows that after breaking through this bottleneck layer, what kind of state will be achieved. The faster of increasing the strength, the quicker I could help Ye Lian to evolve, probably also enable her to regain her consciousness soon.

Ever since swallowing the gel from mutated zombies, and emerged a tiny sign of consciousness, Ye Lian became no long interested in the ordinary zombies’ gel, and the effect is not great as well after ingestion.

This means that he must take Ye Lian to find even more mutated zombies….

According to the two previous experiences of encountering zombies, as well as his own analysis, Ling Mo felt that mutated zombies are most likely to occur in places that are relatively enclosed, but also with at least a certain size of crowd.

And in hospitals or schools, especially in a boarding school, it’s highly likely to have mutated zombies.

The moment when he agreed to Shana’s request, Ling Mo had decided that as soon as they reached the school gate, he would move separately from Shana and her people. They are going to rescue, and he would be taking Ye Lian to find mutated zombies in campus.

Going with a large group of leachers, Shana and others did not move at a fast speed. But looking at Shana killing zombies with such a relaxed expression, these people also alleviated a lot of fear. And although Liu Yu Hao’s fighting ability is not as good as Shana, he was able to coordinate with Shana’s movements, whenever Shana pushed back several zombies, he would always find a gap and perform some surprise attacks to get rid of one or two, then immediately retreating to behind Shana after succeeding.

On the other hand, other people did not even dare to attack with weapons at hand…

After passing the first residential building with partial success, the first victim finally appeared.

While passing a shop, a hand suddenly reached from a collapsed shelf and got ahold of one of the boy.

This boy only had the chance to utter a scream, then with the sound “bang”, he was directly dragged among the shelves.

When Ling Mo who was the closest to him kicked away the shelves, the boy was already bitten at the throat by a seven or eight-year-old little zombie, eyes wide open and blood pouring out from the mouth making a “cuckoo” sound, unable to speak. In just one short second, his neck was torn a big hole and even the trachea was dragged out.

And the little zombie looked up with a mouthful of blood, through the dirty hair, that pair of red eyes stared at Ling Mo as if looking at a dead person, then he suddenly jumped over.

Dealing with single zombies is easy for Ling Mo, especially after he knew how to use the zombie puppet ability to deliver instant effects.

In the instant of meeting the eyes of the little zombie, Ling Mo has already turned it into his puppet; even when the little shit jumped toward him, it was actually under Ling Mo’s control.

As the little zombie was about to reach Ling Mo’s body, the person behind started screaming out of fear as Ling Mo just calmly swung the knife in his hand with an emotionless expression.


A surge of blood flows to the wall when Ling Mo swung, and the little zombie was bisected in the air and fell to his feet.

“It’s dead.”

Ling Mo briefly said. He did not take one more look at the zombie’s corpse, then went over to check the boy among a pool of blood.

All at once, the group of people fell silent, after a few seconds, a girl suddenly cried out, but in fear of the zombies, she immediately covered her mouth when she made the sound, swallowed her scream then made weird choking sounds.

The rest of the other girls also looked terrified at that body, which was still twitching slightly, eyes almost all red. The boys were not much better either.

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