My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 150


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 150 – The Battle of Viruses

“What is this?”

Ling Mo used the short knife to pick out the piece from the fleshy snake head, and then used the tip of the knife to remove the excess debris.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, it is a virus gel!

Although it wasn’t big, the crystal clear and gem-like thing was still a gel!

The means that the snake not only got infected but had also successfully mutated.

The gel condensed to a certain level, which meant it had mutated to mutated zombie level.

Perhaps the animal instincts were still there, it had actually dared to attack an advanced zombie, which meant that their balls were much bigger than the mutated zombies.

Perhaps the level of suppression between zombies didn’t have any affect on the mutant snake.

Ling Mo was puzzled for a long time and suddenly pulled himself together and had a question, “Why is there a snake here? From the wild area? But there shouldn’t be any snakes near here….”

Right at this moment Ye Lian frowned and said with uncertainty, “zz…zoo…?”

“Zoo? There’s a zoo here?” Ling Mo paused for a bit and thought of something and remembered that he saw a station called X City Zoo at a bus stop.

No wonder… But couldn’t figure out how the snake came out.

But hey, since it’s the end of the world, anything can happen.

“Then there might be more other animals, no wonder there weren’t a lot of zombies here…”

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This gave Ling Mo a headache, zombies relied on numbers, but these animals were different.

A snake had the guts to attack advanced zombies, and it almost made it with a sneak attack, if there were more monsters in the future, it would be a very difficult situation to handle.

No matter what, a animal’s size and hunting instinct would be much powerful than a humans.

At least the good thing was that small animals couldn’t handle the virus, they would just die and decay. Otherwise if there were scorpions and small snakes around, it really would be a huge disaster.

This road looked peaceful but danger was hidden within.

Ling Mo put away the gel, he frowned and look at Li Ya Ling.

After being bitten, her eyes revealed some relentlessness, she could go crazy at anytime.

“Senior sister?” Ling Mo was going to pull her towards him and see how she was doing, but she stepped back staring at Ling Mo aggressively.

But because of the spirit connection she had with Ling Mo, she hadn’t taken action. However, Ling Mo also can see that her fierceness as an advanced zombie had been thoroughly stimulated. In addition Ling Mo’s spirit power was exhausted, it was really difficult to completely restrain her.

Ling Mo looked into her eyes and suddenly felt rage in his heart!

I wasn’t going to rape you, I only just wanted to see if you were ok! Plus Senior Sister, your my goddamn puppet so why the fuck are you so disobedient?!

You can’t always want to attack people!

Ling Mo was trying to control her but she started to fight back.

Just when Li Ya Ling was going to resist, Ling Mo used his tentacles to wrap her up.

Li Ya Ling felt dizzy all of a sudden, but her eyes turned even more red!

This kind of feeling was like having something drilled into your head, as long as the person had a bit of consciousness, they would not be able to tolerate this feeling.

Right now it was a contest of who had stronger and more spiritual power, Ling Mo was already nearly exhausted after taking down the mutated snake, he might pass out at anytime, but the rage made him stay awake from the adrenaline of being pissed off!

If he couldn’t even control this female zombie, his puppet ability would be a total joke!

He was going to preserve her strength, so he didn’t do anything to her in case he damaged her nerves. But right now she wanted to attack him, Ling Mo decided he rather have an idiot than a ticking time bomb.

Although this is the worst case scenario, but Ling Mo was fully prepared.

“Senior sister, you made me do this…”

Even though Ling Mo was exhausted, but his ability to use spirit tentacles has upgraded to another level, his total concentration made Li Ya Ling unable to breathe. Her bright spirit ball started to twist, she wasn’t able to get loose from Ling Mo’s tentacles but instead created more gaps in her spirit ball for Ling Mo to invade.

If she keeps resisting, she might go back to the time when she didn’t have consciousness.

Right at this moment she suddenly twitched as if she got stimulated and then fainted.

Ling Mo took this opportunity to regain control of her.

It can probably be said that this was the only time that Ling Mo actually had total control over her. She would never get a chance to fight back.

He held back on his happiness and went to look at Li Ya Ling, but he frowned.

He thought Li Ya Ling passed out because she couldn’t fight the spirit invasion, but it’s actually not.

Her wrist’s has already bled regular red color blood, but the mutated snake seemed to be very tough, her wrist was swollen and she is having a tough time bleeding.

“What the hell? I just controlled her and she became like this…..”

Ling Mo was really disappointed, after he finally used all his power to control her, but this is what happened?

He has no idea what kind of snake it was and whether it had poison or not. But there’s no use of guessing, putting aside whether they could find an antidote, mutated snakes might even be different than they were before.

Wouldn’t know how the poison would be like after it mixed between a zombie virus and the snake poison.

Seems like the most important part of the snake isn’t body or speed, it’s the poison.

Ling Mo was feeling lucky that he blocked it’s attack but at the same time he was having a headache with Li Ya Ling’s situation.

To be honest, he would only feel regretful and sorry about her, but he wouldn’t feel sad.

They were just alumni.

But seeing a person you know is pretty hard right now, so Ling Mo treated her a bit different than other people, and she is a very powerful advanced zombie.

Plus he had spent a long time in trying to control her, if she just suddenly died, wouldn’t that suck?

Ling Mo hesitated and said, “Whatever there’s nothing we can do now except find a place to stay and hope she can get past this. If she can’t then that’s just the way it is.”

He was thinking that probably the viruses and poison were currently battling in Li Ya Ling’s body, just don’t know which one was more powerful.

Shana was a bit unhappy that Ling Mo didn’t let go of her right away. She doesn’t know the value of advanced zombies.

Ye Lian on the other hand helped Ling Mo carry Li Ya Ling, and the snakes body was left where it died, probably might get eaten by other zombies later.

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