My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 151

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 151 – Aura In The Dark

Inside the office building, there were some zombies wandering around in the lobby.

Two of them were wearing security uniforms while the others looked like they used to work there.

These twisted ugly faces looked as if a wax statue was wearing a mask making it look extremely creepy.

There were two of them that had twisted their limbs, one of them broke it’s right leg bone, the other one had it’s arm twisted.

From the fancy decoration and the fountain in there, you could tell it was a very high end office building.

Ling Mo was carrying Li Ya Ling inside the building and then a female zombie closest to the door turned towards them and ran.

While facing Ling Mo with her bloody face, she made a deep roar, and dashed towards Ling Mo with her heels.

The roar was like a signal that caught the attention of the other zombies.

The other zombies also ran towards Ling Mo, but this was nothing much for Ling Mo.

He’s even seen thousands of zombies, this amount was barely a drop of water in a bucket full of water.

So Ling Mo calmly carried Li Ya Ling in, Ye Lian and a Shana followed along behind him.

Shana waved her broken knife, a sharp light flashed, a head flew immediately and blood started to spray out like fountain.

While the blood was spraying out into the air, Ye Lian spinned through the blood rain and killed another two zombies.

A strong bloody smell came instantly and in the amount of time it took to blink, the zombies had fallen to ground, leaving broken limbs lying all over the floor.

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With the two advanced zombies attacking aggressively, there was no way these zombies could get a chance to fight back. They couldn’t even get near Ling Mo.

Ye Lian wiped off the blood on her fingers, and used her tongue to lick her lips.

The blood made Ye Lian’s eyes slightly turn red.

But Shana’s knife was stuck in a zombie’s scapula, when she kicked the zombie, another gap appeared on her knife.

Ling Mo saw it and thought, “It’s a problem if she uses a knife too long and not only that, Shana has gotten even stronger than before. Her slashes have become even more stronger putting more strain onto the weapon.”

Seems like it’s necessary to get her a good weapon otherwise they would need to keep changing new weapons.

There were only about 30 zombies in this building and they were scattered around on different floors, so it wasn’t that dangerous.

With Ye Lian and Shana, the low amount of zombies were defeated quickly and thrown to the lobby on the first floor.


The sound of zombies hitting the floor made lots of creepy echoes.

The bodies broke into pieces when hit the ground.

Ling Mo had actually wanted to stop this kind of cruel behavior, but seeing that they were having fun Ling Mo thought, never mind.

Killing and blood is what excites them, if he doesn’t even allow them to kill zombies, he would feel kind of bad.

However, there were no more zombies in the vicinity. By the time the rancid and bloody gas attracted them, Ling Mo and his party would have left already.

The only thing that needed to be worried about was the mutant beasts that may appear, but they would only be staying in the lobby on the first floor and so it wouldn’t pose a threat to the four of them.

At least they could see them before getting attacked.

Ling Mo went to the third floor and stayed at an office near the escape stairs, there are two sofas that looked pretty clean, there was no blood on it, just some dust.

After putting Li Ya Ling on a sofa, he started to look at her wrist.

After the coma, Li Ya Ling closed her eyes, her body shivered from time to time, her brows wrinkled slightly, her eyelashes flickered, and it seemed to be a bit painful.

Advanced zombies are a lot much better than ordinary zombies from different aspects, but with the enhancement of intelligence and ability, there was a flaw, which was that they could feel things.

Ordinary zombies wouldn’t be able to feel pain and they couldn’t react to it either.

As for advanced zombies, although they wouldn’t back off because they were afraid of pain, they could still really feel it.

For no reason, Ling Mo liked her a lot more when she was passed out.

He could always feel her hostility, and always had to be careful of her.

But right now she was passed out, it’s really hard to believe that she’s an advanced zombie from her appearance.

The point was after completely controlling her, Ling Mo felt intimacy towards her.

The wound on her wrist has swollen very much. It seems that after being bitten, the toxin had quickly integrated into her blood so that even traces of it could not be found now.

Ling Mo tried to press her wound, the blood that came out was a bit more red than ordinary blood, and there was a fragrance that came from it, but this smell would be a very strong smell for normal people.

“You can only count on yourself.”

Since the poison invaded her blood and he couldn’t find any traces of the toxin, there’s nothing he could do.

So right now the only chance for her to survive was that the virus in her body wins the battle against the snake poison.

Her breathing seemed to be stable, Ling Mo leaned to her chest and listened to her heartbeat, it wasn’t fast. Seemed like her life is not at risk for now.

After settling down Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo wiped off the dust on the other couch for Ye Lian and Shana.

If Li Ya Ling weren’t injured, Ling Mo was actually quite interested about the zoo, he really wants to see what was going on over there.

Although they were all probably infected by zombies, but there must be some difference between them and humans.

But Li Ya Ling couldn’t move right now and Ling Mo also felt that his head was going to explode. Right now the most important thing was to get some sleep.

Until midnight, Li Ya Ling was still twitching, if it was bright enough, you would see that her face was pale and had blood red lips with ten of her fingers being deeply stuck inside the sofa.

Suddenly, she jerked her body and the upper body immediately lifted up.

As she slammed her eyes open, the night seemed to flash a red light.

Just when she got up, Ye Lian and Shana also opened their eyes. Ling Mo also felt the creepy atmosphere even though he was exhausted.

It was as if he was suddenly smashed in his sleep, and he suddenly felt a glimpse of a crisis. He quickly struggled to sit up and also reached for the handle of the short knife.

After hearing something, Li Ya Ling quickly turned her head, the red eyes gave Ling Mo a headache.

But just when Ling Mo thought she was going to do something bad, he realized something interesting.

She didn’t want to attack anyone, instead she looked very excited…..

Looks like she seemed to have gotten through the snake’s poison, but she looked pretty weird, Ling Mo felt like he could see the snake through her eyes.

In the gaze of Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling suddenly turned her eyes to the door, and then slowly jumped to the ground.

This was the first time Ling Mo saw how an advanced zombie hid their aura. Li Ya Ling held on her breath and stared at the door, but she was basically like hiding in the dark without breathing.

If Ling Mo hadn’t seen her, he honestly wouldn’t have thought she was there.

“What happened?” Ling Mo suddenly realize this creepy vibe didn’t come from Li Ya Ling, it came from outside the door.

More specifically, it’s like somewhere in the office building.

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