My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 152

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 152 – Battling With The Snake

Ling Mo doesn’t know why but he felt that after Li Ya Ling woke up she was completely different. Ling Mo felt that she wasn’t just a simple advanced zombie anymore.

Ling Mo could feel that he could see the snake in her eyes.

But he doesn’t even know what kind of snake venom that was, so no matter what happened to Li Ya Ling, nothing would be considered weird anymore.

The unknown was always out of people’s expectation.

And it seems like the reason Li Ya Ling awoke was because she sensed something, even Ling Mo felt a chill.

Is it outside the door, or in the lobby?

Seeing Li Ya Ling hiding her breath, Ling Mo suddenly awakened, he took his knife and slowly stood to the ground.

Right at this moment, he realized that Ye Lian and Shana had the same reaction as Li Ya Ling.

The didn’t react as fast as Li Ya Ling did, but they also sensed danger.

“What is it?” Ling Mo asked with a low voice.

They shouldn’t be that nervous if it’s just an advanced zombie….

Li Ya Ling turned her head back and shook her head to show that she doesn’t know.

But she hesitated and said, “Feeling…like…it makes me a little scared…”

Make Li Ya Ling scared? The only way this would be possible is if it was a zombie at a higher level than advanced zombies.

But Shana shook her head at this moment. She quietly approached Ling Mo and whispered in his ear, “Although your Senior Sister is scared, but Ye Lian and I didn’t feel anything, just only danger. We have 4 people with us, there’s nothing to worry about.”

So it’s not higher than an advanced zombie? For some reason, Ling Mo was a bit disappointed.

He was curious about what a higher level zombie would look like.

Although it would be dangerous if they saw one, but the sooner he sees one, the more preparations he can make for the future.

And that kind of high level zombie shouldn’t be a lot more powerful than advanced zombies…

But from Shana’s reaction, this should be either be a psychic or maybe a mutated animal?

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo nodded at Li Ya Ling, and let her to go take a look.

After Li Ya Ling woke up, she seemed to have fully recovered, this might of been because of the snake venom’s stimulation, all her hidden potential was released and fully developed.

After being completely controlled by Ling Mo, she didn’t hesitate when she received Ling Mo’s order, she dashed and silently went to the door, she held the door knob.

After seeing her movements, Ling Mo realized how she was able to successfully attack him last time.

Her movements were like a shadow!

Ling Mo suddenly thought that she was basically no different than a psychic, even though she didn’t have some amazing superpowers, but while she evolves, her body itself was a kind of superpower!

Li Ya Ling slowly opened the door under the suppressed atmosphere, she stuck to the wall like a shadow.

Nothing happened, there was nothing outside the door.

It seems that the threat should come from somewhere in the building…

Li Ya Ling waited very carefully for a few seconds before she smashed out from the door, Ling Mo changed his sight to Li Ya Ling’s and followed along with her while she lead Shana and Ye Lian out.

Since it was able to make Li Ya Ling feel scared, the other party must be strong and she probably couldn’t handle it by herself.

However when Ling Mo decided to go out as well, he felt a shadow of death coming straight at him.

He had very sharp spirit power, and after a while of rest he had also recovered, so he could feel the danger right away!

A dark shadow came from ceiling aiming for Ling Mo.

Ling Mo quickly use his tentacle to block it and used another tentacle to “Grab” the door and pushed it open.


The glass on top of the door broke and glass pieces flew out.
Even the hard part of the door had been caved in with a hole in it, the dark shadow had missed it’s attack and had smashed into the door and then dropped to the floor.

From Li Ya Ling’s vision, Ling Mo used her ability to see in dark and clearly saw what the dark shadow was.

It was a huge fucking snake….

It was as thick as a fat girl’s thigh, had a flat snake head, and a bulge on its head that was bigger than the previous one they saw.

Its red eyes shimmered in the darkness, the huge body was on the floor with it’s head stretched high staring at Ling Mo.

“Why did it attack me first?!”

Ling Mo was cursing, he thought it should attack Li Ya Ling first.

If she was attacked, it wouldn’t be much of a big deal. But he’s different, the human body that he had was also his biggest weakness. This was the time his puppet ability should become useful and tank for him.

Even though Ling Mo doesn’t regard Ye Lian and Shana as his puppets, but isn’t Li Ya Ling a great puppet?

But to his surprise the snake waited until Li Ya Ling walked past first and then attacked Ling Mo!

Even though Ye Lian and Shana quickly took action and reached Ling Mo, they only stayed in a defensive position at his side instead of attacking.

But Ling Mo realized that the snake was also interested in Li Ya Ling. It would randomly look at Li Ya Ling before putting it’s attention on Ling Mo again.

Ling Mo wasn’t sure whether the snake had good vision before, but he’s sure that after it mutated, the eyes were not just some decoration.

While being stared at, Ling Mo felt that he might be attacked at anytime, and felt that it was extremely dangerous!

He had no idea how it hid inside the vanitation pipe, maybe it grew intelligence.

That should be the reason otherwise why would it not eat all the food that was left in the lobby but instead smelled something and came here.

Wait, smell?

Ling Mo suddenly realized something and took a small bag from his chest.

In order to distinguish it from the human zombie virus gel, Ling Mo put the virus gel from the mutant snake in a small bag inside his pocket and carried it on his body.

Sure enough, when he pulled out of the bag, the mutant snake immediately raised it’s head and made a gesture of wanting to attack.

But surrounded by Ye Lian, Shana and Li Ya Ling, it also felt danger, so didn’t attack immediately.

No wonder, because of this…..Ling Mo realized everything, and knew why it wanted to attack him.

Everything became clear once he found out what it was up to, the snake eventually couldn’t wait and attacked Ling Mo.

But Lin Mo lifted his arm at this moment and threw the bag, the gel drew a arch in the sky and got caught by Li Ya Ling.

The snake stopped midway and attempted to change direction.

Just when it stopped, Ye Lian and Shana seized the opportunity to get near it, Ling Mo’s tentacle wrapped around the snake like a web.

The mental pressure from the spirit tentacles made the snake spin around like a headless fly, the huge body kept making loud sounds from bumping into things, giving huge pressure towards Ling Mo.

Although its spiritual resistance was not strong, but apparently it’s physical resistance could affect his tentacles.

But mutated snake wasn’t very intelligent, the gel was used as a bait. Ling Mo and Li Ya Ling just threw it back and forth, it’s attention was locked on the gel.

This method was actually quite dangerous to Ling Mo, because Ling Mo’s body wasn’t able to take the snake’s attack.

In the process, Ye Lian and Shana’s attacks also continued to fall on this mutant snake, but this bloody red snake didn’t seem get any scales damaged. It’s scales actually looked extremely hard.

Although it is not like metal, but Ye Lian and Shana’s attack could only hurt it’s skin.

These pains completely irritated it, and it swayed wildly, and Ling Mo suddenly felt a sting in his temple!

The tentacles were let loose, the snake seized the opportunity and crawled to the stair handles. The huge body wrapped around the handle, reached out it’s head and opened it’s bloody mouth.


A big amount of black liquid shot out from it’s mouth, aiming towards Ling Mo and the others!

When it opened it’s mouth, Ling Mo felt great danger, he quickly stepped back and grabbed Ye Lian and Shana.

Li Ya Ling was a bit further away, when the snake opened it’s mouth, she passed by the snake from the side and held on the handle, she slid by like a boat on water, got near the snake, and used her sharp finger to poke a hole through the soft belly of this mutant snake.

The snake felt a huge pain and was forced to let go of the handle, the huge body fell down the stairs.

Ling Mo successfully dodged the poisonous liquid, when he looked at the ground he felt a headache.

The venom is very erosive, and after landing, it quickly ignites a layer of black smoke that is difficult to see with the naked eye…

“Fortunately, it is stupid!”

Ling Mo thought if it had spat out that liquid before, he might have been dead already.

After carefully bypassing the liquid on the ground, Ling Mo looked down the stairs.

The snake wasn’t dead yet, it was still twisting it’s body.

“How big would the gel be inside this huge snake?”

Ling Mo was very excited, he took a small bottle of medicine and made a tough decision, he dumped the medicin and carefully filled the bottle with the poison liquid.

“This is the real big killing weapon… whether it is used to deal with high-level zombies or humans, it would be quite easy to use.”

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