My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 153

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 153 – Second Infection

When the Ling Mo’s group arrived downstairs, the huge mutant snake had already begun to recover slowly.

However, Ling Mo believed in the principle of taking advantage of weaknesses, and immediately used the three female zombies to finish it while it was still recovering.

The trapped beast was putting up it’s last stand. Although this mutant snake wanted to struggle till the end, Ling Mo had long been prepared and attacked with his tentacles.

Having lost its ability to move, it became a stationary target. The three female zombies at the same time attacked while Ling Mo also had pierced his knife into the snakes eyes. The giant snake was madly writing and after a few times it had completely died.

Looking at the motionless snake body, Ling Mo stood in the same place and gasped for a while.

It seems that the evolution of the mutant beast was still very extreme. The body of this snake was tyrannical, the venom was fierce, but the intelligence was not too high.

As for its hidden surprise attack, Ling Mo estimated that it should of been instinct…

But why was it so interested in the gel? Was it for evolution?

Ling Mo took the gel from Li Ya Ling’s hand in a puzzled way, and used the knife to cut the snake’s head open.

The gel inside was even bigger, and the appearance did not look any different from the brain gels of human zombies, but Ling Mo did not dare rush and let the three female zombies eat it, he thought it would be a better idea to put it aside and let other zombie puppets examine it.

After the gel was packed, Ling Mo looked at Li Ya Ling and said, ” Senior sister, good job.”

Li Ya Ling’s eyes flashed a bit of surprise, and the red color in her eyes gradually faded. Her expression was a bit weird, she probably had finally processed the feeling of never getting the chance of escaping from Ling Mo’s control.

Seeing that Li Ya Ling didn’t speak, Ling Mo didn’t care, anyway, she was his puppet completely now..

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo and then showed a look of anticipation. Ling Mo quickly reached out and squeezed her cheek, praised, “My lovely Ye Lian is also very good!”

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In order to be fair, Ling Mo quickly turned his eyes to Shana, “You also did…”

Shana snorted and smiled a little strangely, “I don’t need to be praised, I certainly know that I have done a good job!”

“You are really confident…” Ling Mo glanced at Shana with a stunned look, then revealed a hint of helplessness.

“This is…” Ye Lian looked down at the snake body and asked. “Same….type?”

Similar? The difference of appearance is so much how could it be the same type?

Although they were all caused by the zombie virus, it could be seen that the evolutionary direction of these mutant snakes were completely different from that of zombies.

As long as they see other mutant creatures in the future, this can easily be confirmed.

So Ling Mo quickly shook his head and said, “It is not the same kind! They should be called mutant beasts.”

Shana also agreed, “Well… they can’t be considered the same kind. We aren’t even able to communicate with it. Besides, its blood smells a bit different than us.”

Speaking of this, Shana suddenly turned her attention to Li Ya Ling and said, “There is also this smell in her blood. Although it is very light…Hey! the blood is not pure!”

“Hey?” Ling Mo looked at Li Ya Ling after hearing the words. He still trusts Shana’s sense of smell. He believed that Ye Lian had already smelled something different, but her ability to express her feelings were not as good as Shana.

He could somehow see a snake in Li Ya Ling’s eyes, but it’s not creepy, but she looked very different.

That arrogance seems to have returned to her body, with her clear-cut facial features, gives a feeling that she regards all creatures as prey.

However, when she heard the words of Shana, she just snorted and opened her mouth. In the end, she did not say a word.

Expressing ability is urgent…

Ling Mo looked at Shana, seeing her revealing a smug look, and could not help but have some sympathy for Li Ya Ling.

She was not only teased by Shana when she wasn’t able to fight back, but now she was also being cursed because she couldn’t argue back…..

“Okay, even if she is infected the second time, but at least her appearance didn’t change and right now we are in a team, we should stay peaceful.”

When Ling Mo was finished, Shana pulled his sleeve: “Brother Ling, are you going back on your words!? I am educating her! If you regret it, I will not learn from you with Ye Lian sis anymore!”

“Well then… pretend I didn’t say anything..”

Ling Mo immediately thought of his own “teaching” plan, and quickly shook his head.

He looked at Li Ya Ling and thought, “Senior sister, you are going to have a tough time”

The gel was the only useful thing in the snake’s body, but Ling Mo had also wanted to take out the snake gallbladder, but after thinking about it, he decided not to take any action.

Who knew if this snake gallbladder could still be considered gallbladder.

In the middle of the night, Ling Mo made the three female zombies take turns in guarding their resting place. They actually didn’t need to sleep, so if Ling Mo pitied them, then he is a fucking retard.

However, except for a zombie that came out of nowhere looking for corpses to eat, there was other things that had happened.

However, after the zombie turned it’s target to the body of the mutant snake, there was a change in it’s evolution.

But the change seemed to be somewhat similar to that of Li Ya Ling. It’s eyes contained the snakes cold eyes instead of a zombies violent and raging eyes.

Ling Mo thought it was nice for a free test subject to come to him, so he gave it a bit of the snake’s gel for it to eat.

Although it had eaten the gel, it would still take some time to see the results of the test, so Ling Mo let it follow behind them instead of the using it as a shield just in case another mutant beast attacked them. He then took the other three girls at the front and left the office building.

In the breezy morning, the wide long road looked very silent, in order to avoid getting attacked again in the bushes, Ling Mo decided to walk on the huge road.

Although this will probably attract some zombies hidden in the corner as well as become the target of the zombies on the road, Ling Mo now had to strength to get past it without any worries.

As you walk towards the Hundred Flower District, the surrounding environment becomes more and more empty. There were no shops.

There were mainly office buildings and some administrative offices.

However, after all, it is a big provincial capital. Even in this kind of place, there are many abandoned cars on the road. Otherwise, Ling Mo would rather simply drive all the way there.

About half an hour later, the zombie began to show signs of evolution. Probably because of the small amount of gel it had taken, it did not faint, but it was slightly twitching. This is quite similar to what had happened to Li Ya Ling. It seems that the snake’s gel contains a special kind of venom.

Instead of evolution, it’s more like mutating, like being infected the second time.

Ling Mo tried to control the zombie, the appearance didn’t change much, but the speed was a lot faster, and when it didn’t move, Ling Mo couldn’t really feel it’s presence.

“The advantage of hiding it’s aura?”

Ling Mo thought of the what Li Ya Ling had done before. Although she was good at this aspect, she seemed to be more capable in this aspect after being infected twice.

It seems that being attacked by a surprise attack wasn’t something bad . Although she was bitten, it seemed to be a blessing in disguise and her strength had also been improved.

Ling Mo doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad so far.

But Ling Mo noticed that when he took out the virus gel of the mutant snake, Li Ya Lin actually had a little bit of desire.

Shana and Ye Lian were totally uninterested in this performance. It seems that Li Ya Ling’s reaction was also due because of the infection.

The situation was unknown, Ling Mo didn’t rush to give her the gel, he wanted to wait for this puppet to see if it would have an abnormal reaction.

There weren’t any mutant beasts here, the small amount of zombies didn’t give the Ling Mo’s group any hard time.

Soon, the group went to the largest inland river in X City, near the Yudai River.

A bridge connects the central city and Hundred Flower District, and there are large green belts and small gardens on both sides. The environment was very good from afar, but it could only make people feel sad at this time.

Ling Mo felt that if there was an army, using this river as a barrier while holding down the throat of the bridge, it was possible to establish a survival base in the Hundred Flower District.

But this would be a very large project, and there would be a lot of sacrifices that would have to be made.

There was also a military area near X City, but when the virus infection in the army broke out, it was estimated that it is still much better than the chaos in the city…

It wouldn’t be completely destroyed, but it needed to be organized and had to plan on building a survivor base. This was really not something that could be done in a short time.

Survivors who stayed in the same place as Lin Luan Qui, waiting for the rescue, probably might not be able to support themselves until that day…

Of course, Ling Mo felt that even if they couldn’t hold on for too long, at least Lin Luan Qui should not have any problems.

Ling Mo actually kind of agreed with Luo Heng’s plan. Getting out of the city and look for a relatively safe place to live.

But there would be two problems, one would be that survivors wouldn’t be able to support themselves from ground zero, second would be that most survivors don’t have the courage to run.

“This hundred flower area seems to be suitable for survivors to stay… the population is small, the environment is wide…”

Ling Mo looked at the bridge from afar and said with emotion.

At this time, there was a slight change in Shana’s eyes, “I seem to have an impression of here.”

“Well, if you still don’t remember anything, we can only go in blind. Senior Sister has no idea what’s going on now.” Ling Mo looked at Li Ya Ling and smiled.

On the way here, Li Ya Ling had already wanted to scratch her head several times….

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