My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 154


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 154 – I Think I Can be Cured Again

The jade belt bridge spanning the entire river was 100 meters long and the width was very impressive. It was a famous landmark of X City. The retro architectural style was very eye-catching.

The moment Ling Mo stepped on the bridge, the strong river wind gave him a chill.

What he didn’t notice was that while he was sneezing, at the other end of the bridge, a black shadow flashed through the window.

When Ling Mo looked up and to the front, there was already nothing left there…

Even so, Ling Mo still showed his doubts.

Was it really just a cold wind?

Having a sharper and stronger spiritual power may sometimes not be a good thing…. Ling Mo carefully looked around that area, and laughed at himself.

However, for the sake of safety, Ling Mo still made his zombie puppet adjust it’s walking posture, making it seem more normal, just in case someone from afar sees it.

In this place, it would be hard to say whether there would be any survivors. Ling Mo felt that this place was suitable for staying and if he felt that way then other survivors would certainly think of it as well.

Ling Mo wasn’t willing to see meet any survivors if it wasn’t necessary.

“Shana, when we cross the bridge we will reach the Hundred Flower district, did you remember anything yet?”

Ling Mo sniffed and asked.

Shana looked a little distracted, and she looked around and seemed to be trying to remember something.

Although ber memories had almost completely recovered, but Shana always had  a poor sense of direction.

As for Ye Lian, she didn’t look like she had any impression of this place. She was paying attention to the undulating river below, and she was somewhat really into it.

Ling Mo was completely clueless as to what the female zombie was thinking, but he thought it was a good thing that she was in a daze. It meant that she was thinking about something, maybe the building could help her with her memories.

What Ling Mo wants the most right now is to get stronger in order to survive and also let Ye Lian recover her memory.

Everyone in the apocalypse would strive to only survive, while Ling Mo carried more than surviving on his shoulders.

Although Ye Lian was happy now which made Ling Mo feel gratified, but when comparing her to Shana, Ling Mo still felt sorry for Ye Lian.

As the earliest zombie that has been with him, the evolution of Ye Lian is higher than that of Shana, but it is far behind Shana in the recovery of her memories…

Upon hearing Ling Mo’s question, Shana suddenly awoken and said, “Let’s cross the bridge first, I remember we need to walk along the big road, but we might need to walk for a long time.”

“That’s really far..”

Ling Mo suddenly asked with some curiosity, “Why did your family and Wang Rin’s family have to open the store in such a remote location? You are still in the urban area, but Wang Rin’s family is completely in the suburbs.”

Shana was stunned, and then showed a disdainful smile, “They should know their place and hide to the side. We are the authentic ones. Our shop is opened in the downtown area, but the items are all handmade crafts. The swords are used for collecting and playing so there aren’t any blade edges on them, almost none of them have been used, and in order to make it look good, the quality isn’t great.”

“Of course, if the customers are willing to spend money and are acquaintances, we can still help in making the knife’s blade edge. Otherwise the guests can find their own way in adding the blade edge to the knife.” Shana said while recalling, “But in my house, there are some treasures.” The quality is superior, at least better than the broken knife made by Wang Rin. No idea why she sees it as a treasure, and she was reluctant to give it to you. If not…”

Speaking to this point, Shana didn’t go on, and deeply looked at the knife on Ling Mo’s waist.

But Ling Mo understood what she was going to say. If it weren’t for Wang Rin’s reluctance, they might still be with the survivors, and a lot of things wouldn’t even have happen.

However, Ling Mo himself did not personally create anything, so he had no idea what Wang Rin was insisting on.

Everyone’s thoughts were different. Using your own ideas to explain other people’s behaviors was simply unreasonable.

In the past, Ling Mo had heard about it, saying that Wang Rin’s family’s craft at making swords was passed down from generation to generation.

It seems that the internal competition of the family was also very fierce. Shana and Wang Rin had a cold relationship due to this opposition and competition since they were born.

Ling Mo suddenly smiled and asked: “Shana, do you understand the meaning of knife mouth, tofu heart (TL: AKA: sharp tongue, soft heart)?”

Shana’s look immediately became a bit strange, and the corner of her mouth once again showed such a strange smile, “I know the knife mouth part, but the heart of the tofu… Ling Brother, do you really think, I have a tofu heart?”

She looked pretty serious when she was asking this question, but that emotionless look made Ling Mo think of the smile she always gave when she was killing. She seemed to always enjoy it.

“Oh…” Ling Mo looked at Shana’s eyes and shook his head “No!”

This is no joke, how can a zombie like Shana have a tofu heart…..

She kills just for fun!

But on the second thought, Ling Mo has always thought that as a special zombie, Shana’s emotion has always been unstable.

Sometimes emotionless, thirsty for blood, but on the other hand she still had the emotions of a human, like standing up for Wang Rin….

Although she found a very crappy excuse, Ling Mo still believed that she had wanted to beat up Ding Yu entirely for Wang Rin.

A girl’s mind is still difficult to speculate, even if she becomes a zombie!

Ye Lian is still the best…Ling Mo grabbed Ye Lian’s little hand, and thought

Now with the three female zombies around him, his senior sister Li Ya Ling obviously had some resistance to him. Although she did not violate any orders, but they were not close.

Although Shana was very close to him, but her personality was unstable, it gave Ling Mo a headache.

Ye Lian had always been by Ling Mo’s side, although Shana has taught her some bad things, but Ling Mo can still see the little girl in her.

For some reason, the more powerful zombies Ling Mo knew, a kind of unknown feeling became more intense in his heart..

Although when one becomes infected by the zombie virus, it would become a zombie without any consciousness, but as time passes and evolution occurs, the zombie will gradually restore it’s memory and intelligence.

Although they become completely different from their past selves, you could still see some of the previous personality traits in those high-level zombies.

However, these characteristics may be forcibly concealed or suppressed by them when they were human beings. Such as the darkness that Shana had awakened…

At this time, Shana has already pulled the subject away: “In the past two days, I have always reminisced about the smell of meat that night. No wonder humans like to eat cooked food. Although the blood is dried, the meat is really attractive.”

Ye Lian also nodded: “Ya…… roast… baked heart…”

Speaking of this topic, even Li Ya Ling, who has been inactive in communication with the two of them, couldn’t help but interrupt: “Yes… smells so good…”

“Especially the taste of roasted kidneys… In fact, the taste of each part should be different after being roasted right?”

“Well… no… I haven’t eaten…”

Ye Lian seriously said,“Brother Ling doesn’t let us eat……… let’s just eat gels….”

“But if I have the chance, I still want to taste it! Should I have cut a piece of snake meat!”

“Oh… no wonder you have the smell of blood…did you actually get some?”

“Haha, Sister Ye Lian really knows me.”

Shana found a piece of meat covered with blood-red veins from her pocket like magic. She swinged it in front of Ling Mo and said, “Brother Ling, you call this snake a mutant snake, right? Do you want to roast? Come and taste it?”

“When did you get this!! Did actually want to eat it the moment you saw it? And when you guys are talking about eating humans, could you think about my feelings?”

Ling Mo felt a headache when he heard the conversation. Is this a zombie food exchange conference?

Although this topic should be normal for zombies, but as a living person, he suddenly felt a huge pressure!

If he died, would the three female zombies be surrounded by themselves as they are now, and then consider how to divide him?

No… Although the spiritual connection will be broken by then, Ye Lian and Shana wouldn’t eat him…

“Brother Ling, you should be delicious too!”

Shana suddenly looked at Ling Mo with great interest and said.


Ling Mo suddenly felt great pressure to survive. In order not to be a zombie with his dear girlfriend forever, he needs to live tenaciously like a cockroach!

As for the snake meat… Shana had to throw it aside, due to Ling Mo’s strict order.

Li Ya Ling reluctantly stared at the piece of meat and watched it for a while. If it wasn’t for Ling Mo’s serious face, gloomy and glaring at them, it’s probable that the senior sister couldn’t help but rush to eat it.

“Anyway, we will get to your home as soon as possible today. I always felt that uncomfortable in this area.”

Ling Mo tightened his collar and said.

He was wondering, is it because he was used to having zombies in the streets, and now he was feeling weird after coming to a deserted place?

This wasn’t a really good sign. Although he had to stay in a city that was crowded with zombies in order to evolve the three female zombies, but if he deemed this as normal, it meant that his mindset of something being normal had changed.

“Shit! No, I have to fix this!”

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