My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 155


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 155 – Knowing My Own Body

The conversation with the three female zombies made Ling Mo suddenly realize a very serious problem.

The danger wasn’t just the environment, but it was also around him.

His zombie puppets were both his strength as well as a potential untimely bomb.

To solve this issue once and for all, there was only one way of doing it. He had to enhance his own strength as much as possible and at the same time improve Ye Lian and his other zombies evolution.

Since they acquire a certain level of intelligence after advancing to an advanced zombie, then after they improve again, they should have sufficient emotional cognition as well as judgement.

This also proved that his goals were all in the right place. The most important thing right now was to find the method in evolving advanced zombies as soon as possible.

The gels don’t work as well as they used to, so what can we do to make them continue in evolving? This isn’t enough now…..

After passing through the Jade Belt Bridge, the reached a fair sized commercial square.

The center was even built a small bridge-like garden, surrounded by some bloodstains, leaving only some residual limbs that had already decayed and dried up.

Ling Mo glanced at the pool and found that there were still a few ornamental fish inside. It seems that they were not affected by the virus.

Probably driven by Shana’s character of being a glutton, Ling Mo’s first reaction was, “Can this be eaten?”

“Forget it, although they look like they aren’t completely infected by the virus, who knows, maybe the water was diluted and the fish were only slightly infected?”

Ling Mo had a thought and controlled the experimental puppet zombie to come over to him, squat down and put it’s blood-stained hand inside the water.

Before the puppet’s fingers even touched the surface of the water, the fish were immediately attracted.

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To Ling Mo’s surprise, they jumped from the bottom of the water and tried to attack the finger.

Ornamental fish shouldn’t be so fierce. However, while they are leaping, Ling Mo also noticed that the scales of these fishes seemed to be falling off, and the exposed places were also vaguely rotten.

One of them dropped back to the water and died, Ling Mo controlled the zombie to get the fish and used it’s nail to open it’s belly.

As soon as the fish belly was opened, the insides were black, and an unpleasant smell came out, mixed with the faint aroma of the virus. Sure enough, it had begun to rot…

It seems that currently, even if the virus was diluted, the creatures that were too small still wouldn’t be able to handle the virus, but the decaying rate would be much slower than the creature absorbing a lot of the virus in one go.

“But it’s unknown on whether it is due to the size of the creature or the strength of it’s vitality. Maybe a small animal with a stronger vitality might be able to handle the virus. As for bugs, it should probably be impossible for them to change…Either way, it’s best to be careful still.”

To survive in this world, mastering information was a must. Otherwise, one day, one will die from an unknown danger due to the lack of information.

This was why Ling Mo paid attention the to the notes that were given to him by Luo Heng, no matter how powerful you were, if you acted impulsively, not improving yourself, you wouldn’t have a good ending.

After reminding himself, Ling Mo took the others to bypass the garden and followed what Shana said.

For some unknown reason as they proceeded, Ling Mo always had a faint feeling of his scalp going numb.

This feeling made him very uncomfortable, as if he was being spied on by someone.

Several times, he would suddenly turn his head or manipulate his puppet and see from it’s vision only to find nothing.

“Am I really imagining it?”

This neighborhood was indeed very quiet. Although it was a commercial plaza, most of them were beauty salons. In such a place, when the disaster broke out, the population base wouldn’t be large since there were not a lot of zombies left here.

Even so, Ling Mo felt that the number of zombies were relatively too low.

After all, it was still an urban area, even if it was close to the suburbs, the population wouldn’t be small. Ling Mo himself had entered the city from the suburbs, he was very clear about the situation on the road.

Now there were only up to a hundred zombies, wandering around, and from bones lying around, one could tell the zombies were attracted here from somewhere else.

“There are either survivors here or used to have survivors. Or it could be a zombie just like you guys….” Ling Mo made a conclusion, “But I think the possibility of it being survivors is greater. The reason for this is because advanced zombies would not kill a lot of their kind for food, but since there was a lot of dead bodies around there must of been a battle. Although all that was left here were bones, the skulls on the ground were most iconic.”

Shana’s eyes lit up, she immediately began to stare at the skeleton on the ground. As an advanced zombie, she was not afraid to expose her body, so she simply walked into the square and stood there to count.

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo, then asked curiously, “.. they… very strong?”

“That is not necessarily true.” Ling Mo shook his head and said, “You see Luo Heng’s group, they weren’t particularly strong. But they have Luo Heng, a professional, and two psychics that were assisting their group. By taking the advantage of terrain they could kill thousands of zombies by just the four of them.

Ling Mo thought that with his current range of controlling zombies, he could probably do it with his zombie puppet without even needing to take risks like Luo Heng or even sacrifice himself.

However, Ling Mo was just here to survive, he’s not here to be the one that would try to save the city with the three girls.

He wouldn’t be able to kill millions of zombies by himself anyways.

If he killed them all, what were Ye Lian, Shana and Li Ya Ling going to eat?

So on the thought of that, Ling Mo took control of a zombie that was approaching, and then used it to enter a zombie group, and then started to look for a mutated zombie.

Shana quickly counted the skulls and ran back to Ling Mo. She said with excitement, “About more than three hundred! But many of them are broken, and they are blocking my vision.” When it comes to this, Shana revealed a heartless look at the zombie, “If we can…”

Ling Mo quickly made a squeaky gesture to her, “Hey, don’t fight when it’s not needed. I always felt that something was wrong here, what if we get into trouble? It’s not easy to defeat all these zombies, let’s keep a low profile.”

“Hey…” Li Ya Ling snorted a little at the side, but in exchange she got slapped on the ass by Ling Mo.

This action caused Li Ya Ling to jump up suddenly, step back a few steps, and looked at Ling Mo with great vigilance.

However, she did not show any attempt to attack Ling Mo as before, but only made a precautionary action.

Ling Mo did not care about her reaction, but rolled his eye and said, “Senior sister, if you don’t listen to me, I will spank you!”


Although Li Ya Ling did not understand the meaning of this action, but the feeling of being touched by Ling Mo’s big hand made her feel weird.

She couldn’t help but think about when she pinched her own ass, but it felt completely different when Ling Mo hits it….

The body is saying no, but there is a sense desire in her, similar to the moment she sees a virus gel.

So Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo for a while, but she did not say a word.

Her reaction made Ling Mo feel very satisfied, and thought that he was majestic…

However what Ling Mo didn’t know was that the reason she didn’t protest was because the zombie race just followed their instincts. Inside her heart, she was looking forward in getting spanked more often.

While letting the puppet zombies look for the mutant zombies in the zombie group, Ling Mo took the girls to a clothing store to change.

As for the experimental puppet, Ling Mo left it to stay outside.

When changing clothes for the three women, Ling Mo’s mouth couldn’t help but smile evilly.

“It’s great that is autumn already…, but the sexy body hidden under the windbreaker was very sexy, this would definitely be the best outfit!”

Shana and Ye Lian have long learned how to change their clothes, so when Ling Mo found two sexy clothes, he realized the two girls were hiding.

“Don’t dare to hide from me!” Ling Mo had wanted to catch them and “punish” them but then he saw Li Ya Ling looking dazed in front of the mirror.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Li Ya Ling’s eyes were somewhat confused and vaguely strange.

Her snake-like cold eyes turned to Ling Mo, and then suddenly whispered, “Am…I..inside?”

“What, you don’t even remember what a mirror is?” Ling Mo sighed and walked to her, “See, that one, the silly girl inside is you”

“Ah…” she was affirmed by Ling Mo. Li Ya Ling suddenly got close to the mirror and reached out and touched the cheek of the person in the mirror.

Her eyes suddenly became a little red, “Really…” She said, and she reached out and attached the palm of her hand to the image in the mirror, as if this was the first time she saw a mirror.

Ling Mo breathed and slowly walked behind her. He slowly used his hands to get through her armpit and used the hands to unzip her coat.

“You should change here and see what you actually look like from the inside and the outside….”

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