My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 156

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 156 – Stalkers Don’t End Up Well

“Look, this over here is the throat, here is the heart, and over here is the kidney…. In short, when your fighting with people, you should avoid getting hit in these parts as much as possible, otherwise you would probably get killed or seriously injured. It’s okay if you get cut on the limbs or damage your skin, zombies recover those parts very fast.”

The reason why Ling Mo was teaching her this was because even though advanced zombies knew all of these things, but when they turned berserk, they would only remember how attack and defending would be thrown out the window. It would be fine if they fought like this with normal zombies or ordinary survivors, but if they saw people like Luo Heng who had a gun as well a good aim, things would be quite difficult.

Or even worse if they met stronger psychics…..these are some of the things that they needed to consider. Under the influence of Ling Mo, Ye Lian and Shana have already changed the way they fought, whenever they fought now, they wouldn’t only concentrate on attacking, they would defend when needed.

However, Li Ya Ling was different. Due to her having a strong sense of resisting before, Ling Mo didn’t have the time to teach her then.

Right now they had a mirror that could show her the advantages and disadvantages she had.

“This is the abdomen, it is very soft as well as big target, usually in battle it should be carefully protected. How, you have a problem? Oh….. do you see these two balls? This is called the chest? What!? You think there is no fighting power in the chest! You are completely wrong, the bigger the chest, the stronger the combat power. You see, in your size, if I used my short knife, I wouldn’t be able to penetrate it through the chest in order to hit the heart….”

Just when Ling Mo was patiently explaining everything to Li Ya Ling, his pupils shrunk and he immediately grabbed Li Ya Ling into his arms and pulled her with him to hide behind a pole.

He was pretty fast, when he hid, he had enough time to also zip up Li Ya Ling’s zipperat the same time.

With one look, he was able to see that the mirror had a shadow, and then suddenly there was a person in it.

If it weren’t for the mirror, Ling Mo would never have been able to realize that it was a person. The person was stuck to the wall, like a plastic model that you would never pay attention to.

But when the pair of eyes had a look that revealed the intent to kill, Ling Mo felt a very strong sense of danger. This feeling made Ling Mo feel something very familiar. He had felt that someone had been stalking them since he stepped on the Jade Belt Bridge. Seems like there really was someone stalking them, and it was this person.

“Is it a survivor or a zombie?”

Ling Mo’s heart immediately flashed a thought, and at the same time he let go of Li Ya Ling and slowly pulled out the short knife.

In order to not let anything bad happen to Ye Lian and Shana, he made a spirit command to notify them that it was dangerous here.

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Right now staring at the person, Ling Mo was feeling very worried. The zombie he controlled and the mutant zombie he found in the zombie crowd hadn’t realized it’s presence.

This skill level of hiding one’s presence was certainly at a high level, at least Ling Mo hasn’t seen anyone who was able to do that yet.

This was simply at a god level!

Would the weird situation with all those dead bodies here be caused by this person, who Ling Mo wasn’t even sure if it was a zombie or survivor?

Within a second, Ling Mo had flashed through several different possibilities in his head, he looked at the edge of the mirror and slowly moved his legs.

Even Li Ya Ling did not sense the existence of this guy, but after getting the spiritual command from Ling Mo, she also tightened her body and did not act rashly.

However, when Ling Mo slowly retreated, his heel bumped into a stainless steel hander that had fallen to the ground.


Although the sound was very faint, it was still clearly heard in the deathly silent clothing store, as if it had been magnified an innumerable amount of times.


Making this kind of noise in this quiet place was no different than telling the person on the other side where you were, no matter if it’s a person or a zombie, as long as it wanted to take advantage of them, it wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Just when the sound came out, a dark shadow popped out.

However, just as the person moved, a zombie rushed in from the door, and dashed towards the guy.

This was the backup plan that Ling Mo made in such a short time, since he already made a mistake, why not let himself be the bait while the zombie from the outside attacks.

The idea was good and the response was fast, but the result was awful.

This dude was so much faster! Moreover, it could be seen that the nerve reaction and physical reaction speed of the person has reached the level of synchronization. When the person saw the zombie, the body of the person had already adjusted accordingly.

This type of reaction was something that ordinary people could never do subconsciously when they faced a surprise attack.

When the zombie tried to jump on the person, the person twisted it’s body and made a smooth counter spin kick.


The strength of the kick was so strong!

The zombie was sent flying and slammed into a glass window. Suddenly a loud noise broke out with the sounds of broken glass splashing all over the floor. More than a hundred zombies in the square were immediately attracted to the noises being caused here.

Ling Mo quickly manipulated another zombie to make a low-pitched roar and had it run towards the person while he took the opportunity to grab Li Ya Ling and run from the back of the store.

Ye Lian and Shana also ran out of a fitting room, but the clothes those two wore almost made Ling Mo spurt out blood.

“How could you two dress up like this, I’ll punish you both later!”

Ling Mo wouldn’t let himself be trapped in a store with a mysterious person and over a hundred zombies.

He was controlling the zombies to try and hold off the guy which was a risky step.

While he closing the door from the back of the store, Ling Mo saw half of the person’s side.

The reason why it was just half was because when he controlled the puppet to jump onto the guy, the guy squatted and lifted it’s leg to kick, so that it’s knee would ram into the puppet’s jaw, making the face completely disfigured and killing the puppet almost instantly. Ling Mo didn’t even have a chance to break the connection and immediately felt an immense pain in his brain.


But within that short moment, Ling Mo still vaguely saw the guy.

Zombie…but unlike all the zombies he has ever seen, this was a zombie with only the pupils being blood-red while the white parts of the eye were like white jade.

At first glance, it seems like colored lenses, but there was no way someone would have the time to wear colored lenses in apocalypse. The keypoint was that it was so shiny and red!

A short black hair was scattered behind his head, it was a handsome, yet a bit childish looking boy.

But the cold and emotionless look was even stronger than all the zombies he had ever seen before.

The most important thing was that this was a very clean zombie….

A very strong, special eyed, and clean zombie….

Didn’t even need to think to know that this was a zombie at a higher level than an advanced zombie!

Not just that, when Ling Mo used the puppet to attack, it tried to fight back the manipulation due to the fear, but because Ling Mo’s power was too strong, it still obeyed and attacked.

In short, it was like a wolf seeing a wolf king.

If this zombie wanted to, it could use it’s advantage of being a higher tier and create its own zombie army. But the number of zombies would depend on how strong it was.

A leader-level zombie! He immediately classified this zombie in his mind.

Ling Mo felt that he was so unlucky, there were millions of things this strong zombie could have followed, why the hell did it have to follow him!

He had made several mental preparations or even expected to see an even higher level zombie, but he didn’t expect this zombie to peep on them while he was taking off Li Ya Ling’s shirt!

Ling Mo cursed in his mind, “Those who peep on others won’t have a good ending!” He then proceeded in taking the three girls away.

The place was narrow and there were hundreds of zombies, it wasn’t a good place to fight.

Seeing how easily the leader-level zombie fought, Ling Mo could tell that he had very strong combat powers, and the other zombies weren’t willing to attack him…

Staying here would be too dangerous for Ling Mo!

Just when Ling Mo and the female zombie proceeded in running along the small road and reaching a garden, the leader-level zombie kicked the back door open.


The leader zombie was standing at the door. He looked like he was around seventeen or eighteen and had a baby face with shoulder length hair. He was wearing a school’s sport uniform that had blood stains on it.

But his face and hair were very clean, especially his hands.

There was no blood on the slender fingers, the nails were slightly folded inwards, but one could tell from looking at this boy, that he wasn’t as innocent as he looks.

Although it was just a teenager, the eyes of the leader-level zombies were daunting.

He glanced at the direction of the small garden and then went towards it with a quick pace.

While running, he barely made any noise under his feet. He didn’t even touch anything when he crossed the bushes and the flower beds.

If there were any large obstacles, he would just reach it to tap it and jump over it.    

He has even more agile than the way monkey moved.

However, as far as speed was concerned, he did not seem to have much of an advantage…

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