My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 157


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 157 – Don’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover

Ling Mo ran a distance of about a kilometer with the girls until he was sure that they were really far away from the zombie group. Then they stopped at a wide green area near the river belt.

This was the wide Jade Belt River, it had a curvy section, with a wide green area and some buildings that weren’t so far away.

As soon as a male zombie rushed over, its neck got swiped away by Ye Lian’s knife.

There were several other zombies that also followed and they were killed off one by one.

Ling Mo didn’t fight along the way, he began saving his energy and waiting for the leader-level zombie to show up.

Running? As a human there’s no way Ling Mo would have a better stamina than a zombie that is apparently at a higher level than an advanced zombie

Instead of being caught after using up all his stamina, it was better to wait while his exhausted enemy catches up. Ling Mo would be able to choose where he wanted his fight to be located at giving himself a bigger advantage.

The environment he chose was relatively complicated. He had three female zombies surround himself while he was also under the protection of his tentacles so he wouldn’t suffer from a sneak attack.

By this time the leader level zombie had gotten ahead of Ling Mo, but he was very cafeful, instead of running towards them immediately, he hid half of his body behind a bush, showing only the upper part of his body while staring at Ling Mo’s group with his red white eyes.

If this was before the apocalypse, this boy would have definitely attracted a lot of perverted shotacons(people who were attracted to young boys). He had very white teeth with red lips, looking extremely handsome….


But under the large uniform he was wearing, he looked a bit skinny and weak, his skin was also too white…..

Little white face(Chinese saying for gigolo)….Ling Mo cursed.

Right now the leader level zombie wasn’t hiding his presence, he was instead emitting a powerful pressure. Even Ling Mo felt a shockwave of cruelness even though he tried to suppress it within himself.

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Don’t even need to mention the three girls, their eyes had fully turned red already.

Apparently, they could feel the pressure, but they wouldn’t regard this zombie leader as their “Wolf king” like the ordinary zombies.

Even so, they showed their awareness, they didn’t attack him impulsively.

This was by far, the strongest zombie Ling Mo has ever met, and he had no idea how good it was.

In an unknown battle, going face to face recklessly was the worst strategy! But Ling Mo’s puppet skills was his trump card that his opponent didn’t know. As long as he uses it at the right time, he could increase his chances of winning.

Ling Mo already knew that it was impossible to control this guy, he knew he had reached his limit after controlling Li Ya Ling.

Even if he used up all his powers, there was no way he could control a leader zombie.

Luckily his puppet skills weren’t only able to just manipulate zombies, he also could use it to disrupt his opponents.

The spirit disruption was Ling Mo’s killer skill!

So Ling Mo used his short knife guard the front of his body and stared right at the leader zombie.

As a even more advanced zombie, it would most likely dominate the three female zombies, the key point in winning this battle would be on Ling Mo.

Ling Mo had a plan B though, if things went sideways, they could only retreat. There was building that wasn’t so far where they could retreat to.

But at the same time Ling Mo was really excited about what this leader zombie was capable of!

This was the level that Ye Lian and the three women can achieve after they evolved again. Not sure about Shana though, but Ye Lian was definitely going to evolve into this.

So what Ling Mo cared about now was how the leader zombie evolved and what were the differences between him and advanced zombies?!

Danger and opportunity co-exists, although this zombie was dangerous, but it could also give them some hints on how to evolve.

The leader zombie could also see that Ling Mo and the others were prepared, he was standing behind the flower plains, using his creepy eyes to stare at the four of them.

Ling Mo felt his scalp go numb when he was being stared by him.

Ordinary people would be dead for sure if they faced this zombie.

But this kind of zombie in X city was considered very rare, it would be really hard to see one in such a big city

At least before when Ling Mo had wanted to see one, he was never really able to see one.

The leader zombie wasn’t just standing still in the same place, Ling Mo could feel that although his eyes were staring at him, but his body was still actually making very small movements making people feel like they were looking at an after image.

In his case even if he had a gun, unless he strafes crazily or has complete accuracy, it would be impossible to shoot it.

But that was no different than dying together even if he killed the leader zombie, since they were in such a wide space, one gun shot would attract lots of zombies, the only choice the shooter would have afterwards would be to jump into the river.

“Damn it why aren’t you moving first!”

They were in deadlock for about a minute or so, Ling Mo could feel that his forehead was full of cold sweat, but the opponent didn’t both making any moves yet.

In fact, Ling Mo was ready for him to attack, and he would attack together with the girls. But in the case of not knowing how good his opponent was, it was better to wait until they made the first move.

“This is….”

Ye Lian was held onto her scimitar tightly, the other hand was opened, her body was leaning slightly forward, staring at the leader zombie with her red eyes.

Suddenly, the leader zombie changed his focus completely on Ye Lian, that look made Ling Mo skip a heartbeat.

Just when Ling Mo sensed danger, the leader zombie had already taken action.

The skinny body leaped super high, the incredible vertical leap made up his disadvantage of his speed, it jumped right in front of the four of them right away.

It was as if he didn’t see Ling Mo who was a human or Li Ya Ling who was stronger, but aimed at Ye Lian.

Seeing his hand attempting to grab Ye Lian, blood ran to Ling Mo’s head.

How dare you touch my Ye Lian?!

He released his tentacles to wrap up the leader zombie which made an intangible spirit web.

When the leader zombie fell into the intangible web, numerous distractions appeared.

His visions twisted, mislead smell, he could hear “Wong Wong” sounds, even his sense of direction had been completely disturbed.

Ling Mo had saved his energy for a while, this time he used all his energy to attack.

The leader zombie was caught off guard and the three girls attacked all at the same time. Ye Lian stabbed him right in the throat, Li Ya Ling learned what Ling Mo had taught her, she kicked him right in the waist where the kidneys were.

Shana used the broken knife to stab his armpit and Ling Mo stabbed him right on the belly.

Within less than a second, the four of them had simultaneously completed their attack!

Ling Mo had wanted to do some research on the leader zombie, but that would only happen if they beat him up until he became handicapped! It would be a pity if he just died, but right now their lives were more important than anything….

The leader zombie awakened immediately, got loose from the web of tentacles, even Ling Mo got a bit affected by the counter-attack.

The zombie leader’s reaction was extremely fast, it didn’t panic regardless of being attacked right off the bat.

This was one of the zombies advantage in a battle, they wouldn’t get influenced by negative emotions.

It twisted it’s body and had avoided getting stabbed in a fatal spot by Ye Lian’s attack, it had only cut the skin of the throat.

This twist not only dodged Li Ya Ling’s kick, but it had also dodged Shana’s attack, the cut she made was only towards his clothes.

The only real damage that was dealt was by Ling Mo’s short knife. But because of the shockwave of spirit power, Ling Mo stagnated a bit and created an opening for the zombie leader to lean back.


The short knife only poked into the surface of the skin, immediately realizing he was backing away, since Ling Mo couldn’t make another tentacle web at the moment, he moved his knife upwards.

Blood blasted out when it was cut, the clothes has been totally cut by Ling Mo.

Although he had already stepped back for several steps with his quick moves, but the clothes had been split apart by Ling Mo and Shana.

The blood on the neck had started to flow through his chest connecting with the wound Ling Mo made.

But right at this moment Ling Mo realized that something was not right.

Set aside the pale-like face, why did he have a vest inside? Although it was discolored, it even had old blood that had penetrated onto the coat, but one could tell it was a vest with a strawberry white background.

Before he only focused on the clean appearance, right now the clean school uniform had been cut open, Ling Mo could somehow see two little lumps of flesh on the chest area. There was a saying that really fits this situation, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

“It’s a fucking tom…boy….”

One wouldn’t be able to tell by just the appearance that the zombie leader was actually a girl, because she had looked too neutral!

However being a girl didn’t stop Ling Mo, he was only a bit shocked before he proceeded on by taking a few steps back.

Ling Mo thought she was going to be irritated, but she just touched the wound her belly and used those ice cold eyes to look at Ling Mo.

But at the next moment she looked at Ye Lian again as if she was really interested in her……

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