My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 158


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 158 – I Need A Spouse

The zombie leader’s behavior made Ling Mo feel a bit awkward, but he had no idea how to describe it.

Probably it was because her focus was all on Ye Lian, or else it wouldn’t have been that easy to harm her.

Right now they were in a standoff again, after an exploratory attack, Ling Mo’s temple started to hurt.

The zombie leader’s clothes had been ripped apart, with a cut on her body and a line of blood flowing down her neck.

Although the wound wasn’t deep, but she still bled a lot, the blood was very red, there color was a bit different than a human’s blood.

Ling Mo now understood a little more about the zombie race. The more pure the gel is, the more powerful the zombie is. Although the appearance would look similar to a human, there were some slight changes within the eyes.

Ordinary zombies had twisted looks on their faces, while mutant zombies resembled closer to human beings in terms of looks but couldn’t see any rationality within their eyes.

Advanced zombies had different eyes and their behavior would be affected by an increase in intelligence.

As for zombie leaders, they had totally changed Ling Mo’s perspective on zombies. The eyes might not be completely red, the white part in a normal eye would be recovered, but their pupils would still have a blood color.

Although this made her look a lot less cruel, but it made her look more creepy.

A zombie’s evolution was like the process of being turned from a irrational monster to a complete rational monster! This was a qualitative leap….

As for the internal change, it would consist of the color of the blood as well as the scent of the virus.

The more higher level the zombie was, the more of the virus they would contain, their purity of the virus would also be different, so the color of their blood would be even brighter and the smell of the virus would be even stronger.

This zombie leader basically gave Ling Mo an update on zombie knowledge.

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But then again this is just all in theory, every zombie would have different improvements after they evolved.

Like this zombie leader for example, her reaction was way too fast, even though she didn’t have that much of a quick speed, but she was still extremely agile when she fought.

Ling Mo even thought she might have learned karate in the past otherwise why else would she have such a soft and flexible body?

Even though in theory zombies should be able to perform these kinds of moves already. But it wasn’t that easy to dodge like that in a fight…

Too bad he wasn’t sure if the snake blood would work as a weapon, Ling Mo was regretting that he didn’t apply some on his knife to try.

He didn’t expect to see such a strong enemy that early, so he didn’t want to use such a precious thing.

But looks like preparation was very important.

Or else this zombie leader would have been affected by the snake poison, even though she wouldn’t lose right away, but she would lose her fighting power.

“The main point is that I never expected a zombie would be a fucking peeping tom!”

Ling Mo thought of it angrily, if he had found her earlier, they could have made some preparations.

After getting hurt, the zombie leader seemed to be very careful of them. She took a few steps back to create a bit of space between them.

After that attack, Ling Mo realized it wouldn’t be easy to take her down.

In order to see how much of her intelligence she recovered, Ling Mo randomly asked, “What do you want?”

After Ling Mo talked the zombie leader looked at him, but you could tell that she was really hostile against Ling Mo. The look was exactly like how Li Ya Ling used to give Ling Mo.

It seemed like she hasn’t talked that much after mutating. So she just looked at Ling Mo for a long time before trying to open her mouth to talk, “Human….”

Not so bad, at least she knew how to communicate, also had a certain level of cognition, and also judgement, which meant that they could at least have a conversation….

“Give me something more than just human…., you are so advanced and that’s all you got? So disappointing.”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and said. Although her tone of voice would create chills, but he wasn’t the type to be afraid.

Actually mocking the zombie leader was to release some of his pressure, and easing the cruelness deep inside his soul.


The leader zombie tried to talk again, it finally got smoother, but the tone was cold and sounded kind of weird, and she also talked slower, “Why are you with them? But you’re a human…..”

She seemed to be very confused about this, and for no reason while she was talking to Ling Mo , she looked back at Ye Lian again.

What the fuck, no manners…..

Ling Mo cursed in his head and answered, “I don’t need to answer you. I asked you first, why don’t you tell us what you want? You fucking peeping tom! Pervert!”

He was talking to observe and also buy some time, while her focus was on Ye Lian, he carefully took the little bottle filled with snake poison.

The zombie frowned and said “You are just a human….if it weren’t for them, you would have already been dead.”

This reaction was quite common, as a zombie she would regard humans as prey.

Only the three of them that had established a spirit connection with Ling Mo would have different attitude than her.

On the other side, besides Ling Mo, all humans hated zombies and thought they were disgusting.

Ling Mo stared at her and argued, “Ya you are a high level zombie, but you still got your clothes ripped off by me! And you are the one that got hurt, not me.”

Shana sneered and interrupted, “Put on your clothes first! You want to harm Brother Ling? Come and try.”

“We are the same race….”

“Bullshit, you tried to attack Sister Ye Lian, don’t think that we would be afraid of you because you are at a higher level”

“You…talk…. slower….”

“Why should I? You can’t even talk well, what gives you the right to say Brother Ling is just a human?”


“Shut the fuck up!”

Ye Lian seemed to wait for a long time to talk, she took the chance and said: “Ya, and you are a sissy!”


Although it was quite interesting to see zombies arguing, but Ling Mo couldn’t help but point out something.

“Um, it’s a she…not a he..”

Ling Mo had already taken out the bottle at this moment, and held in his laughter at the same time.

Ye Lian looked shocked, even Li Ya Ling looked at the zombie leader with disbelief, and looked down to look at herself and said: “But her breast….so small….what a low fighting power!”

This is great, she learned what I taught her, this sure was an advanced zombie with high intelligence.

“This is a piece of shit with a fighting power that was close to zero, worse than an A cup”

“What does it mean? Does it mean it sucks”

“Yes! From this perspective she is a lot weaker than you guys are.”

Ling Mo’s words gave them a confidence boost, since their opponent had something smaller than them, they didn’t feel that they were being dominated, so they had no need to afraid.

The zombie leader’s expression changed, although she had no idea what they are talking about, but she could feel that the three of them had a change in attitude towards her.

Originally, the face that was a bit fearful, became extremely fierce, especially since Ye Lian was the one who had the biggest boobs, it was like comparing an airstrip to a mountain. Ye Lian even had eyes that seemed to be provocative!

Too bad this zombie leader hadn’t communicated with another person in a long time so she couldn’t keep up with their conversation!

Even Li Ya Ling was better!

The bottle was in Ling Mo’s hand now and the his side effects from overusing his spirit had recovered a bit by now.

Ling Mo slowly opened the bottle and sneered, “Are you here to talk to us?”

“No I’m here… to find……her”

The zombie leader raised her hands and seriously said, “I need a spouse.”

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