My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 159


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 159 – Love Rival? Your Just a Rotten Woman!

TL: So this chapter was really long and hard (That’s what she said lol) 

If it weren’t for the creepy atmosphere, Ling Mo might have bursted out into laughter.


Even though this zombie leader was super flat-chested, but from her age, you could tell she was already fully grown.

As a matured girl, even though she was a zombie, when her intelligence had recovered to a certain extent, maybe it also gave her a thirst for a mate. At least one thing can be confirmed now by Ling Mo, zombies are physiologically responsive, although the zombie virus deprived them of their intellect, it did not deprive them of their physiological instincts.

But the zombie leader was the first zombie that Ling Mo had ever seen that was seeking for a spouse.

Did this aspect awaken after they became zombie leaders, or would it wake up soon after reaching the advanced level?

Ling Mo was curious if Ye Lian and Shana would be like this when they evolved.

But for the two of them, one of them was trapped in a car, and was protected by Ling Mo when he wasn’t strong enough, so she didn’t evolve as fast as those that kept fighting in a cruel environment; As for Shana, she mutated halfway, although she evolved very fast, but her evolution was mainly in spirit rather than her body.

Li Ya Ling was wild and highly evolved, she seemed to be one step away from becoming a zombie leader.

But Ling Mo knows as long as he finds out the way to evolve advanced zombies, Ye Lian and Shana would both quickly increase their power, shortening the gap very quickly.

And being wild has a very big disadvantage. It’s too random, you can’t tell whether the zombie will survive in the end or not due to it doing unknown things.

What Ling Mo could be sure was, that as long as he was alive, Ye Lian and Shana would constantly evolve, they wouldn’t be that random zombie and they would keep improving.

On the other hand he still subconsciously felt a sense of danger.

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When they evolved to a certain extent, they would want to start in finding a spouse, so would they also have the ability to reproduce?

What would the kid of high level zombie look like?

The biggest disadvantage that zombies used to have was that their numbers would dwindle down as time passed.

Although there were billions of zombies in the world, most of them killed each other since the survivors, who were the minorities now, wouldn’t have been able to kill most of them.

No matter from Ling Mo’s or Luo Heng’s notebook, they both mentioned this.

According to Luo Heng’s notebook, zombies would go extinct sooner or later, as a survivor all you had to do was sit down and hold on tight. This was why he wanted to go back to the countryside.

As long as you gave yourself enough time, the number of zombies would decrease.

And zombies didn’t have the ability to create or make their own food.

Although this process would be very slow, since they were already dead, zombies didn’t need a lot of food to survive. Just like snakes, one meal could last for a really long time…

But once zombies could create new blood, this would be a different story!

There weren’t a lot of high level zombies, but what if you look at the entire X city, the entire province, the country, or even worldwide?

Although they were less than humans, if they got pregnant, they would still be cruel and vicious and able to fight while humans wouldn’t even dare have children unless they had a safe place to stay.

“So she’s in puberty, no wonder she was peeping. But you found the wrong one, you should find someone like me. How could you find someone with the same sex? You must be a rotten woman before you turned!”

How is it possible to give Ye Lian to her?! As a zombie leader, she doesn’t even know her own sex, she must either consider herself as a boy before being mutated, or she thought she was a boy due to her breasts being too small!

But Ling Mo thought even if you couldn’t tell by your boobs, you could tell by the thing down there….

“Rotten woman?” The leader zombie started to talk smoother, and to Ling Mo’s surprise she remembered the word rotten woman. She got irritated and frowned, “Nonsense, how can I be a rotten woman?

“You are exactly a rotten woman!”

It was out of Ling Mo’s expectation to see a rotten woman here, but what’s worse was that after zombies recovered their memories, some parts of the personalities also came back.

Because they didn’t care about what other people thought, they would do things based on their thoughts and emotions.

It’s no use talking reasonably with this rotten woman, her mindset had already been completely twisted.

And there was no point in changing it back because, what if she likes me instead? Fuck No!

“She….” The zombie leader looked at Ye Lian again, and after she told them why she came, Ling Mo felt that her gaze seemed to be a bit more hot. “What is your name?”

Ye Lian stared at her without hesitation and said: “Ye Lian!” And then she hesitated, looked at Ling Mo and asked, “How about you!”                                        

The leader zombie spaced out and then said: “You can call me…..Banyue.(TL: Means half a month lol)”

This apparently was not a person’s name!

This is a name on the Internet, or a nickname, or a self-styled name! This female zombie seemed not only be a older rotten woman, but it seems she also has an eighth grade syndrome…..

After recovering her memory she still hasn’t remembered her name yet….

“Oh so it’s Half-moon, but I hate you.” Ye Lian was really direct, she still understand the word spouse, “My spouse is Brother Ling!”

Half-moon looked at Ling Mo, and Ling Mo joyfully nodded: “Yup, I am Brother Ling. Give up, Rotten girl!”

Although he was saying this, but inside he was very tensed. What would a zombie do when a zombie got turned down after a confession? Probably go apeshit.

And exactly, after being turned down, Half-moon’s pupil brightened and bit her teeth, and stretched her neck like a robot.

After making this move, the cut on her neck got bigger and she bled more.

She used her hands to wipe off the blood and put it in her mouth.

She licked the blood, through Half-blood’s eyes they could see that her intention to kill rising!

Ling Mo was still smiling but he was actually pretty much very aware!

This was the first time he would be really fighting this zombie, the previous attacks were just testing the waters, the damage that was dealt didn’t affect her too much.

Right now she was going to use her real powers!

“Then I’ll kill you and steal her away.”

Just like a beast, she moved hastily!

Although she wasn’t fast, but she could still dodge left and right perfectly, even if you had a gun, you wouldn’t be able to shoot her!

Ling Mo released all his tentacles and made a big web, he also held the bottle of snake poison on his hands.

Ye Lian and Shana, stood on the sides while although Li Ya Ling didn’t have a weapon, her hands were powerful enough.

Half-moon didn’t seem to realize that these four could do so much damage, but this time she targeted Ling Mo.

When you saw your love rival, you would be extremely fierce, when she was only less than five meters away from Ling Mo, she flipped.

While she was landing, her hands reached out to grab Ling Mo’s head!

This is all too of a sudden, the first one who stood up was Li Ya Ling, she wasn’t able to react to this quick enough, she could only just see Half-moon flipping over her.

Without any other leverage points, she could complete this just with her great vertical leap.

Shana and Ye Lian on the other hand stood up and slashed towards Half-moon with their weapons crossed.

But Half-moon perfectly demonstrated her zombie leader ability, she was very good at moving in such a very limited space, while two blades of light slashed towards her, she could still keep her cool and predict where the blades were heading, her hands that were going to grab onto Ling Mo’s head, changed to tapping down and hitting the side of Shana’s knife.

Even though Shana had quickly twisted her wrist, attempting to cut Half-moon’s palm, but the strong power made the knife break again, and Shana tripped forward for a few steps.

But even so, she made a cut still on Half-moon’s palm and blood started to spray.

Ye Lian at the same time slashed her belly, but Half-moon also tapped the back of her knife and due to the sheer power of that tap, Ye Lian was pushed to the ground.


Her reaction was way too fast!

Ye Lian fell on the ground, Half-moon didn’t even bother looking and used the other hand to grab Ling Mo’s neck.

Right at this moment, Shana wasn’t fast enough to turn back, and Li Ya Ling couldn’t keep up!

Near distance fight was Ling Mo’s weakness, and from Half-moon’s attacking pace, Ling Mo’s neck might be broken right away!

Right at this critical moment, Ling Mo’s mind went totally blank while his potential in his spirit power all came out!

Half-moon’s move got stagnated after entering the web, Ling Mo took the chance and poured the snake poison on her!

There was only one chance! When he threw the poison, Ling Mo also used his knife to block in front of himself, there would be no chance to harm her with the knife, but he could still use it to protect himself.

Even though Half-moon got away from the spirit distraction, but she couldn’t get away with the snake poison.

Even though she twisted her body to dodge, but the poison still got her.

The moment the poison attached itself to her wounds, her expression changed.

But she still tried to grab Ling Mo, however got distracted by Ling Mo’s psychic power, at the same time, Ling Mo used the knife to slash her wrist.

Li Ya Ling and Shana reached there at the same time, Half-moon was able to dodge but after dodging Ling Mo’s attack, her body stopped a bit.


Although the broken knife was destroyed, Shana still used her powerful fingers to scratch her while Li Ya Ling kicked her.

Half-moon flew away and fell on the ground and saw Shana and Li Ya Ling running towards her.

Ling Mo’s spirit power attacked again, the snake poison took effect really fast, her body started to twist.

This time Shana poked through her shoulders, while Li Ya Ling kicked into her belly.

But zombie leaders were different, she made a low-pitch roar and broke through Ling Mo’s tentacles, he felt an explosion like pain in his brain.

Shana and Li Ya Ling who had just reached her, became surprised, Half-moon took the chance to step back, and then looked at Ye Lian, who was getting up, one last time before running to the green area and disappearing.

“Don’t chase!”

Ling Mo stopped Shana and Li Ya Ling, he didn’t realize that she could do this, it was like a dragon roar, this was a dominance of a high level to a low level.

Shana and Li Ya Ling’s face became pale, and Ye Lian was like she lost her fighting power at that moment, and Ling Mo at that moment felt like his brain was filled with lead.

The snake poison really made her weaker, but if Li Ya Ling could get over it, Half-moon could too, and it probably wouldn’t be affected by the snake poison since her virus purity in her gel was very high.

Right now they couldn’t go after her, if they did, both sides would be severely harmed….

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