My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 16


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 16 – Hero saving the Beauty, damn this plot

Shana walked in front of the body with a depressed expression, eyes flashed a hint of sadness.

But soon she looked away, turned and whispered: “’let’s go.”

“But……”One of the girl looked at Shana hesitantly, but ultimately did not say anything.

This unexpected event immediately changed the atmosphere to become a little heavy, but it also made these people to become even more nervous and careful. They realized that, even though they have Shana and Liu Yu Hao to open the road in front and Ling Mo guarding the rear, no one can guarantee that a situation like that won’t happen again.

After all, their purpose is to reach the destination, not sweeping mines, besides the zombies that rush up voluntarily, Shana and those people will not deliberately pay attention and to search the surrounding shops.

The way of how Shana treated the dead teammate, enabled Ling Mo to grasp a further understanding of her personality. She is indeed raising leachers and she can also be stupidly stubborn sometimes, but she did not lose her decisiveness.

This is probably the reason of how she could survive even with a big group of borers who could only extend their hands for food and drinks.

“Wang Cheng, it’s all your fault to suggest that we follow them! Otherwise how could people die!” Lu Xin turned back to look at Ling Mo, but he couldn’t help but show a hint of disgust seeing how calm Ling Mo is. But since he already learned a lesson from earlier and got thoroughly embarrassed, he could only walk beside the man in glasses and fiercely cursed in a whisper.

Wang Cheng pushed his glasses, and replied in a low voice: “How could you guys survive without Shana and Liu Yu Hao? And you have already seen, that Ling Mo is looking down at us, what if he moved Shana with his words to abandon us? Most importantly, if those people did not die, can Shana and Liu Yu Hao feed these many people?”

“This….”Lu Xin looked surprised at Wang Cheng, then frowned to ask, “then what’s the use of us following them! S***, if it was before, why would I need to act so carefully around that chick, not to mention that low class Ling Mo! He dared to hit me….”

Behind the lenses, Wang Cheng’s eyes flashed a hint of coldness, he interrupted Lu Xin’s curse:” Why to tag along? Don’t you think, the disappearance of more people is better for us? Treat Shana with care, now she is your food supply, if I were you, I will hide that little trick of yours, you didn’t get her to be your girlfriend before, and it’s impossible to get her now too. For that Ling Mo, if I were you, I will forget about what happened, he, is not someone you can mess around with.”

Lu Xin was stunned for a moment, when he raised his head to look at Wang Cheng; he even felt chill down his spine. Who knew that Wang Cheng, who appeared to be nice and gentle, is actually having such insidious ideas…..

However, in the moment when he was surprised, Wang Cheng already held up his kitchen knife and followed behind Shana’s back, acting like he is going to fight with them.

But the recovered Lu Xin, has already gritted his teeth and cursed, “F**k! If this had not happened, Shana would have been so obedient if I had just randomly gift her something. As for that low class guy, he wouldn’t not even have the privilege to lick my shoes!”

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Dramatic role changes before and after the end of the world all created the imbalance in Lu Xin’s heart. Humiliated by Ling Mo, looked down by Wang Cheng, Lu Xin’s eyes even became bloodshot. But what is the use of feeling imbalanced, like Wang Cheng said, he could not even touch Shana’s clothes, and Ling Mo could abuse him anytime.

“F***! F***!F***!” After cursing three times all at once, Lu Xin felt that his inner sense of frustrations reduced a little.

“However, he is right…” Took a look around at the surrounding classmates, Lu Xin started to plan secretly at his heart, who can be sacrificed….

During the next part of the journey, people became more alert because of the victims, and went through without a single casualty. The occasionally zombies that appeared were all taken care by Ling Mo, not even needing any help from Ye Lian.

But not for long, the group arrived near a hospital. Shana did not need to remind these people and they knew it will be very dangerous around here.

Here originally belonged to the most popular part of the street, and in a place where it’s highly populated like hospital and medical staff, just imagining the number of zombies that may appear is enough to make people’s legs shiver. Some people were already thinking about backing off, but all lost this thought after Shana’s firm stares.

Sure enough, the moment where they turned to the corner on the street, the scene that appeared before everyone’s eyes make people’s scalp tingling, body shivering.

Countless discarded, or crashed cars piled densely on the street, and within these wreckages, there were at least hundreds of zombies wandering around unconsciously.

At the nearest distance inside a high-end sports car, a man’s twisted half face was glued to the front windows, then the other half of the body snatched out by the zombies from the cracks. He disappeared without a trace, with only blood spattered across half of the car.

“How to get past…..”

The group is already becoming pale, even Wang Cheng’s head was covered in sweat. He quietly leaned toward Shana.

Instead of timidly hiding behind the whole group, the closer to Shana the safer zone, although it could be a little frightening….

However, in this case, even Shana felt troubled. On the contrary, Ling Mo still looked calm, even though there were a lot of zombies on the road, but it’s not impossible to get past. Shana’s concerns, was all due to these draggers after all…

“I will think of a way to distract their attention, Ling Mo you take them…” Shana clenched the knife handle tightly and spoke decisively.

“I will attract the attention of these zombies.”

Ling Mo suddenly spoke, surprised everyone, even Shana looked unbelievable.


She does not doubt that Ling Mo will not be capable, but just felt that Ling Mo voluntarily suggested to help them out, is hard to be accepted by everyone.

“Pass this district with force will be even more dangerous. You guys first find a place to hide. As soon as the zombies started to gather in my direction, you will pass immediately.”

It’s actually not hard to attract zombies’ attention, but the person who is acting as the bait will be in grave danger, unless there is a time bomb. Even if he have this kind of equipment, how could one explosion hold the zombies’ attention for long.

And Ling Mo for sure does not have these kinds of firepower, but he has a much safer, smarter method.

“Are you sure you will be alright?” Shana asked hesitantly, “Let me do it….”

“Just go.” Ling Mo smiled and said.

On the other hand, Liu Yu Hao looked at Ling Mo admiringly, he patted his shoulder: “Big bro Ling, you are the man! I thank you on behalf of everyone.”

You easily accepted my proposal to let me take the risk! Ling Mo secretly rolled his eyes. He is not doing it for these people, but he just could not watch a girl take it all on herself. Anybody could see that, if Shana really went over, there will be a slim chance for her to survive. On the other hand, he does not want to stay behind to babysit these people.

After all, Ling Mo is just a normal man, even if he has a selfish side, but within his capabilities, it’s inevitably for him to develop a bit of a hero complex where he saves the girl.

What’s more is that it’s not only about helping Shana, but also to return the flavor. After following behind them all this time, Ling Mo did not waste any strength to get here, so it’s time to act.

But…I am really destined to be such an ill-fated guy, never learningto stay still, to be a leech without feeling guilty!

Even when reality was forced upon him, he had to bow down his head in many situations, since the heart still insisted on some silly bottom line that cannot be given up.

Such as this stupid hero saving the beauty complex… Fortunately this time, he is not digging his own grave. After all, he is confident.

Wang Cheng and the rest of people’s eyes lit up, the moment when they were going to mouth some appreciative words out of formality, they immediately heard Shana gritting her teeth and saying, “Then we will go hide first!”

“Alright, I can only give you guys five minutes.”

Ling Mo waved and said.

After five minutes, the place he was at will be full of zombies.

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