My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 160


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 160 – You Should be the Hidden WRB (White Rich Beautiful)

Although I don’t know understand why Half-moon likes Ye Lian, but luckily she was severely damaged and had fled away to recover. By the time she recovers, did she think it would be easy to find Ling Mo and the others after?

If it wasn’t because Ling Mo wasn’t sure whether or not he could defeat her, he would of chased after her with even a little bit of energy in order to finish off Half-moon.

Ye Lian didn’t get hurt, but apparently her body became a bit numb and went soft due to Half-moon’s power.

If it weren’t for Ling Mo’s disturbance, she probably had been planning to hit Ye Lian in the back of her head to let her pass out and then proceed in taking her away.

However she did hold back otherwise Ye Lian would probably have gotten some wounds on her skin.

Currently Ling Mo himself was completely exhausted, he was just a step away from passing out into the darkness.

Ling Mo made Shana hold onto Ye Lian while Li Ya Ling held onto him, planning to leave as soon as possible.

But it was right at this moment when he saw something on the ground with blood stains, might have belonged to Half-moon.

It turned out to be a large virus gel, and it had already condensed into a large piece. It was probably stuffed inside her pocket. After her clothes were cut, they probably fell out of it.

This kind of made up for Shana’s loss, Ling Mo took it without hesitation.

He used his knife to dip the blood stains left from Half-moon that was on the grass and smelled it.

It smells too good, if it wasn’t because Ling Mo had a strong willpower, he might have already licked it.

Seemed like after their spirits synchronized, some of his behaviors became less like a humans and more like a zombies!

Fortunately although his was spiritually similar to a zombie, but he still contained his rationality.

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From the smell of the blood, one could tell that the evolving process of an advanced zombie was still related to the purity of the gels.

I just don’t know whether the correct way to evolve was rely on oneself, or an external power, or was there just no way to evolve any faster.

While looking at the direction Half-moon ran away from, Ling Mo said, “Let’s leave first, there is no way she could possibly follow us, we just need to get far away from her.”

The battle started fast and also ended pretty fast, and also the wind near the river was very strong and loud, so they didn’t attract any zombies in coming here.

As for their battle summary, they broke a knife, used up half bottle of poison, and in return got a big virus gel.

In order to let Ye Lian quickly recover, Ling Mo put away the snake poison and gave her about ten pieces of the virus gels.

Before she wasn’t supposed to eat that much of these, but right now it didn’t really matter how much she ate since it could recover her stamina.

Anyways the amount of gels they collected was more than enough, they could eat it as if they were eating candies if they felt like it.

While feeding Ye Lian, Ling Mo grabbed Shana and started kissing her in order to absorb her saliva so that it could ease his headache a bit.

He had wanted to also do the same thing with Li Ya Ling, but he was afraid since her eyes were too similar to a snakes, who knew whether her saliva was safe or not.

So Ling Mo could only give up on this idea. But since he was extremely tired, he didn’t realize that Li Ya Ling looked very desperate when she saw him kissing Shana.

The guys left the district and headed towards Shana’s home.

With the pressure of Half-moon, the four of them speeded up, when the sky had finally turned dark, they had already reached the residential area.

Shana’s home was somewhere over here, but to Ling Mo’s surprise, this was apparently a high end residential area, besides luxury apartments, this also had several huge villa areas.

But there didn’t seem to be a lot of people, there were also not a lot of zombies, even the cars weren’t a lot.

There are some abandoned luxury cars that had crashed into each other.

One of the airbags had popped out, if one looked closely, you could see that a curly haired woman was pressed behind the car, the car window had been broken, she had lost half of her body, and the other half had already started to decay, the stench was extremely strong.

This seemed like a place where they could actually drive, but Ling Mo didn’t see any cars available that could be used, so he gave up the idea.

In order to not let Half-moon follow them, Ling Mo tried not to kill any zombies on the way, so that they wouldn’t leave any traces.

It wasn’t actually hard in getting rid of these zombies without killing them. Ling Mo let Li Ya Ling go to the front while holding a twig so whenever they saw a zombie, she would use the twig to create noise in order to get their attention and guide them to a building before they locked them in there.

She seemed to be interested in this, she even started to play different kinds of tricks under Ling Mo’s order, she seemed to be enjoying it.

“Shana, which area is your place at?”

Ling Mo had recovered a lot already, although he was still a bit dizzy, but he felt a lot better than before.

Zombie girl saliva was the best, better than stimulants.

Normal people wouldn’t be able to use it, for some reason only people like Ling Mo, who was spiritually similar to zombies could use it without being harmed.

Looking at the beautiful buildings and the green surroundings, and also the huge ad board with the shocking price on it….

No wonder she couldn’t remember the place, she was a hidden WRB(TL: So WRB stands for white, rich, and beautiful and is basically the female version of Tall, Rich and Handsome.).

And looks like they are not some kind of parvenu, they’ve been rich for a while…

“Holy shit, how the fuck did I not guess?”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but look at Shana, but she still didn’t see any clues. The jade sword pendant on the other hand looked extremely expensive.

Shana smiled and said, “That’s nothing, it doesn’t really matter where you live”

Ling Mo angrily said, “You don’t seem to be proud, I live in the suburbs and I’m still paying my loans!”

Out of nowhere Ye Lian looked at him and asked seriously: “So are you having a better life now?”

“Um…”This is really hard to answer.

It’s true that the pressure he used to have disappeared, but right now was facing more direct survival problems.

If he hadn’t met Shana, Ling Mo might of said he would of wanted everything to be how it used to be before the apocalypse. The easy life with Ye Lian would of been very satisfying.

But right now….they had gone through a lot of things together….

Ling Mo grabbed Ye Lian’s hand and said: “Not exactly a better life, but just a lot better than other people”

Right at this moment Li Ya Ling had completed another round of tasks and had just came out of the building.

Shana looked around and pointed at a crescent sign and said, “Its over there, Yi Yue district.”

Ling Mo was shocked, “Holy fuck! That area is famous for expensive houses!”

Ye Lian asked, “How do …you know, Brother Ling”

Ling Mo touched his chin and said, “I’ve thought of buying a place to get married…only just thought though….”

Ye Lian’s memory was a bit scattered, but she seemed to remember this, “So Brother Ling, who…are you going to marry?”

If it was before, Ling Mo wouldn’t have the guts to say it, but now he hugged Ye Lian tight and said, “Of course you! Oww! Don’t pinch me Shana, and also you OK?”

Shana said, “That sounds much better, otherwise I am going to eat you.”

Ling Mo felt the heebie-jeebies, if other girls said this, it would just be flirting, but if a zombie girl said this with a cold look and cold tone with a smile on her face, even if you know she was flirting, you wouldn’t be able to face it with a happiness!

“Then let’s go, we can take a break after reaching your place.”

The door of the mansion shocked Ling Mo again, the environment had this high end vibe.

There was an expensive car by the door, Ling Mo looked inside and found a very expensive perfume.

But applying this was no different than suicide, what use did it have besides attracting zombies?

For a puppet master like Ling Mo this might be something very useful, if he wanted to mislead zombies, he would just need to apply this, which is a lot more useful than making sounds.

“Oh, a golden chain….”

Ling Mo looked at it and threw it on the ground.

This was no different than shit….

This little district looked extremely elegant, there’s a huge fountain at the entrance, and huge lake inside. On the side was the villa area, it felt like they had entered a manor.

Shana took them inside and said, “There’s an elementary and an pre-school here, but it’s kind of far from where I live. I live remotely, if Brother Ling wants to stay for a while it’s fine.”

“We don’t really need a while, one or two days is fine. As you can see, there’s already zombies leaders in X city, I need to let you guys evolve faster.”

After seeing Half-moon, Ling Mo’s crisis awareness had been triggered, if he wastes any more of his time, he would be in great danger.

But this place is way too big, they randomly saw zombies, by the time they reached a small villa it was already 20 minutes.

But the good thing was, it was different than the rich family he had expected….

Ling Mo felt relieved, the little villa is very remoted, it’s at a corner in the Yi Yue district, there are no buildings around, and there’s a man made lake in front of the house.

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