My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 161

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 161 – The Spear Head in the Butt Crack

As they passed by the villa garden, Ling Mo noticed a huge dog kennel and began wondering what kind of dog did they used to breed here.

But there were only blood stains left, the surrounding had bones scattered everywhere….

Shana told Ling Mo, “Brother Ling you don’t have to look at it, it has already been eaten. If we didn’t tie him up, he might have turned into a mutant creature.”

Ling Mo was going to comfort her, but on the second thought, he remembered that she didn’t have feelings, and not to mention it was just a dog.


Although the door of the villa was closed, but Shana was familiar with this place so she was able to quickly find a small window.

She reached out to break the plug by pressing on the side, and then opened the window and jumped in.

Ling Mo was shocked and asked, “How did you do that?”

“I used to be really rebellious, liked to go out and play, but I used to have strict curfews, so I usually snuck out from here.”

Shana looked around the utility room and started to talk about her dark family history.

It was no wonder she had such a evil side to her, and after mutating, this side of her personality escalated to a whole new level…..She was never a good girl to begin with.

Ling Mo jumped in, and then helped Ye Lian to come in and then Li Ya Ling.

Four people squeezed into a room, it became quite crowded.

Ling Mo saw some uncompleted scabbard, and even saw some huge knives.

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These knives look very badass, it wasn’t even heavy, just looked pretty good, looks like it hadn’t been taken out before.

Shana smiled and said, “This was for a drama team, but too bad the world changed before they could come pick it up.”

Ye Lian curiously looked at a harmless spear head and playfully poked at Li Ya Ling.

Li Ya Ling didn’t feel that Ye Lian had any bad intentions, but after all she had just started making contact with people, so she wasn’t used to this kind of behavior, therefore she frowned and twisted her body to dodge.


When Li Ya Ling twisted her body, the spear head accidently poked right in her middle of her butt, and it slid down. It got stuck in her butt crack.


Li Ya Ling had a very strange feeling, her shouting also had a mixture of moaning in there.

“Did it hurt? I didn’t poke….. it hard….”

Ye Lian let go innocently, the spear head dropped to the floor with a crispy sound.

“It doesn’t… really hurt…”

Li Ya Ling was still honest. Advanced zombies really didn’t like to lie. Shana was the only exception that might try to change the subject or something like that.

Ling Mo was silently laughing aside, if it wasn’t because he was having a headache, he would have joined them.

“OK, lets get in. The sooner we get your weapons the sooner we can rest.”

While talking he bypassed Shana who was finding things in the cupboard and reached to open the door.

“Don’t move!”

A shout came from the door outside. Ling Mo’s pupil shrinked, the leg that was heading out stopped, the right hand that was holding a knife became stiff.

The guy standing outside was a youth around the age twenty or more with dark skin. A natural curvy hair with an explosive style.

But the thing on his hand made Ling Mo very afraid.

It was a bow….

Right now the guy was aiming at Ling Mo with vigilance.

Ling Mo was standing right at the door, even if he could dodge it, but the room was to small, the three girls might get harmed.

Ling Mo thought this guy was pretty good, since he could stand there calmly when he heard the noise in there.

But on the other hand he was just silently standing outside, but he didn’t hide his aura, and didn’t get the zombie girl’s attention, so apparently he was just an ordinary person.

“What happened?”

Shana popped out her head behind Ling Mo, the guy quickly raised his bow.

Shana asked with surprise “Hey? Isn’t this one of my collections? Where did you get it?”

The guy who was fully vigilant, got puzzled after hearing what Shana said.

Just when he spaced out, Ling Mo dashed towards him, and used his super power to distract him before he could make any reaction and at the same time used his power of controlling objects to lift his bow a bit.


The arrow was released and stuck on the doorframe, Shana leaped and took the arrow.

“Don’t move.” Ling Mo had pointed his short knife at his neck and walked behind the guy.

When the young man’s eyes widened and he became stiff, Ling Mo had already taken his bow and arrows, and also took away the quiver on his waist and handed it to Shana.

Shana took a look at the arrow and smiled, “This sure is mine, I asked our craftsman to make it for me.”

“This thing should be banned!”

Just after he said this, he realized she has a lot of things that should be banned in her house.

But this is something good, even though it was a pirated version, but it was still very powerful. The arrow that was released made a hole on the doorframe, the strength was very shocking.

Since it was Shana’s, Ling Mo wasn’t planning on giving it back to the guy.

“What do you want?”

The youth didn’t expect that this tired and ordinary looking guy could have pulled this off, he started to panic a bit.

“What were you trying to do?”

The guy explained “You guys sneaked in without knocking, how do I know whether you guys are a friend or enemy? I had to be careful, if you didn’t take any action, I wouldn’t have released the arrow.”

“What do you mean sneak? This is my place.”

Shana stared at the guy, the guy felt a chill and didn’t dare look at her in the eyes.

“Did you see it, my name is on it!” On the bow a “Na” was lettered on it.

“My family took this away from me and I didn’t know where they hid it, didn’t expect to be taken away by a useless human like you”

Luckily the guy didn’t find anything wrong with her words, but he believed her identity now.

This bow and arrow was very well hidden, if he didn’t look everywhere he wouldn’t have be able to find it….

“Although this is your place, but nobody was here, and it’s a nice place to hide, so we….”

Ling Mo frowned and asked “We? There are other people?”

The guy revealed a second of fear and said: “Yes….They are outside, but they are probably almost back.”

“Is there anyone left in this house?”

He thought Ling Mo couldn’t see, but Ling Mo had already changed his vision to Li Ya Ling’s, and Ling Mo has seen through his changes of expression.


Ling Mo interrupted and said, “Don’t you dare lie, you should of known that we were just heading back home even though right now there isn’t such thing as a homeowner, but you still better tell the truth otherwise I don’t know what I might do to you.”

The blade was right at his neck, plus the three girls were giving him a extremely dangerous feeling, under huge pressure he nodded and took them to the living room.

However, basically nothing was seen in the living room, all the furniture was pushed to the side, the carpet in the middle was used as a makeshift bed, and there were many messy things on the sofa.

“Where are the people?”


Ling Mo pointed his knife behind his waist and said, “Take us there.”

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