My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 162


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 162 – Two New Weapons

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Shana’s family villa didn’t look that big from the outside, but the structure inside was quite complicated.

Even the staircases were complicated, there were so many turns and bends on each staircase. Unexpectedly at each corner of the staircase, there was a small warehouse.

However, Shana said that these warehouses were all full of junk, the weapons were not there.

Plus, before they could go looking for weapons, they first needed to handle the rest of these survivors.

But looking at this guy’s nervous expression, Ling Mo subconsciously thought that they might have probably already found all the weapons, since they even had this bow.

This was something that Ling Mo didn’t predict, so he was extremely upset, therefore his attitude towards the guy was very cold.

I sure hope they didn’t take everything away or worst, break them…

The young man’s muscles became tight, he could feel the knife on his waist, even though Ling Mo only used one hand to grab him, he still didn’t dare to try and struggle.

Walking slowly down the stairs to the second floor, there is a long corridor with rooms on both sides, but because the doors were closed, they couldn’t see what was going on in the rooms.

There is also a staircase leading to the rooftop, but the door was also closed and because of that there was no way to see what was on the roof.

Just when the young man was about to take Ling Mo and his entourage to the depths of the corridor, Ling Mo asked coldly, “Are they on the roof?”  

If the young man had not glanced at the rooftop, Ling Mo would have never found out that the door leading to the roof, which seemed to be closed, was actually not tightly closed at all, leaving a small invisible gap.

Just when Ling Mo finished talking, the door was suddenly knocked open, a dark shadow came out and a cold light poked towards Ling Mo.

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Ling Mo used the tentacles again, and even used his incompetent object controlling skill, but at this time his tentacles became weak due to exhaustion.

But at least his reaction was very fast, he was able to pull the youth’s body towards him, to use him as a shield in front of him.

The youth was shocked and shouted, “Lien Lien!”

This Lien Lien person didn’t see that coming, so she could only trip herself to lose balance in order to stop herself from moving forward.

When she got to the floor, she stopped at a place about two meters away from Ling Mo and the youth, she stood up and held on to her dagger looking at Ling Mo angrily.

Originally Ling Mo was very prepared, but after he saw what this Lien Lien girl looked like, he became stunned.

Her height was only up to about his waist, she had long hair, big eyes, looked extremely pale and skinny probably due to the lack of nutrition…

She looked like a doll that was full of spirit, a beautiful doll around 7 or 8 years old…

Although she fell from about two or three steps on the staircase, it still must of hurt her butt.

She used her hand to rub her butt and shouted childishly, “Quickly let go of Yang Jia!”

“Don’t be stupid Ou Yang Lien, quickly put the dagger away!”

Yang Jia was really afraid, even he, who was using a bow and arrow got taken down, what could a fruit knife possibly do?

What if they irritated Ling Mo?

Ling Mo was very relieved, this was just a ordinary little girl, what harm could she possibly do?

But seeing that she was planning on doing her best to save Yang Jia, Ling Mo kind of liked this little girl.

Most little girls would be scared to death, it was already hard not to cry, but she able to think calmly and hide herself first before gathering the courage to attack.

Although the behavior was worth praising, but unfortunately, she didn’t look harmful at all.

After listening to what Yang Jia said, Ou Yang Lien looked confused, but she still held onto the knife and said “No. unless they let go of you.”

“Bro…no, I mean Big Brother! She’s just a little girl who wants to save me, don’t take it seriously!”

Yang Jia could only beg Ling Mo to understand, because Ou Yang Lien didn’t seem to comprehend the current situation.

The person who commited the surprise attack was just a little girl. Obviously there were no other survivors around. As Yang Jia said, his other companions were outside.

But it’s so dark now, they could be back at anytime.

Thinking to this point Ling Mo let go of Yang Jia and smiled to Ou Yang Lien: “I’m letting go of him now, you should put down your knife too. This thing couldn’t harm me, it would only harm you.”

Yang Jia was confused, he didn’t expect Ling Mo would let him free like this.

But he pulled himself together immediately and ran to take away Ou Yang Lien’s knife to throw it on the ground, then he pulled her to him and looked at Ling Mo with awareness.

Ling Mo put away his knife and coldly said, “You don’t have to be like this, just like you said, you didn’t know if we were enemies or friends, I’m doing this just in case your companions come back and attack me for no reason.”

Yang Jia was surprised and squeezed out a smile and said, “I understand….”

“We came back mainly to find some weapons to use. Were all the knives taken away by you guys?”

Ling Mo wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush, so he went straight to the point.

“Oh so thats why….”, Originally Yang Jia was fully vigilant towards Ling Mo, but after seeing that even though Ling Mo’s side had the absolute advantage, they didn’t torture him for answers, so he felt a bit better about them, and said, “We did find a lot of weapons, most of them couldn’t be used, but the ones that were of use, were divided amongst the team.”

Shana suddenly asked: “What were the things you guys distributed?”

Yang Jia seemed to be afraid of Shana, while Ou Yang Lien was looking at Shana with curiosity.

“Some short knives….but the numbers weren’t a lot.”

Shana thought and turned to Ling Mo, “That’s fine, I only want long knives. This wasn’t something ordinary people could use.”

“Yes, for us, the long spears you made were much easier for us to use”

Now Yang Jia totally believed in Shana’s identity, if she wasn’t the owner of this house, she wouldn’t have known that much about the weapons.

Ling Mo said, “Then you take us to the place where you guys store your weapons, we will leave after getting some weapons.”

“OK fine………” Yang Jia replied with a bit of hesitation, he knew that he didn’t have any choice, so he could only nod and point towards a room not so far away, “It’s all over there.”

Although Yang Jia and Ou Yang Lien weren’t dangerous, but Ling Mo still made Li Ya Ling keep an eye on them.

Yang Jia didn’t feel comfortable being stared at, by her cold snake eyes, even Ou Yang Lien looked afraid. But comparing to being scared she was a bit more interested….

“Holy shit….”

Ling Mo was shocked when he entered the room.

The scattered weapons made him think he entered an arsenal.

Although Ling Mo knew Shana’s house had a lot of these things, but he didn’t expect it to be that many.

But after pulling himself back together he realized that most of them were just collections with no real blades, they just only looked pretty.

“What’s this?” Ling Mo looked at a vintage sword and asked.

Shana looked at it and said: “This is a collection.”

“It must worth one or two thousand right?.”

“It’s around 30 thousand.”

“….Just assume I didn’t ask. Let’s pick out the useful ones”

Shana was the only one who could do this, she had sharp eyes, she didn’t even need to check carefully and was able to pick up the long knives that were very sharp.

But most of them were too light for her so she threw it away.

Ling Mo picked up one of them that was eliminated and was surprised.

This is so heavy, why would she think it’s light….

Just how much strength is hidden in that seemingly ordinary body?

Ye Lian was also looking at the weapons, even though the one she had right now was still pretty good, but Ling Mo still wanted to give her a new one.

“AAH! This one is good.” Shana found a one meter long knife from an opened wooden case, and then “SShhwwaaa” pulled out the knife.

The shiny cold light was so bright that it could hurt people’s eyes, Shana waved it and cut the wooden case in half.

Ling Mo looked at the cases incision, it was smooth like a tofu.

There were several reasons why it could be cut like this. Shana’s strength was one of the reasons, but main reason was the quality of the knife.

Shan looked at the knife with satisfaction and said, “This is the Tang knife, which was created by the old family leader before his death, who was also by the way the grandfather of Wang Rin and me. But this isn’t the an authentic Tang knife, it’s just a copied version that looks the same.

“I thought you made it.”

“I can’t make something like this. Look at the one I made before, although the quality wasn’t that good, but it’s light enough, pretty good for the me from before… Brother Ling, here, use this one.”

She gave the Tang knife to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo took it and tried it out by waving it towards the wall.

The special narrowing of the body structure from the Tang knife gave it a better penetration, even though the knife didn’t leave a huge gap at the top point, but it was still really deep, making it the best weapon to fight zombies with.

Most of the time zombies wouldn’t care about their wounds, even if they were wounded, they would still try and attack you, so the type of weapon that has a strong penetration would obviously be the best to use against a zombie.

But this knife is a lot heavier than the one he used before, even though Ling Mo’s body had gotten stronger from training everyday, he still wasn’t able to get used to using it.

Moreover for such a sharp long knife, if you aren’t used to using these types of weapons, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use them against zombies.

Zombies are a lot more agile than humans, they are fast and strong.

No wonder Shana said survivors wouldn’t be able to use this, because even Ling Mo needed practice.

“Well, with this, plus the bow and arrow, if it’s near distance I can use the knife, if it’s long distance I can use the bow and arrow to shoot people’s heads.”

Ling Mo didn’t lower his voice, so Yang Jia heard it and felt a bit afraid.

He was going to use this nice bow and arrow to protect his group, but he didn’t expect that it would be snatched away from other people that fast…..

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