My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 163


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 163 – The Sign of Death

Ou Yang Lien was staring at Ling Mo while he was trying out his new knife. She pursed her lips and said with a low voice.

“Yang Jia, they….”

“SHHH, don’t talk. Although they aren’t going to hurt us, but let’s try not to irritate them. They don’t seem to be very easy going.”

Yang Jia immediately grabbed Ou Yang Lien to him.


Ou Yang Lien glanced at Ling Mo and Shana, then glanced at Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling and then looked back at Ling Mo.

“He seems to be very good….”

Yang Jia didn’t hear what she said and asked, “Sorry, what did you just say?”

Ou Yang Lien shook her head and said: “oh, nothing”

Yang Jia comforted her, “OK, listen, don’t be afraid, let’s wait till they leave.”

At this time, Shana found three other weapons, one of them was a long sickle that she had asked an artisan to make.

It was reasonable to say that this weapon was very useful in cutting up zombies, but the reason why the survivors didn’t use it was because of the weight of the weapon, it was a bit too heavy for the survivors to use….

Ling Mo tried to use it, it looked pretty cool when he was holding it, but it’s hard to use, it’s about ten times heavier than the Tang knife.

When Shana was holding it, it was nearly as tall as her, couldn’t tell what she was planning to do with it..

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“I’ll take it as a collection.” Shana looked at it with satisfaction and said, “This used to be in my room, doesn’t it look beautiful? These humans even went through my room….anyways, I like this a lot. I like it even now. Sickle is a sign of time passing by and also a sign of death. Brother Ling, don’t you think it’s interesting?”

Girls under the influence of weapons were really different.

“I just see danger, could you even apply your knife skills with this?”

“Of course I can.”

Ling Mo said, “OK, as long as you like it”

And as for the other two weapons, one of them was something similar to an iron claw, you can put it on like a glove, the size was for a female hand, Ye Lian put her hands in and the size was just about right.

This wasn’t suitable for humans to use, but this would be great for those zombies that like to use their hands to rip apart their preys.

The only set back of this weapon was that it was only semi-finished, it hadn’t been sharpened yet.

But it wouldn’t be a problem with Ye Lian’s power, and Shana could help her sharpen it afterwards.

The last one was a sharp dagger, the design was very special, users would have put their fingers inside, and the blade would surround the wrist, with the ending part extending outwards.

This was apparently Shana’s invention, if it’s close combat, this thing could do a lot of damage, since no skills were required, you would just need to be able to use your arms properly.

But this was still not suitable for survivors, it’s too dangerous to use this to fight with zombies.

“Senior Sister, this is for you.” Ling Mo walked to the door and gave it to her.

She looked at it with curiosity and then finally put it on properly.

You could tell that she felt excited after having a weapon.

After being with the group for a while, she had become very interested in getting a weapon, she felt happy after finally getting a real one.

“That’s about it, there’s nothing else to take.”

Ling Mo was really satisfied with the result.

Shana nodded, even though this was her place, but there was nothing worth reminiscing about.

Yang Jia felt relieved after hearing that Ling Mo was going to leave.

Ou Yang Lien looked like she wanted to say something, but after looking at the eyes of the three girls she got scared and stepped back.

“Although there was a misunderstanding previously, but we got what we wanted so don’t worry, we’re leaving now.”

There are so many villas nearby that there was no need to stay with these survivors here.

Yang Jia of course kept nodding his head, he never thought that they would really just take the weapons and leave right away.

Of course he was happy now, because Ling Mo and his party gave him a feeling that their strength was very powerful.

But just as they were heading out, they saw a shocking scene.

Several survivors were running towards them as dozens of zombies were following after them with some mutated zombies leading them.

The speed of these zombies was extremely fast, and with their twisted expressions, it was simply frightening.

Yang Jia and Ou Yang Lien originally stood on the stairs and watched Ling Mo and his party leave, but they didn’t expect them to stop moving after opening the door and suddenly display a surprised look.

“Lien Lien, you stay here.”

He quickly ran downstairs, but already heard screams before he reached the door.

“Faster! Faster!”

Ling Mo did not expect to meet these survivors in this situation. He let Ye Lian and his three women return to the house and gave way to this group of people.

At this critical moment where their lives were on the line, they couldn’t afford to spend time caring about the strangers that were at the door, they just dashed towards the house.

However, the last few people who were running were killed by the zombies, and one of them was directly thrown to the ground by a mutant zombie.

The person’s legs and feet were injured, but his reaction was fast, he quickly rolled over to try and get rid of the zombie.

But how could his power compare to the mutant zombie, all you heard was a pitiful yell before his arm was ripped off.

What really surprised Ling Mo was that once they heard that their companion had gotten caught, some of them, who had almost got into the garden, went back to save that person without hesitation.

One girl who looked fit, used a spear and stabbed right into the zombie’s belly, then roared, and made the zombie flip back and bump into two other zombies.


However, the girl had also used up all of her strength, when she pulled out the spear, another two zombies showed up.

And right at this moment her companions didn’t have enough time to save her.

Just as the girl showed the look of despair, Ling Mo took the bow and arrow. This was his first time using it, but it was a lot easier to aim.


One of them missed, but one of them went right by the girl’s face and shot the zombie right in front of her.

All of a sudden the girl awakened, and her companions had finally reached there, and flipped the other zombie.

“Go, now!”

Just when the other people started to get back to the house, Yang Jia immediately dashed back and closed the door and pushed a heavy cupboard to block.


The door was just closed, and a loud noise came from the door immediately. The door was banged and slammed, even dropping a lot of lime.

Some of the survivors leaned on the cupboard and started breathe hard with their pale faces.

The guy whose arm was nearly torn apart is groaning right now.

A serious looking man took out a knife and cut off his arm.

“AH!AH!” The guy’s feet melted and he screamed lying on the floor.

Ou Yang Lien who saw the scene, blocked her eyes, but she didn’t look that afraid from her expression.

“Nothing, nothing.” The guy pulled out a cloth, wrapped it on the around the cut off limb, and looked around, finally setting his eyes on Yang Jia, “Yang Jia, quick, get the medical kits.”

He saw Ling Mo, but it’s not time to ask what’s going on.

The place turned into chaos, some of the survivors started to block the windows, and closed all the room doors.

The roars of the zombies would really drive people crazy, although Ling Mo could let the three girls go outside and kill all the zombies….

But this kind of behavior would give the survivors in here a bigger shock.

Some of them went upstairs, seemed like they were going to kill the zombies from up there.

As long as the room wasn’t broken through, there would be no entrance for the zombies, and they would be safe.

But just at this moment, Ling Mo’s focus was on a turn at the bottom of the stairs.

It was a French window and Ou Yang Lien was standing right there.

Because it was a mess right now, some people couldn’t even get up, some of them were treating wounds for their companions so nobody was taking care of her now.

The reason Ling Mo looked there is because from the corner of his eyes he saw a dark shadow.

Just when he looked at that position again, the dark shadow appeared.

Zombie! This time the zombie had reached the French window and broke it open!


The glasses broke and the puzzled looking Ou Yang Lien disappeared.

“Holy shit!”

It was a mutated zombie that had taken her away, the speed was incredible, just when it dragged Ou Yang Lien away, Ling Mo had taken action.

He put away the bow and arrow, pulled out the Tang knife.

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