My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 164

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 164 – Hello Sister in Laws!

After being taken away, Ou Yang Lien was thrown heavily on the grass.

Just when the mutant zombie was going to jump on her, Ling Mo who was following close behind them, had also jumped out the window.

Ling Mo thought, “Only aiming for the loli….What a fucking pervert….” before slashing it with the Tang knife.

The mutant zombie had just pressed on Ou Yang Lien’s shoulders with both hands, and his mouth was about to bite, but as he slammed his head down, a blade passed through his neck, and the sharp blade cut his head off directly.

Blood spewed out, but Ling Mo had already moved Ou Yang Lien to his side and had turned around to block the blood.

At this time, the people at the front door have started to kill some of the zombies, so not a lot of zombies were attracted to the current commotion that Ling Mo had caused, just only a female zombie that stumbled through the grass towards them.

“Omg…why can’t you guys just stop.”

Ling Mo himself had a terrible headache. At this time, he did not want to participate in the battle at all. After killing the zombie, he took Ou Yang Lien who has already passed out back to the french window.

A survivor came over to take Ou Yang Lien, Ye Lian who was standing beside reached to help Ling Mo get in.

The French window was actually quite high. If it wasn’t a mutant zombie, it would be difficult for ordinary zombies to enter from here.

However, looking at how bad the villa’s defense was, these people had either just recently set up camp here or they were just careless due to the low amount of zombies near here.

But if they were prepared in advance, Ling Mo believed that he wouldn’t have been able to get all the weapons that easily.

After Ling Mo returned to the villa, two people had dragged a cabinet to block the broken window.

Although there were dozens of zombies, the survivors were still able to make up the big difference of combat power by taking advantage of the terrain.

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The girl that was saved by Ling Mo, went towards the cabinet. She broke the cabinet window and used a long spear to kill several zombies that were standing behind the cabinet.

Some survivors came over and did the same thing.

In this case, besides the two mutant zombies, the other zombies were basically dead.

After around twenty minutes, the sounds outside had quieted down, and the survivors downstairs came over.

The pushed away the cabinet and checked whether the zombies were all really dead. After checking, they threw all the zombie corpses in the garage so the smell of blood wouldn’t spread.

The garage is basically sealed. It used to be ventilated by an exhaust fan. But it doesn’t work since there is no electricity.

The rotten smell isn’t strong, and it’s quite remote here, if it wasn’t because they attracted zombies from far away, there wouldn’t be zombies around here.

“That was close….”

Just when some people were busy getting rid of the bodies, some other guys were sitting on the matt breathing hard.

Ling Mo suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you guys fortify this place?”

“We just came here two days ago, we lived at other villas in different areas. We changed places to collect food, and we are also looking for other survivors.”

“The thing is no one expected this, we were so unlucky! In a villa nearby, I’m not sure if they were having some kind of party before the apocalypse, but it was all zombies in there, we couldn’t even tell from standing outside.”

One of the survivors said, and then curiously looked at Ling Mo and asked, “By the way, you are?”

Right at this moment a guy said, “He’s the one who saved Lien Lien.”

“Oh, then you are also in this community? But the survivors in the small half of the community have already come to our team… Anyway, thank you… I saw you saved….Hey Jia Yu, come and say thank you.”

The survivor looked at the girl who is squatting by the door and told her.

The girl looked up, half of her face was covered with hair and her cap, couldn’t really see exactly how she looked like, but you could tell that she was sweating, since her hair was stuck to her face.

After hearing the word ”Jia Yu” Ling Mo frowned and shook his head, “It can’t be…..”

“Oh ya, gotta thank you, even though you almost shot my head off…..”

The girl took a deep breath, stood up and walked over.

But when she saw Ling Mo she widened her eyes, paused for a while and suddenly said, “You….Big Brother?!”

She couldn’t believe her eyes and sized up Ling Mo.

“Are you…are you really Meng Jia Yu?”

Ling Mo was also shocked. Meng Jia Yu is a cousin of his.

Ling Mo never expected to see his relatives, because X city was just too big, even though he had a lot of relatives, but they didn’t live close together, even if they survived, it wouldn’t have been easy to see them.

Although he was a bit confused, he quickly racked his brains together and thought about it. There was definitely a chance that Meng Jia Yu lived around here.

Even though they were cousins, but due to Ling Mo’s parents dying early, they became distant since Meng Jia Yu’s family was rich.

Meng Jia Yu would see Ling Mo every Chinese New Year Eve dinner, but they wouldn’t talk much.

Ling Mo didn’t think about this though since they met all of a sudden.

He had never been to her house from his memories, the only thing he knew was that Meng Jia Yu lived in a high end villa…

Seems like it’s this Yi Yue District.

Meng Jia Yu stared at him for a while and them jumped on him to hug him for a while: “I couldn’t believe I still get a chance to see my relatives, it’s so nice that you are still alive! And you saved my life when we just met!”

Her voice sounded like she was going to cry, but she was a brave and strong girl, she held back the tears.

The people in the house started to look at them and whisper to each other. When they looked at Ling Mo again, they looked a lot more friendlier, and looked very curious.

You could tell based on the survivor’s behaviors, that Meng Jia Yu was an important member in this group, she was risking her life fighting the zombies, she must be respected by these people.

Seems like even though she is very brave but she is actually very afraid deep inside, she let out all her emotions the moment she saw Ling Mo.

“Good, as long as you are alive…..”

Ling Mo didn’t know what to say, he’s not really good at expressing his emotions.

She took a few deep breaths and finally calmed down. She looked at Ye Lian and the other two and asked, “They are???”

“Oh, let me introduce them” Ling Mo grabbed Ye Lian and Shana with him and said, “These two gals are my girlfriends.”

Shana’s fancy style, Ye Lian’s delicate looks and Li Ya Ling’s evil sexy vibe caught their attention, but because they were too busy so they didn’t ask.

After hearing Ling Mo introducing them, some of them became a bit envious, but they just got away from danger so that’s all they felt.

Beautiful girls are nice, but what’s the point of having a pretty girl with you when you are dead?

The incident of Ling Mo killing mutant zombies to save Ou Yang Lien had spread out in the group.

Nearly everyone knew what Ling Mo was capable of.

“Hello sister in laws (A respectful or joking way to call other people’s wifes in Chinese)”

Meng Jia Yu was a bit shocked but they said hi immediately.

Ye Lian and Shana looked very cold, but after hearing “Sister-in-law” they changed.

Ye Lian greeted back, “He…hello”

Shana also seriously greeted back,  “Ya…Hi…”

She probably wanted to show her integrity and kindness at the same time, but she was holding a sickle, looked like a innocent little girl and she looked even younger than Meng Jia Yu which looked quite funny.

“This girl is my senior sister” Ling Mo waved at her to tell her to stand beside him.

Probably because of her eyes, Meng Jia Yu couldn’t help but look at her again and said, “Hi.”

Li Ya Ling didn’t say anything, if you were observant you could tell that her body was stiff and her fists were tightly clenched.

So many humans and blood……

It was already hard for her to hold back her cruel and desperation of blood, it would be too much for her to say hi now.

Ling Mo quickly changed the subject: “How is the little girl?”

“Are you saying Lien Lien?”

Meng Jia Yu turned her head and saw Ou Yang Lien lying on the sofa, the serious looking guy who cut off his companions arm was looking at how Ou Yang Lien was.

After hearing Ling Mo’s voice, he squeezed a smile and said: “No worries, she just got scared. Thanks though, if it weren’t for you….”

“This guy is very powerful, he killed a mutant zombie right away.”

Another survivor interrupted.

“You’ve started to train for a while right?”

“That was awesome, did you do that in one attack?”

“Yes I saw it when I went to help, it was shocking. Anyway, it’s not something we could pull off.”

“That’s so awesome, can’t believe she’s Jia Yu’s relative….He’s not your brother is he?”

The guy looked at Ling Mo and suddenly asked, “Are you a psychic?”

Ling Mo paused, and then the guy stood up to walk over: “We used to have a psychic in our team, but he disappeared. You are a psychic right? Or else it wouldn’t have been easy to defeat a mutant zombie like that.”

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