My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 165

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 165 – It’s Hard to Know What Girls Are Thinking

Ling Mo admitted that he was a psychic.

Otherwise it would be really hard to explain how he was able to kill a mutant zombie. Especially since there was a relative he knew.

After he nodded, people started whispering, and Meng Jia Yu’s eyes were glowing at Ling Mo.

Although she never really hated Ling Mo, but they didn’t talk that much.

Although they are relatives but her parents were a bit snobbish.

Ling Mo came from an ordinary family and his parents died pretty early so they had even less contact afterwards.

Every Chinese New Year they just said hi, but never really said much to each other.

But after the disaster, Ling Mo who was just a ordinary person from her perspective had become a psychic that everyone respects.

Meng Jia Yu couldn’t really describe her feelings, especially seeing her companions looking so shocked, she felt even more complicated.


There’s a lot of things that she wanted to say, but she suddenly didn’t know how voice it out.

Ling Mo didn’t know what she was thinking, but Meng Jia Yu’s enthusiastic behavior really made Ling Mo miss family love.

Seeing Meng Jia Yu looking at him like that he tapped her head and said, “HaHa, don’t look at me like that, I’m still your brother (In Chinese cousins are also brothers and sister on a different level of closeness)”

Still your brother….Meng Jia Yu heart ticked, her eyes turned red again, and then tears started rolling down.

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She stared at Ling Mo for a while, and then realized she was crying and quickly wiped away her tears.

Ling Mo thought I trying to comfort you, but instead I made you cry….

It’s not easy to guess what girls were thinking….

“So you are a psychic….” The serious looking guy spaced out a bit, and then reached out his hand and said, “Really want to thank you today, if it weren’t for you, Jia Yu and the others wouldn’t have been able to safely come back, not to mention Lien Lien….By the way, let me introduce myself, my name is Guo Chao, I am the leader of this survivor group. But it’s a small group, we only just gathered all the survivors who lived around. We slowly came together, Jia Yu joined us quite early, she is brave and good. Seems like your family has good people.”

Ling Mo shook his hands and smiled, “That’s nothing. My name is Ling Mo.”

Guo Chao sighed and said, “It’s nothing for you, but you saved our lives, really don’t know how to thank you…”

When they were talking, Yang Jia was actually in the group. However he didn’t bother mentioning Ling Mo trying to sneak inside before.

This was Shana’s house, so there’s nothing wrong for them to come back and take some weapons.

Yang Jia was actually feeling lucky that he didn’t get hurt after fighting this guy.

Guo Chou revealed his sad feelings, “We were out of luck today, a lot of people died…..You guys keep talking, I want to see how things are outside.”

He waved at one of the survivors, and then they took their weapons and headed out, probably just looking around to see if there were any zombies left around.

The rest of the survivors look very tired, some of them were sitting on the ground, while others were leaning on the walls and talking to each other.

But they would randomly look at Ling Mo sometimes, they are apparently interested in him.

After talking a bit more with Ling Mo, Meng Jia Yu went back to the group and collected a little bag from each of them and poured out everything in one spot.

Ling Mo could tell that these things were gathered from the other houses, there were condiments, snacks and some rice.

While the sky darkened, a survivor pulled the curtains and took out a flashlight.

The house started to brighten, but the dark sections got even darker.

Li Ya Ling wasn’t used to having so many people around, and plus there were lights which made her even more uncomfortable.

Ling Mo could only find an excuse and ask one of the survivors to take her to a room.

These people seemed to respect Ling Mo a lot, they even asked a person to clean a room that used to be Shana’s and let Li Ya Ling go in.

Even though Li Ya Ling looked cold and weird, but they didn’t seem to care.

Of course that was out of respect for Ling Mo.

Ye Lian and Shana didn’t want to leave, although they were usually hostile against humans, but under the condition that they didn’t have a strong intention to attack, they felt a bit more curious instead.

Shana smiled and pulled Ling Mo’s sleeve, “I’m right here, don’t worry I won’t do anything to them.”

Ye Lian hesitated and copied Shana’s move to grab Ling Mo’s arm, “Brother Ling….”

“OKOK, as long as the two of you are fine”

Ling Mo pinched Ye Lian on the cheek and spanked Shana on her ass.

She immediately made a low volume scream, but smiled immediately, she twisted her body to block other people’s vision, put her hands on his chest and slowly flowed her hands down.

“Shit, don’t play like this in front of so many people!”

Ling Mo quickly dodged.

Shana’s eyes looked so bright under dark, “Anyways it’s not me who has something that could grow bigger.”

“People will laugh at me if it grows bigger….”

“Anyways, they aren’t laughing at me, right Ye Lian sis?”


“Stop teaching your Sister Ye Lian bad things! You better wait and see how I will punish the two of you!”

Ling Mo took two deep breathes to suppress his sexual arousal.

Good thing is that nobody saw that or heard that.

Although as a zombie, Shana didn’t have any moral standards, but she still considered the fact that Ling Mo was still a human, so she didn’t let them see it.

Ling Mo was happy that he dodged it, or else it would be very embarrassing of him carrying a “tent”(A way to describe erection is Chinese)

Yang Jia looked at Ling Mo nervously and said: “There are a lot of people in the team, so we have to collect foods every day.”

“It is dangerous, but we have to.”

Ling Mo coughed to hide his awkward feeling and nodded: “I understand that it is very dangerous.”

Sometimes you have to risk your life for a bag of snacks.

Seeing a guy coming over to talk, Shana quickly grabbed Ye Lian to the side.

Yang Jia bitterly said, “I initially thought we were unlucky to meet you guys, but right now I guess we were actually pretty lucky.”

Ling Mo curiously asked, “Are you guys all from this district?”

“Actually not all, I’m in the district next to this one, but I ran here after the apocalypse happened, after about a week, I met Meng Jia Yu and our leader Guo Chao.”

“In the beginning I thought  it would be fine if I hid in my apartment, but I never thought that the zombies would be able to break down doors. Across my apartment was a beautiful girl who used to have a sugar daddy, after she mutated she kept bumping my door…” Yang Jia looked like he couldn’t forget that memory, “I stayed in the house for about an hour until I finally couldn’t tolerate it anymore, I used a table to block the door and opened a little gap. The girl broke her arms when she tried to bump in, but still wouldn’t give up, she reached her head in here and then I tried to close the door, and then…..her…., never mind”

Yang Jia looked pale when he reached the disgusting part.

Ling Mo sincerely praised him, “You are really something.” It’s not easy to get through this.

“Please don’t say that, I’m actually a scaredy cat. I still feel afraid when I see zombies. But in order to live, this is the only way.”

Ling Mo couldn’t help thinking, “Don’t know how you would react if you knew there were two zombies right in front of you, and that they were also advanced zombies.”

After talking, Yang Jia smiled at Ling Mo and went to see Ou Yang Lian.

Ling Mo knew that he was just here to express his kindness. He didn’t mention that they snuck in before and also didn’t ask for the bow and arrow back.

When the sky was completely dark, Guo Chao and the other survivors had come back already.

Meng Jia Yu was already reorganizing the food and gathered them all in different big backpacks.

They didn’t have a lot to begin with but it was still a decent amount, although most of the food wasn’t able to fill anyone up. But right now, no one would care as long as they could eat something.

After organizing the food, Meng Jia Yu split the food into portions and gave it to the team members.

After getting their food they started to chat, the topics were mainly about being chased after zombies and how Ling Mo saved people.

“Cousin, this is for you and the in laws.”

Meng Jia Yu gave him four portions of food and took a can from a bag to him.

“Take this and enjoy.”

Ling Mo didn’t refuse. The girls of course wouldn’t eat any of these, but good thing was that they didn’t eat together, so nobody realized anything weird.

“Cousin, do you mind talking to our leader after eating?”

Meng Jia Yu asked Ling Mo with expectation before she left.

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