My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 166

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 166 – The Kiss from Little Girl

As night approached, the Yi Yue District appeared to be very quiet.

The cold wind is blowing on the trees sending out “sha sha” sounds.

Ou Yang Lien, who has already woken up, is lying on Meng Jia Yu’s chest, she is staring in silence with her eyes widely open at Ling Mo, who was sitting not so far away.

Before she passed out, she saw Ling Mo running towards her, she thought she had imagined things at that moment.

“Sister Jia Yu, you are lucky to have a brother like that.”

Ou Yang Lien has a soft and childish voice.

Meng Jia Yu pulled the blanket to cover both of them: “Ya…..don’t talk, they are discussing something important.”

“Oh….” Ou Yang Lien seemed to understand, so she shut her mouth and looked at Ling Mo with her huge eyes.

Ling Mo looked at Guo Chao with shock and said,  “So your telling me in short, you are a government official for the Hundred Flower District?”

He nodded and said, “Just a civil servant, like Yang Jia I wasn’t from here, I was from the next district.”

“Then you….”

Guo Chao said, “No, just like you guys, we don’t have any information.”

The flashlight was covered with a handkerchief, and the light became concentrated, also making it a bit warmer.

The other people besides the ones that were guarding the second floor, were all gathering together to get warm, this was the only way because there wasn’t enough blankets for everyone.

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Some of them fell asleep, but some others were wide awake listening to what Guo Chao and Ling Mo were talking about.

After listening to what Guo Chao said Ling Mo felt disappointed and looked towards Ye Lian and Shana.

“What about higher level…..”

Guo Chao’s eyes flashed a bit and then shook his head with a bitter smile, “I had a uncle working at a provincial department, he called me right before the apocalypse happened, everything happened too fast, we don’t know where the virus came from. But I believe there were some emergency procedures in case of this….”

Ling Mo asked suspiciously “But it’s a really big disaster, even if you had emergency procedures….”

Guo Chao looked at him and said, “Yes, it wouldn’t be that effective, because you don’t know who would mutate, but there should be some measures taken to save some of the higher level personnel.”

Seems like Gou Chao, Lin Luan Qui and Luo Heng all believed that there would be people coming to rescue them.

Ling Mo asked, “So are you going to stay here?”

To his surprise Guo Chao shook his head and said, “I know there are rescue teams coming, but how long would it take them? It’s hard to tell how long, so I’d rather save myself first.”

Ling Mo asked with interest, “What’s your plan?”

This Guo Chao seemed to be smart and also seemed to have guts as well.

Guo Chao was actually one of the people who turned back to save the people who had gotten caught by the zombies in the garden.

A guy who wouldn’t give up his companions under danger, who could also understand the circumstances, and proactively seek ways to survive, really had the right to be the leader.

Although he just met Meng Jia Yu today, but he felt happy for her.

She was still alive no doubt because of her bravery, but the major reason was because of her team.

Guo Chao considered for a while before saying, “There’s an armed police department nearby, I want to look for some weapons. Don’t worry, I won’t use those firearms in the city. And the roads here are pretty good, I want to get two army jeeps to go to the food generator base. I’ve been there before, there’s a big farmland, and a lot of houses, also some ditches which can be a decent natural barrier. Inside that place are some wells, generators and food.”

Ling Mo paused a bit and nodded: “Sounds like a nice place.”

Guo Chao smiled, but because he was a very serious person, it looked like he was having a hard time smiling, “Ya…but there are a lot of animals there…..I’m not sure if there are any mutated animals there….”

Ling Mo said: “I’ve seen them before, I call them mutant creatures.”

Guo Chao’s face looked very bad now: “mutant creatures…My son was ripped apart by a mutated dog….there was a lot of dogs at that food generator base, and also lots of pigs, cows…. I suppose the chickens probably wouldn’t have mutated, but instead they probably became the food for those mutant creatures. Hope there are still some that are alive, then we don’t need to eat vegetables every time.”

“Ling…., I’ll call you small Ling” Guo Chao is around 40 years old, so it’s fine if he calls him little Ling so Ling Mo nodded.

“I’m telling you this because I hope you could help me.”

Guo Chao seriously said: “We are all just ordinary people, even though we aren’t afraid of death, but we don’t have the ability to do these things. Even though I keep looking around for survivors, but people keep dying, right now there’s like only seventeen or eighteen left….”


Ling Mo was under a dilemma, he kind of understood everything after hearing half of it. Even though Meng Jia Yu was in here, Ling Mo didn’t want to do anything other than within his capabilities.

It’s dangerous and time consuming to help so many people.

And he’s planning to get out of the city, Ling Mo wasn’t planning to leave the city yet….

“You don’t want to give it a try? To be honest, there’s also a army base nearby, and there’s a biological research institution, if they aren’t destroyed, they must have a base already. Maybe we can get some information over there.” Guo Chao added, “The weapons might be useful for you. You are powerful, but with weapons you would be even more powerful.”

These words really gave Ling Mo a second thought.

It wasn’t because of the weapons, it was the information and biological research institution that made him interested.

Even though Ling Mo is trying to let Ye Lian and Shana evolve, but he also wishes that they could fully recover.

The possibility might be low…..but if the there really was a way to cure them, the world would be so much better.

But even if there is no way to cure, it would be easier for them to evolve!

When you know yourself and your enemies, you would never lose, same thing applies to virus!

But Ling Mo didn’t say yes immediately, this might be very important, but he still needs some time to consider it.

Ling Mo said “Let me think about it”

Guo Chao was a little disappointed, but he nodded: “OK. We might stay here for another two days, there are still some places over here we haven’t looked into. Once the food is enough, we will go there. After we leave we are going to the high tech district, it’s not easy to get food over there.”

“By the way, you said you guys used to have a psychic, but disappeared, what happened?”

Ling Mo was going to leave but couldn’t help asking another question.

Guo Chao’s expression changed again, other survivors also looked at them.

Meng Jia Yu was going to say something but stopped.

“That person had a daughter younger than Lien Lien, when we were retreating…….that person’s daughter died, and then that person took the corpse with him and never came back. Probably…..”

Guo Chao sai, “He probably thinks that it was our fault.”

His words weren’t really clear, but Ling Mo could tell that there must be something else behind this.

That guy just left, didn’t do anything crazy, not sure if it’s because that person didn’t want to do anything about it or what….

“Little Ling, take you girlfriend….girlfriends to rest in the room upstairs. Didn’t that used to be one of your girlfriends’ room?”

Guo Chao changed the subject.

Ling Mo looked at the guy who lost his arm, and the two survivors next to him, he knew that tonight they were going to make sure that this guy didn’t mutate.

“Ok, you guys take a break.”

When he went by Meng Jia Yu, Ou Yang Lien reached out with her white little hands and grabbed his pants, “Big brother….”


Ling Mo really likes this heartful brave little girl, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved her. He squatted and rubbed her head, “What’s up?”

She blushed and suddenly grabbed Ling Mo’s head and kissed his cheek: “Thank you for saving me and Sister Jia Yu”

After kissing, she didn’t let go of Ling Mo, she just stuck her cheek with Ling Mo’s and started rubbing.

It was soft…..

“Shit! I’m not some kind of pervert who likes little girls!”

Ling Mo was surprised and shook his head.

It must be because of Shana trying to flirt with me, I am not a pervert!

But Ou Yang Lien sure is cute, when she looked at Ling Mo with her little eyes, Ling Mo started to think if he could have kids or not…..

But the same problem came up, Could zombies and humans have kids?

Seems like he has to go and understand what traits the zombie virus has….

Ling Mo pinched Ou Yang Lien’s cheek and said, “You’re welcome”

Ou Yang Lien was happy, she made a small laugh and shyly went back to Meng Jia Yu’s chest.

After taking off her hat, Meng Jia Yu looked pretty nice, has an elegant face with her ponytail.

Not that much of a beauty, but gave people a feeling that she was high class.

Meng Jia You tightly grabbed Ling Mo’s hand and said: “Cousin, in-laws, you guys go get some rest and thank you.”

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