My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 167

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 167 – Really Improved!


When Ling Mo opened the door a dark shadow popped out.

Ling Mo dodged to the side and grabbed that person’s arms and threw that person on to the bed.

“Stop playing around, you wouldn’t really even bite me.”

Under the dark night, Li Ya Ling was using her red eyes to stare at Ling Mo.

Shana simply laughed at Li Ya Ling, but when she passed by Ling Mo her arms were grabbed by Ling Mo.

Ling Mo originally wanted to get intimate with Shana and throw her onto the bed, but then he remembered the sickle that she held in her hands.

“Oh, I gave up…”

He was exhausted and had used up all his strength, so that Shana only had to take one step forward for him to let go of her.

Ye Lian on the other hand came up and looked at Ling Mo and said: “I want to…. play too….”

I am not playing!

I had made precise calculations, I first changed my vision to Shana’s and used her night vision to capture Li Ya Ling’s movement, then used my spirit tentacles to slow down Li Ya Ling’s movements, and then finally throwing her onto the bed!

How can this be called playing!

Although he was irritated inside but he still reluctantly threw Ye Lian on the bed.

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This throw was actually quite dangerous if you were an ordinary person, but it was fine since she was a zombie..

Li Ya Ling ducked when she saw Ye Lian flying towards her.

Shana’s bed is very soft, Ye Lian bounced when she landed. And then she went into the blankets.

At this time, Shana also put the sickle in a rack. There is a special shelf in her room to put the sickle, but the moonlight made this sickle seem even more creepy, honestly don’t know why Shana had this kind of fetish.  

Ling Mo pulled the curtains and took out a solar flashlight to look around the room.

From the decoration of the room, you could tell that there’s a reason for her split personality.

The furniture and decoration gave this young girl vibe. But her collections were mostly knives and swords, her DVD’s were all gorey with blood and horror.

After putting away the sickle Shana took out a parka because Ling Mo’s back was splashed with blood, “My dad gave me this, but it’s too big, you might want to try it on”

“This is good…”

Parkas are water proof, it would be a lot better to wear this than other clothes.

Ling Mo thought he wasn’t able to wear it since it was a girl’s size, but to his surprise it fitted perfectly.

Shana said, “My family didn’t care much about me. Guess even my dad didn’t know my size.”

That’s awful… Ling Mo thought, looking at Shana’s eyes, there was a hint of love and pity.

This girl also had a awful dark side due to her family, which maybe was also the reason why she had split personalities. Not sure if her other personality would awaken after she fully recovered.

“Put that aside first. I have more important things to do today.”

Ling Mo smiled while talking and hugged Shana to the bed and threw her on there.

Ling Mo was going to put Li Ya Ling aside, but given that she keeps looking at him with those red eyes, Ling Mo ignored her.

Although it’s weird to be stared by someone else, but on the thought that she’s a zombie, Ling Mo felt a lot better.

But to ordinary people, being stared at by zombies was something terrifying.

“You touched me so many times in front of other people today, tell me, which hand did you use?”

Ling Mo jumped on Shana and took off the parka so she couldn’t get up.

Shana smiled and turned to Ye Lian to lift one of her hands: “This one”


Ye Lian didn’t expect to take the blame on this, but her intelligence hadn’t recovered much, so she couldn’t express herself still, she could only look at Shana in confusion before looking at Ling Mo.

“So this gal is a co-conspirator”

“”Ling Mo laughed and pulled Ye Lian to him so he could pinch her on her breast.

It was big and soft, and seemed like it got a bit bigger….So the theory of the more you rub. the bigger it gets, is true….

Ye Lian isn’t good at expressing herself, she could only try to dodge Ling Mo, but this made him even more horny.

“You two aren’t behaving lately, I have to punish you two”

While talking Ling Mo reached into their clothes, to their underwear, from their waist.

The cold yet smooth skin made Ling Mo feel so good, when his hands went back to the breast, Ye Lian couldn’t help moaning, “Oh….”

Shana remembers the theory of bigger breast leads to more powerful strength, so she unhappily asked: “Brother Ling, why are you only helping Sister Ye Lian in gaining fighting power?”

Ling Mo’s fingers were on that little cherry, he wasn’t going to hold back after smelling this youthful body.

“Oh? It looks a lot bigger!”


“Of course, are you questioning my skills?!”

“But why are you touching this part….the bottom part…..”

“In fact, this is also a source of combat power! Of course, this can only work with me.”

“OMG…it tickles….but what’s the point of beating you?”

Ling Mo who was already topless hugged them and said: “Of course it would work, it also helps me increase my fighting power!”

Ye Lian seemed to touch something hard and said, “It really…. increased……”


Ling Mo blowed Ye Lian’s ear, she quivered a bit and then he smiled evilly, “If you use your hands to touch it, it would be stronger.”

“Ok….” Ye Lian nodded.

Although he couldn’t just do them now, but Ling Mo was enjoying the moment.

Ye Lian is more naïve, and she hasn’t recovered much intelligence, so she doesn’t have much knowledge about this.

But with Ling Mo’s “education”, she learned a lot….

After having enough of their saliva to recover his spirit power and stamina, he started to research and develop their bodies.

Although Shana had small breasts, but she had a real nice booty, good grips and always smiled, when Ling Mo was touching her thighs, she didn’t resist, instead she put her hands on his waist and started to kiss him.

Ling Mo lowered his voice and asked, “Tell me the truth, what did you learn before, did you watch some kind of special videos at home before….”

Shana smiled but didn’t answer. This attitude turned Ling Mo on even more, his hands slid in…..

But Ling Mo still hasn’t realized that Li Ya Ling was looking at what they are doing.

While Shana is moaning, Li Ya Ling couldn’t help it anymore, she jumped on Ling Mo, grabbed his collar, dashed to the washroom and closed the door.

Ling Mo was totally spaced out, by the time he pulled himself together, he was already inside a fancy bathroom, and being pressed by a body full of desire.

Ye Lian and Shana stood up, but they just looked at each other, and looked hesitant.

Shana asked, “What going on with them?”

This wasn’t her fault, right now Li Ya Ling was no longer a enemy since they had a spirit connection now.

Although she had dragged Ling Mo away, but Shana’s judgement was that she wasn’t going to bring any harm towards Ling Mo.

So the two girls decided to get closer, Shana jumped off the bed while pulling Ye Lian to get off the bed and approached the bathroom to hear whatever was going on inside.

If Ling Mo knew what they were doing he would have shouted. “Come and save me!!!”

Because right now he could see Li Ya Ling approaching him with her red eyes.

“What do you want senior sister?”

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