My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 168

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 168 – The Mysterious Part

TL: Bonus Chapter – Give Thanks to Remco De Haas for donating this chapter to the rest of you!

Ling Mo was almost about to send a danger signal to Ye Lian and Shana.

But Li Ya Ling had already planted her body next to Ling Mo’s body, her lips slowly started to approach Lin Mo, when Ling Mo’s eyes fully widened, she kissed Ling Mo!

She apparently was very observant, she at least knew that she had to stick her tongue out to kiss him.

As a zombie, she was very proficient in ripping people apart, yet when it came to kissing, she was awful. .

After sticking out her tongue, she stopped. She looked at Ling Mo…


Ling Mo was surprised when she asked that question.


You were the one that dragged me out of the bed. I thought you were going to do something else, turns out you were just horny. If you’re so horny do something crazy!!!

You were trying to rape me, but you don’t even know how to fucking kiss!

You must be fucking with me!

“Let me go if you don’t even know how to do it, I still have other things to try out while we have some spare time. Obviously if your also interested, you can also join us, you have such a great body, as a junior brother, I am willing help you as well.”

Just when Ling Mo was glaring at Li Ya Ling, she seemed to think of something.

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Seeing her cold and sinister eyes staring at him, with that elastic waist that sticking so close to him, and those towering peaks which were pressing hard against him, making it really hard to breath…..She is very powerful…..

Li Ya Ling’s hand suddenly digged into the bottom of Ling Mo’s waist, this move made his body completely stiff.

Ye Lian and Shana were both taught on how to touch so they don’t wouldn’t use too much strength, but Li Ya Ling didn’t know!

But luckily she stopped again. Because she had touched something really weird.

It’s hard and hot…..

“This is….”

“Leave it alone! WHAT THE FUCK….not so hard!”

Ling Mo’s warning worked, even though Li Ya Ling was grabbing it, but she didn’t tear it apart….

“What the hell do you want to do!”

Ling Mo couldn’t help asking when he was completely cornered to the wall by Li Ya Ling.

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo, the other hand reached out to grasp Ling Mo’s chest, trying a move she had seen, but she didn’t learn this move well. She was really shocked with the result.

“I don’t….know”

But Ling Mo suddenly realized something. Li Ya Ling is more advanced than Ye Lian and Shana so she probably isn’t that far from becoming a zombie leader.

Half-moon, the other flat chested zombie leader he knew, had developed a consciousness to find a spouse after evolving into a zombie leader.

Just like humans, after reaching to a certain age and developing fully, they would start to be curious about sex. Obviously the ones that also had special fetishes could be included in this group as well.

Since Li Ya Ling took the initiative to deliver herself to his front door, why not take the chance and research her body to see the differences between her and normal advanced zombies.

Releasing his pent up stress would just be a benefit that came with research.

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo moved his body and reached out his arms.

It’s not easy to finding clothes, so he didn’t rip them off, instead he slowly took it off and threw it aside.

Before he had only seen her body, but now that their bodies were stuck together, he could feel that model like body. As a zombie, although she had lots of scars, due to the zombies regeneration ability, he could barely feel the scars. To sum up everything, her body is wild, has colossal boobs, and has smooth skin…

It was hard trying to discover her body while she was pressing against him. The other reason why it might of been hard was because she was also caressing Ling Mo’s family jewels by the guidance of her own instincts.

“Oh god it’s not easy being me.”

Ling Mo felt both hurt and happy at the same time as he reached inside her pants.

He vaguely felt that Li Ya Ling’s body is indeed different, for some reason, he felt that this body was full of vitality.

This feeling was as if her artery, organs, and even her skin was even more tenacious than a humans.

But on second thought, a zombies evolution wasn’t mainly the recovery of sanity, but also the quality of the body would increase as well.

Their explosive power and the persistence that manifests themselves once they erupt are much stronger than humans.

Just as when humans are in danger, the adrenaline will suddenly rise sharply, and the potential will erupt but also damage them in the process. But unlike humans, the virus in the zombies stimulate adrenaline without injuring the zombie.

The cells would keep reproducing, which is why they had such a strong recovery process.

Ling Mo actually thought before at one point, if he broke Ye Lian and Shana’s hymen, would it recover after a few days?

This sounds a bit crazy, but it is highly possible for it to occur in a zombie’s body.

This was also the reason why he hadn’t started in taking any real action yet, it wasn’t hard breaking it once but it would be a pain in breaking it everytime!

However, Ling Mo is reluctant to do any experiments on Ye Lian or Shana, but since senior sister took the initiative, it would be such a waste not to use this chance….

At this time, Ling Mo finally succeeded in taking off Li Ya Ling’s pants. As the pants fell to her ankles, Li Ya Ling seemed to realize that something was not right with this.

But she didn’t try to escape, instead she got even closer to Ling Mo while her hand was holding onto Little Ling Mo.

Ling Mo didn’t dare make any big movements, if he accidentally irritated her, his little Ling Mo (his private part) would be in great danger.

But wanting her to let go…seeing those eyes that had turned completely red, seemed like it was an impossible task, it would be already considered lucky if she remembers not to bite it.

But if she went too far, Ling Mo would use his puppet skills, although he really didn’t want to use it, if he didn’t have to.

If he does do it, it would hurt the puppet’s spirit.

When Ling Mo’s right hand sneaked through the legs, Li Ya Ling moaned a little, and her hands that was holding little Ling Mo became even tighter.

“FUCK ME….you do it softly now..”

Ling Mo looked outside and saw two shadows through the semi-transparent door.

Although it was blurry, but through their connection with each other, he could feel them!

These two would rather listen to what’s happening inside than try and take back their husband, seems like their education from him wasn’t enough…

After I complete my research, I will punish you two!

At this time, Shana, who was lying on the door and eavesdropping, could not help but make a chuckle, “Brother Ling always says that he was going to educate us all properly but always lets her go. Right now it’s finally fair!”

Ye Lian started to touch her breasts, she remembers that there was a special feeling when her cherries were touched.

Ye Lian hesitated a bit and suddenly said, “Ya” to agree with Shana.

At this moment, Ling Mo’s finger had dove into a mysterious area. Although advanced zombies regained the feeling of pain, they did not care much about it, Li Ya Ling included.

But feeling that something was digging into her body, her eyes suddenly became more cold.

However due it being a strange feeling, she didn’t resist, but instead got even more closer to Ling Mo.

Right at this moment Ling Mo’s eyes widened.

He felt a strong pressure from the fingers, her body contracted. Just when he reached the hymen his fingers where tightly wrapped.

“Don’t tell me that the mouth down there also bites as well!”

Ling Mo was shocked, he wanted to pull out his fingers but the pressure was too strong. And since it kept contracting, when Ling Mo was struggling, he actually poked inside really hard. But to his surprise the hymen was so flexible!

He didn’t even break through it despite him using a lot of strength while poking…

“Can’t you relax a bit!”

Ling Mo’s fingers couldn’t go any deeper but also couldn’t pull out as well.

After Li Ya Ling gradually relaxed, the suction was greatly reduced, but the hymen was too flexible, couldn’t break it safely.

Seems like it’s time to use little Ling Mo. Ling Mo grabbed a pile of white things from his pants…

“Good thing I have this….”

Plastic wraps…. This could somehow replace condoms, he had used them to wrap food.

That plastic wrap roll was almost used up, he put the rest in his pants, and takes one piece to wrap the gels.

This could keep the gels fresh.

If it weren’t for the fact that Li Ya Ling was being so horny right now, he wouldn’t have to use this method.

Just in case he wrapped many times around little Ling Mo than finally lifted Li Ya Ling’s leg.

It’s the first time, so Ling Mo’s pace was very slow, he’s afraid if he stimulates her she would use that stick sucking skill with her body….

After feeling something invading her body, her body contracted again. But under Ling Mo’s comfort, she felt relieved.

Not sure if it was because it was just too elastic, when he finally broke through the obstacle, he could hear a “PPUUU” sound come out.

However, it is really wasn’t a comfortable thing to use plastic wraps as a condom. Ling Mo quickly pulled little Ling Mo out, and noticed that there was a trace of blood on the top, and suddenly he was excited.


Unexpectedly, Li Ya Ling reached a climax with just one try, the remaining blood also came out.

Seeing this situation, Ling Mo quickly peeled off the plastic wrap after confirming it with his fingers that there was no blood.

This time I have to hurry and take advantage of this just in case her hymen recovers!

Zombies could probably recover that kind of injury easily!

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