My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 169

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 169 – The Counterattack From PAPAPA

TL: So this is definitely NSFW lol. About fucking time. 169 Chapters in.

As drywood encounters a raging fire, the entire bathroom becomes so intensely heated.

Ling Mo thought to himself, this senior sister of his was never really obedient, maybe I can use this chance by conquering her with the sounds of “PA!PA!PA!”(TL: suppose to the be sounds of sex apparently..I dunno just image it lol)  to make her submit!

However, it was easier said than done.

Whenever Li Ya Ling got excited, she would contract, and whenever she contracted, Ling Mo felt like he went to heaven… And Ling Mo didn’t know when the next opportunity would present itself, he could already feel that her hymen was healing already!

This is fucking too fast, and a sad reality!

On the other hand, Li Ya Ling was also physically stronger, she kept pressing Ling Mo to the wall making it hard for him to move around.

When this female advanced zombie became completely excited, she grabbed the ever so silent Ling Mo and threw him onto the ground.





The sounds between objects being bumped into and erotic humping sounds kept taking turns being produced.

Of course, the amount sounds Ling Mo made was unknown. In short, after about ten minutes, his previous ambition to conquer Li Ya Ling had been sucked away by a black hole.

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“It was naive of me to believe that i could conquer a girl zombie whose stamina and body quality was at least ten times better than me…”

The whole bathroom was messed up, you could only see that Ling Mo was tightly held by Li Ya Ling. The secluded hole below was like a gravitational pull, and she and Ling Mo were tightly connected.

During intercourse, there were several times Li Ya Ling had opened her red eyes and tried to take a bite of out Ling Mo, but due to their spirit connection, she wasn’t able to.

But even so Ling Mo was still careful and was ready to release his tentacles.

But just when Li Ya Ling reached her orgasm, Ling Mo suddenly felt a tremor, Little Ling Mo suddenly felt a heat. This heat went all the way inside his body.

The animal in him that was being suppressed all the time broke out and swept through his mind and body, the spirit ball turned even more red!

If the zombie saliva that Ling Mo used was a compared to a stimulant, than Li Ya Ling’s orgasm juice was like steroids that increased his power by a hundred times!

It was stimulating not only the rapid recovery of his physical strength and mental strength but instead also upgrading Ling Mo’s overall strength.

The upgrading process was slow, but Ling Mo could definitely feel it with his spirit power.

The wildness continually washed away the body and mind of Ling Mo, as if thoroughly stimulating his bodies potential, every pore in his body was opened and sweat kept coming out.

Ling Mo who wasn’t able to find a place to vent out all this frustration in his body, took the opportunity to hug Li Ya Ling’s slim waist and pushed her towards the sink and became the one on the offensive position!

The wildness was stimulating Ling Mo, and the both of them kept going wild. After his potential was stimulated, Li Ya Ling tried to struggle and take over control but wasn’t able to since they became nearly equally strong.

Ling Mo became even fiercer, ordinary girls couldn’t have been able to handle this, but this was just right for girl zombies.


The high frequency of humping made Li Ya Ling’s breasts shake continuously, the white skin revealed a light pick color.

When Li Ya Ling was once again excited, she opened her mouth and tried to bite Ling Mo again, The almost maddened Ling Mo quickly groped her towering peaks with his hands and stopped her attack.

Ling Mo finally stopped a while later and gradually awakens from his berserk, although he could feel that his body seemed to have undergone a slight change, when Ling Mo separated from Li Ya Ling, he immediately felt that his legs became weak and his waist was nearly broken….

“What the fuck is with this upgrade, didn’t even recover my full strength, this sucks…..”

But after seeing Li Ya Ling weak and lying on the ground with tiredness, he felt extremely satisfied.

If it weren’t for the juice that stimulated him and released his potential, helping him slowly increase his stamina, probably he would be the one lying on the ground.

When Ling Mo opened the door he saw Ye Lian and Shana playfully smiling at him. It seemed that they were curious and excited about Li Ya Ling’s “Punishment”.

The two of them still did not realize what had happened since they didn’t wake up this aspect, and when Ling Mo went towards them, they laughed and retreated to the side.

Shana pulled Ye Lian and smiled,” What do you want Brother Ling?”

Ye Lian actually stood behind Shana and looked at Ling Mo with curiosity, who was using his last bit of energy to put on his pants.

“Hey Brother Ling…., your combat power has weakened”

“Of course, if it didn’t get weaker I would be exhausted.”

“Ah, but…but she…she also…”

“That’s why I don’t have the energy to do something to you two even if I wanted to right now. You two bimbos come here and help me take Senior Sister out…”

He slowly walked to the bag and took out a bottle of water: “This, give her this to wash herself. And! Shana, if you dare torture her I will punish you!! The hair that just grew out really stung.”

But when she saw Shana taking Li Ya Ling out, he regretted giving her this task.

The smooth, shaved area and Shana’s evil smile….

“It wouldn’t sting you if it’s like this right? Why aren’t you complimenting me?”

After a busy night and having his potential released, Ling Mo was extremely exhausted, so he just hugged Ye Lian and Shana to sleep.

Li Ya Ling isn’t willing to lie on Ling Mo to sleep though.

In order to recover her stamina, she just sat on the bed and used her red eyes to look at Ling Mo….

Meng Jia Yu who was downstairs looked at the ceiling: “Am I imagining things? I keep hearing the sound….”

One of the survivors smiled and interrupted, “Is it Ling Mo and the in laws? Probably, haha…”

Meng Jia Yu felt her cheeks turn hot and cursed, “Bullshit!”

Ou Yang Lien who was on her bosom opened her eyes and asked: “What probably? Did something happen to big brother?”

Meng Jia Yu’s face turned even more red and quickly said, “Children should not ask about adult things! Go back to sleep.”

But when she looked at the ceiling again, her looks became a bit weird.

Would Ling Mo say yes to Guo Chao?? If he says yes, would that mean he would always stay with them?

Questions kept popping up, which made Meng Jia Yu frown..

When morning approached, Ling Mo’s hands were still grasping at Shana’s hips while he was lying on Ye Lian’s twin peaks with his back. A sound of a knock on the door suddenly stirred him awake.

“Shit..this is good, I was so tired that I didn’t put up any defenses.”

But just when he was getting up with his sore body, he looked at Li Ya Ling who was standing by the door.

After a day of rest she seemed to have fully recovered, it’s just it looked awkward when she jumped off the bed and walked.

Didn’t know if it because her hymen was broken or because the hair was shaved….

But Ling Mo predicted that the hymen should have recovered.

Although it’s a pain in the ass to have such a high self-healing ability, but it wasn’t the hardest thing, the hardest thing was getting rid of the exhaustion after committing the “PA!PA!PA!” movements.

As a man, Ling Mo also had ambitions!!

Maybe seven times a night might but too much but he should still be able to at least handle all of them at the same time!

Ordinary girls of course wouldn’t have been able to tolerate this, and Ling Mo wouldn’t have done this in the past, but the girl zombies wouldn’t have any scruples towards the idea of a foursome.

There is only one obstacle in front of Ling Mo, he needed to be strong enough….

The other problem was that he never wanted to use plastic wrap anymore to break the hymen, He wanted to use his own strength and fight to the bitter end!

“Why do I think my goals in life have become a little weird….”

Ling Mo quickly shook his head and put on his clothes.

After a night his stamina had increased, although his body felt sore, but his legs felt a lot lighter now, which made him really happy.

Ye Lian has already opened her eyes and looked towards the door.

Ling Mo started to think, oh right…..They all recovered their rationality and can also guard him, so he shouldn’t need to worry too much, He could relax a bit.

As soon as the door opened, a small figure flew into Ling Mo’s arms.

“Big brother!”

Ou Yang Lien hugged Ling Mo and looked at him with a smile on her face.

But Ling Mo realized this little girl lost a tooth. But this actually made her even cuter….

“HAHA, I lost my tooth today!”

She opened her palms and showed him the tooth.

Ling Mo tapped her head and said: “Nice! That means you’ve grown up!”

Ou Yang Lien was very solemn and nodded, “Yes! Well yesterday I said that I wanted to sleep with big brother, but an uncle said, I have to wait until I grow up. You see, I have grown up now, can we tonight? Sleep together?”

“Um….don’t listen to your uncle, he is a pervert.”

Ling Mo seriously said, and just when he was about to say “yes”, he suddenly thought that such a sweet and delicious little loli would be placed among the three female zombies. Could that really work?

So after hesitating for two seconds, Ling Mo whispered with a dark face, “I think it might better if we wait for you to grow up fully….”

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