My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 17


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 17 – Seven wooden sticks is waving gay tricks! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

The fact that Ye Lian also was staying, although made Shana doubtful, but one has to say that when they were evacuating, the calmness expression on Ling Mo’s face still stunned Shana’s heart very much.

As for other people’s thoughts, they were all different….

But after all, the fact that Ling Mo was risking his life to help voluntarily still touched a lot of people. A few people were even feeling guilty, and regretted to have thought Ling Mo as an outcast.

But the Ling Mo who was stayed while others ran, he never had those thoughts. To him, whatever others think about him, especially these useless people’s thoughts about him, they can totally be ignored. The most important thing is to do what he wanted to do, with no regret.

And of course the important thing is, is this is a life-threatening situation for Ling Mo?

The answer is of course a No! Ling Mo would not do something such as jumping off the cliff when there’s a tiger down there. No matter how much that hero complex develops, he will not go die in vain impulsively.

Until Shana and her people all disappeared, Ling Mo finally touched his nose, and moved into a mobile shop next door like a normal day of shopping.

When he just arrived here, a few zombies inside rushed out upon hearing movements, but they were soon cut down, with the corpses lying across in front of the door. Ling Mo kept Ye Lian outside, and he crossed over the bodies and stepped inside.

Since the outbreak until now, all public facilities have lost their functions, and communication is no exception. But Ling Mo is not looking for a normal cell phones, but a powerful, portable audio phone.

Fortunately, this mobile shop is not a franchise brand, it sells a wide range of brands of cellphones. Ling Mo found a couple of fully charged cell phones through the messy counter, then walked out with satisfaction.

Now he acquired audio equipment, if he just throws these onto the ground, some zombies will be attracted over, but it will not be enough to attract the entire street of zombies. And by doing so, it will be dangerous for himself. Imagine, as soon as the sound explodes, zombies from all around will be gathering over, Ye Lian will be fine when standing among the zombie crowd, but where can I run to?

Moreover, since I have already taken the initiative for the task, then I must do my best, otherwise it would be a waste for the ability I have.

Indeed, for an average person, a task like this probably has a failure rate of over 90%, but for Ling Mo, it is quite easy…

At first he carefully walked toward the street, used his zombie puppet controlling ability and controlled three zombies.

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However, since he did not know where Shana and those people were hidden, Ling Mo specifically chose a dead corner to prevent Shana and the others from seeing his power in action, and then he commanded those three zombies to walk to his side.”

“Come on, one for each person.”

Ling Mo smiled strangely, and distributed the cell phones to these zombies.

He specially selected strong young zombies, so they will be able to move faster later on.

After he took a look at the situation on the street, Ling Mo then controlled these zombies to hold the cell phones and go back onto the street. And he and Ye Lian went hidden at that dead corner, calculating the distance between himself and the zombie puppets.

Controlling three zombies all at once, presumably the distance will reduce, but after evolution, Ling Mo’s spiritual force has been quite different.

Thirty meters… Fifty meters… One Hundred meters… One hundred fifty…Three hundred!

Frowning, with a pale face Ling Mo wiped cold sweat from his forehead: “the limit is three hundred meters… and it’s in a state of almost out of control, but it is enough.”

Ling Mo then turned his look towards the hospital not far away and immediately planned something in his mind.

The linear distance between him and the hospital is at most one hundred meters….


Ling Mo controlled the two zombies trying to walk as far as possible to the other end of the street, and only stopped when his head was about to burst. The moment when one of the zombies pressed down the playing button, Ling Mo felt he almost fainted.

In the knockoff cellphones these days, there must be a song with a volume loud enough and a voice light enough!

After pressing the play button, there was a brief gap, then immediately a deafening sound burst out: “ Seven wooden sticks is waving gay tricks! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! “

With the music sounds, this zombie immediately dashed like an arrow straight to the hospital door.

The zombies that were wondering on the street almost immediately turned attention to these walking speakers, and soon their throats let out meaningless roaring sound, rushed up.

As Ling Mo have predicted, there were way too many zombies on the street, the zombie puppet did not even go through half of the road, it was already knocked down and the music quickly disappeared.

But it doesn’t matter, Ling Mo has already given up the control on this zombie, and the moment when the music disappeared, the second cell phone rang immediately.

The same music, same movements, but attracted even more zombies from a distance, and also brought those distant zombies over.

And now at about one hundred meters before Ling Mo, the road became almost packed with full of zombies!

When the third cell phone rings, the direction of the sound did not came from among these zombies, but at the hospital door!

While controlling those two zombies, Ling Mo has already controlled the third zombie to walk in front of the hospital door, and pressed down the play button when the second cell phone was destroyed.

A big wave of zombies rushed to the hospital, this site of spectacular scenes made Ling Mo who was observing through the perspective of the third zombie shivered for a moment.

These zombies are not like the ones in the movie, they are fast and fierce, and it gives off a very shocking and stunning feeling when the wave rushed over.

But as soon as the zombie crowd moved, Ling Mo immediately controlled the third zombie to run to the hospital.

And there was a large number of zombies inside the hospital, even though the third zombie was jumping right and left under Ling Mo’s control, but was finally completely stopped at the outpatient hall.

Living people would hardly have the experience of been chased by hundreds of people, and would not know the feeling when countless hands stretched towards themselves, let alone the feeling of watching himself being ripped off. But in order to delay as much as possible, Ling Mo must endure this kind of feeling inside that zombie’s consciousness.

Zombies feel no pain… this is really fortunate in the midst of sadness…..

And through the process, the cell phone was nearly knocked down to the ground for countless times, but Ling Mo at this time fully mobilized his spiritual power, relying on constantly changing the manipulating target and really dragged it out for several full minutes!

A few minutes are very short, but when among hundreds of zombies, a few minutes is enough to rip apart hundreds of people in an instant.

For Ling Mo, this is a great challenge for both the mental strength and the reaction speed.

As for Shana and those people, they are immediately shocked as soon as the music went on!

“This is like digging his own grave!” Shana gritted her teeth feeling extremely angry. She carried the long knife and dashed out from the temporary little house, and the others had no time to stop her at all.

But when she saw the scene on the street from a distance, she was immediately shocked!

The scene where hundreds of zombies running towards one direction, besides seeing it at the start of the outbreak of the disaster, was rarely encountered…. And it is impossible to think it was caused by human!

For a time, Shana is feeling both surprised and happy, but at the same also feeling worried!

But this is not the time to feel worried…. Backhanded slashed a few zombies behind the back that was attracted by the sound, Shana immediately ran upstairs: “It’s good, lets go!”

“This fast?”

“We can really pass?”

“Shut up, he put his life on the line to clear out the roads for us, lets hurry up!”

It’s not that there are no more zombies on the road, but instead there are some zombies attracted over that was hidden in the dark.

So the street is not entirely safe, but it’s just much easier to get past.

As soon as Shana and these group of people rushed onto the street, they did not see Ling Mo and they only paid attention to the fact that most zombies ran into the hospital.

Did Ling Mo and Ye Lian go into the hospital? Isn’t that suicidal?

Shana became very anxious, stomping on her foot, but she cannot just leave the people behind her on their own. While being stressed out, she saw Ling Mo who was covered in sweat ran out with the emotionless Ye Lian.

“Quick! Hurry! I’m at my limit!”

As soon as Ling Mo finished his sentence, then heard a big sound from the hospital, numerous glass debris fell through the second floor with a dozens of zombies at the same time. At the same time, the hospital door was completely crushed, a few zombies immediately noticed Shana and began charging right at them.


Shana also did not have time to ask, in this situation, even if she did not shout, these people will run for their lives.

Once pinned downed, they will fell into the death situation surrounded by hundreds of zombies!

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