My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 170

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 170 – Decision

When dawn came, it was already busy downstairs..

The survivors who had rested for a night got up early, cleaning the weapons or checking their luggage.

Ling Mo noticed that the guy who had lost his arm disappeared.

Seems like he didn’t make it, he probably showed signs that he would mutate so they probably got rid of him.

Ling Mo really admired this group of people and how they operated. They didn’t abandon their companions in battle but at the same time they would do what needed to be done in order to survive as a group.

The reason why they could have this kind of mindset was because of Guo Chao’s leadership ability.

It’s really important to have a good leader in a team.

For example Luo Heng, he wouldn’t be able to take control of so many people under his leadership. He was capable, but with his mentality and decisiveness, he could only be a leader of a small team. He wasn’t decision maker material.

At this time Guo Chao was pumping air into bikes, Ling Mo had no idea where he had gotten from. When Guo Chao saw Ling Mo, he let the others take over and walked to Ling Mo and asked with a smile on his face, “So, did you sleep well last night?”

“Um…..” Ling Mo’s waist was still a bit sore

“Not bad, it’s quiet here.” Ling Mo looked outside and asked, “Are you guys going out today?”

Guo Chao nodded and said, “Yeah, we are going a bit further to collect some supplies, and also do some recon.” Speaking up to this point, he revealed a look of expectation and anxiously asked, “Little Ling, about the things we talked about yesterday, what are you thoughts?….”

Ling Mo actually had already made his decision. It’s not a easy task for him to find the army or a biological research institute.

Plus Guo Chao was a civil servant, with him around it would be easier for him to talk to the army.

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Even though the armies probably wouldn’t trust him alot, but it’s still much better than an ordinary person.

Guo Chao should be good at socializing with people.

“I wish to confirm something, would there still be any survivors in that biological research center? Also would they really have the technical resources to do research on the virus as well?”

“Well, I’m going to be upfront with you. I don’t know much about this biological research institution. But it is built around the military region where all the important people resided in. That place was usually sealed, so I believe there are still a lot of people alive there.” His answer was very detailed, “As for the research you were asking about….I honestly don’t know much. But the professionals over there would know more than us for sure.”

After listening to his explanation, Ling Mo has gotten a more clearer idea of the situation.

If Guo Chao had bullshitted about it, Ling Mo would have given up his plan immediately.

Although he was a civil servant, but that didn’t mean he knew everything, it would be quite obvious.

Ling Mo is very satisfied with Go Chao’s attitude.

Ling Mo nodded “Ok, I’ll go with you guys”

Guo Chao suddenly showed a smile of joy. He is intelligent, he didn’t directly ask Ling Mo if he wanted to join their team.

He just wanted to work with Ling Mo, but never intended to ask him to stay.

Guo Chao should take the credit for developing the team to the way it is now. He also knew how it was like to have an ability user in the team.

With psychic powers, ordinary people with powers would no longer be considered ordinary. Who would the people listen to once they had different opinions?

There should only be one leader in a team, as for the cooperation with Ling Mo thats a whole completely different situation.

Meng Jia Yu walked in right at this moment, she was still wearing the cap, blood stains are all over her clothes, but she looked very energetic.

“Lien Lien , why did you come here so early, disturbing Brother Ling and the In-laws?”

She noticed Ou Yang Lien right away, who was grabbing onto Ling Mo’s clothes.

Ou Yang Lien smiled and ran to Meng Jia Yu making cute sounds, “Sister Jia Yu, I’m letting him see my broken tooth.”

Ling Mo waved his hands and said, “Don’t worry she didn’t bother me at all.”

Guo Chao looked at Meng Jia Yu and happily said, “Jia Yu, your cousin has accepted to work with us. For the next few days you guys should take the time to reminisce the old days.”

Meng Jia Yu thought there was really nothing to reminisce about, but she was still happy with Ling Mo’s decision.

But as a very sharp woman, she realized that something was weird about Li Ya Ling movements, she looked very suspicious, then Meng Jia Yu seemed to realize something.

The voices last night, and the way she stood…..

Meng Jia Yu suddenly blushed, she coughed to hide it, “In that case, do you want to go out with us today? You can also familiarize yourself with the environment.”

“Ok, sure.”

Ling Mo accepted without hesitation, he could also examine how good these people were at the same time.

Guo Chao naturally understood Ling Mo’s thoughts and clapped his hands, asking some of the survivors to come over.

These survivors were mostly young boys, Ling Mo took notice that several of them were the survivors who had turned back and risked their lives to save the ones that had been captured.

You could tell that they were the best of the best among ordinary people.

One of the survivors even made Ling Mo think he was a soldier in the past.

Guo Chao saw Ling Mo stare at a survivor and quickly introduced, “These survivors are the ones that were more capable, This one here is Old Wang and he his a veteran, was a security guard in this district.”

Ling Mo smiled and said, “Oh, nice meeting you”

They all smiled at Ling Mo, they seemed to respect Ling Mo a lot.

Meng Jia Yu seemed to be going as well, she had a foot long knife wrapped with a piece of cloth, but it had already turned dark red, she must of used it for while.

Yang Jia was also coming apparently, and after last night of chatting with Ling Mo, he realized that he was actually quite easy going, so he talked a bit more casually.

“Brother Ling, the other guys would like to say, let the in-laws stay here, nothing would happen to them.”

Just when he finished speaking, Shana waved her sickle, stepped up from behind Ling Mo’s back, the cold eyes gave Yang Jia great pressure, “I’m going with Brother Ling.”

Ye Lian didn’t say a word, but she moved closer towards Ling Mo to display what she wanted.

Even if they didn’t do this, Ling Mo wouldn’t leave them here.

He could only be away from his puppets for up to a thousand meters now, but that was his limit.

Ling Mo announced, “I’ll be taking all three of them with me.”

Guo Chao frowned after hearing this, but after looking directly into the eyes of the three girls, he felt a chill flowing up from his feet.

Would these three girls also be psychics as well? If they are, that would be a huge help!!

He looked at Shana, he had tried to use the sickle that she was holding onto in the past, he could lift it, but couldn’t use it like the way she did.

But her arms were very slim, he couldn’t understand where her strength came from.

Even though he felt a bit suspicious, but they all looked extremely powerful and since Ling Mo insisted, he could only nod and say, “OK then, you guys can get two bicycles. Oh yeah the police department is quite remote, the roads in that area are pretty good and there isn’t a lot of cars. Riding bikes would be a good choice since its quiet. This is best way that can save our energy.

“These bikes are….”

Guo Chao answered, “There’s a lot in the next house, there are lots of mountain bikes in there, the owner was probably owned a biking team.”

Seems like these people were fully prepared, it’s better to have something like this for ordinary people, it saved time and energy.

But this wouldn’t work in the cities.

What Ling Mo didn’t notice is that Meng Jia Yu kept peeking at Ye Lian and the other girls.

Ye Lian looked quite normal, Li Ya Ling’s eyes are cold like a snake’s, and Shana’s eyes are slightly red….

Meng Jia Yu asked, “What are the backgrounds of the In-laws and Senior Sister??”

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