My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 171

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 171 – Attack from the Mutant Dog


The sounds of the bicycle wheels turning was quite irritating in the silent night.

Of course this was only how the survivors felt, the wind that blew past them had actually covered the sounds.

Ling Mo is riding the bike with Ye Lian, while Shana was having a difficult time riding in a unbalanced way with Li Ya Ling, four of them are slowly following Guo Chao’s team.

Meng Jia Yu deliberately slowed down to meet up with Ling Mo and said, “Brother, there’s a mall over there, but our plans are to head towards the police department first. We figured that we will look for food and other survivors on the way back. This trip should be much easier than usual since we have you….”

Ling Mo nodded and said, “Sounds great.”

“Then let’s go.”

Apparently the survivors in this group previously lived in this area, so they knew the route pretty well.

They avoided a lot of the main roads and took mostly the smaller ones.

On one side of this little road is a small river, the other side had a wall, there were no zombies on the small road.

Meng Jia Yu said, “When we previously took this path, we had killed all the zombies on the road and then threw their corpses in the river.”

It seems like this team has been planning for this mission for quite some time, they just didn’t know the current situation inside the police branch.

After about twenty minutes, they went back on the big roads, probably due to it being closer to the mall, the number of zombies suddenly increased.

Ling Mo accelerated on his bike and used the Tang knife to slash towards the zombies that decided to welcome them.

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Half of the zombie’s corpse flew up in the sky and then dropped, blood and organs were flying everywhere.

Meng Jia Yu and the others didn’t dare try and copy Ling Mo, because it was impossible for them to do the same without Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles.

What they could only do was get off their bikes and greet the welcoming zombies.

However, the survivors had their own ways of fighting in close combat, Guo Chao and the other two survivors took out two pot lids from the bikes and used them as shields to block the zombies while Meng Jia Yu, Yang Jia, and the others used their knives and spears to stab the zombies on the stomach or face.

Even though the zombies were much stronger, they weren’t intelligent so they couldn’t come up with any fighting strategies, whenever they got close to people, they would attempt to grab them. But they would be blocked by the people using the pot lids. Obviously they wouldn’t give up and would continue to try and grab them.

After being attracted by the “bait”, a finishing move from the survivors would come and kill the zombie.

But after a few times, one survivor was killed. He originally shrank his head and half of his body behind the lid, but did not expect to encounter a zombie who wanted to rush from behind. It even crawled over a zombie that was in front of it and landed on top of the person’s head. The person immediately fell on the ground. The moment the person fell down, the screams started.

Even though Ling Mo quickly went over to kill the zombies, but the person’s face had already been consumed, the stomach had already been cut open by the zombie’s nails, even though the person was still struggling, he wasn’t that far from death.

Although the three zombie girls were powerful, they wouldn’t help and save the survivors.

While other survivors were self-sufficient, they wouldn’t have time to help others. Moreover, the moment a survivor fell down, it would be considered that he was already dead.

After the battle was done, Guo Chao walked to towards the guy with a gloomy face, he was nearly dead.

Guo Chao sighed with grief, stabbed the person right on the chest with a spear and said, “Rest in peace.”

All the other survivors looked sad. But they could only leave the corpse here.

Good thing is after sacrificing one person, they have finally reached the police branch.

Didn’t look dangerous from the outside.

There was a long wall with a door that had two lines of words which showed that the place was really the police branch. There was also a automatic door in the middle.

They could see the green area and a three story building facing the front door.

It’s actually quite big, but there probably isn’t a lot of people, if the survivors managed to run, there shouldn’t be a lot of zombies.

After resting a while outside, they started to go in.

There was usually a camera that controlled who came in and who came out but now it had become completely useless.

Everything felt quite normal on the way here, but the moment they stepped inside the building, it felt very creepy.

Besides Ling Mo and the other three girls, the rest of them were very alert.

There are some old blood stains on the glass door, there are bullet holes all around the lobby, one of the windows had broken into pieces.

Seems like some people managed to escape and even brought their own weapons with them.

It could also be speculated that a massive amount of zombies had been guided to the outside, but from the blood stains and uncomplete corpses on the ground it could be determined that there should be some zombies in here.

As expected, two zombies jumped towards from not so far away.

But Shana who was standing in the front, waved her sickle and cut off both of the zombie’s legs.

The two zombies tried to get up but were killed by Meng Jia Yu’s knife.

Shana was enjoying watching these zombies suffer, but when she saw Meng Jia Yu killing the two zombies, her eyes turned cold.

Ling Mo quickly pulled Shana over and said, “Don’t worry. You are at least her sister in law. Stop playing right now.”

Ye Lian also helped him, “Ya….play…play later….”

Ling Mo helplessly said,“You can’t play later either! And look at the way Senior Sister walks, give her a hand!”

Shana argued, “That’s because you punished her!”

“That’s not punish, she raped…no….it was because you shaved her hair!”

Ling Mo didn’t want to talk about this right now, but the way she walked is quite embarrassing, zombies should have good recovery ability…..

But it also might be because she is recovering, so that’s why she was walking like this.

And for some reason every time she saw Ling Mo, it felt like she seemed to concentrate her focus at a certain part.

Apparently zombies have very strong needs! But unfortunately I haven’t fully recovered my energy!

The people went deeper. There weren’t a lot of zombies, and the weapons room wasn’t over here.

After leaving from the back door is a dorm and a building that looked like it was heavily guarded,

There is also a track field and a gym, you could somehow see the equipment and basketball courts.

The veteran pointed at the building that was heavily guarded and said, “The weapons room should be there….”

“Ok, didn’t know it would be that easy, but still be careful….”

Just when he finished talking, a scream came out and when they turned their heads, a survivor has disappeared.

Ling Mo and the other three didn’t feel it, seems like the one attacking was able to hide its own aura.

Ling Mo took out his Tang knife and headed to the place where the sounds came from, the moment he turned a bloody scene appeared on the corner of the wall.

A mutant dog that seemed to be as tall as a human, had bitten off the survivor’s neck, the fur looked like thick needles, had red eyes, and the teeth is dripping saliva and blood making it look really cruel.

This should of been a police dog, but it has been mutated, it is easy for its body to handle the virus.

The police dog is ripping up its prey. When it heard something from behind, it turned around and jumped on Ling Mo.

Ling Mo quickly used his tentacles, but the dog is too strong so it wasn’t very effective.

Seeing a huge black shadow jumping on him, Ling Mo quickly stepped back and waved his knife.

But when he slashed the dog, it bit the knife and keep shaking its head to try to snatch the Tang knife.

“Stupid dog!”

This must of been something that it had been trained for before being mutated. But the strong pull from the dog gave Ling Mo a sore arm, if it wasn’t because he was using all his power to hold it, the knife would have been taken away.

He was able to exert this much power due to the battle with Li Ya Ling, otherwise he might of been on the ground as well.

For some reason, Ling Mo thought that this mutant dog was really weird , because when Ye Lian and Shana came over, it let go of the knife and ran.

Even though Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian were both agility zombies, but they still couldn’t compare to a mutant dog, it vanished in the grass and left a body


Guo Chao didn’t expect anyone to be attacked this early, his face turned gloomy again.

They were already very careful, but no one could imagine that a dog would appear.

Two people died, with Ling Mo’s group included, there are only eight people left.

Although it’s heartbreaking, but since they came here already, they can’t just give up.

Guo Chao pondered and said, “Let’s not waste the time looking for the mutant dog, it seems to be dangerous…..let’s find the weapons and we won’t need to be afraid of it. At least once Old Wang gets the gun, he can use it right away.”

But it’s not going to be easy to get there, the road was only three meters wide with tall grass on both sides.

If the mutant dog decides to attack again, it would be really hard to defend from that.

Ling Mo was actually aware that mutant creatures may attack zombies as well, so the three girls weren’t a hundred percent safe.

After all it’s not a snake, this thing bites right away. Ling Mo would feel sad if they got hurt.

Ling Mo looked at the saliva and blood on the knife and cursed in his mind,  “Stupid dog!”

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