My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 172

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 172 – The Shadow Hidden in the Dark

Walking through the narrow road that lead to the weapons room, everyone’s expression seemed nervous staring at the bushes on both sides of the road.

Even Ye Lian and the other two girls all had a murderous aura around them, Ling Mo had used the Tang knife to block his side while he had released all his tentacles, slowly moving forward.

The mutant dog seemed to be much smarter than the snake and to make matters worse, animals were better at hiding their presence.

But the dog hadn’t shown up by the time they reached the building.

Ling Mo couldn’t figure out why the dog didn’t attack, it should of been very tempting with so many people around.

Was it because it was afraid of the three advanced zombies in the group? This theory might actually be possible….

But what the others didn’t realize is that after they had entered the building, a shadow emerged out from the corner of the wall.

And behind the shadow were two mutant dogs.

“Use this to track them down, you guys should remember the smell right?”

The shadow touched the head of one of the dogs that had blood in it’s mouth. That dog was the one that bit Ling Mo’s Tang knife.

The dog growled with a threatening voice, but just after it growled, the sound became more lower and closer to wailing.

The hand looked gentle when it touched the dog, but the power that was exerted from the hand made the dog beg for mercy.

The way it’s quivering was as if it saw its leader.

“Have to thank that guy, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to upgrade thoroughly. But that guy is extremely powerful, we need to take this slowly. Um, I believe the human’s called it gradually?”

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After talking the shadow slowly walked towards the building with the two dogs tagging along.

At this time, Ling Mo and the others had slowly walked into the hallway, the weapons room seemed to be using a electronic secure system, but due to the apocalypse the door was completely opened.

There are a lot of bones over here, seemed like a lot of the police people had come back looking for weapons.

Unfortunately it took a while for humans to mutate into zombies, Even if a person or his friend had made it through the first phase of the apocalypse, one of them might of been wounded and the next second, mutated during the escape, and killed the people who were escaping with him or her.

Even if you took many precautions during the first phase, with the constant mutations, it was still hard to prevent it from happening.

Some of the places that had turned into refugee camps, became a slaughterhouse because you wouldn’t have known which member had mutated.

Obviously this didn’t always happen. If one had enough power, even if someone had mutated, they could still kill the person right away.

But for the majority of the people, this was a big disaster.

There weren’t a lot of zombies during the first phase, but for the following hours that came afterwards, the number of zombies became huge.

There is a lot of zombies in this building, there were even two advanced zombies here.

The zombies couldn’t launch a surprise attack, even though the path was pretty narrow, but with Ling Mo and the girls, those zombies could do no harm.

After leaving a bunch of zombie corpses on the ground, they had finally reached the weapons room.

Old Wang immediately started to look for weapons.

But most of the weapons were probably already taken away, or the amount of weapons were less than before, so they only found some rifles and pistols, with of course some bullets to go with the firearms.

These were actually enough for them, and in the parking lot there were also some military jeeps, the team actually had gotten a lot on this trip.

Guo Chao gave Ling Mo a pistol and some bullets as a payment for his services.

Even with the limited amount of bullets, Ling Mo didn’t mind accepting this payment. Since Old Wang is here, he would be able to teach everyone how to aim with the guns.

But no one is using the guns currently, only Old Wang loaded the rifle he had taken.

This place is so remote that a gunshot wouldn’t attract zombies. The others didn’t know how to use the guns and were afraid of hurting their comrades.

But just as everyone is picking their weapons, Yang Jia who was standing outside turned his head, a hand suddenly covered his mouth.

Everyone is already inside the room, who was the person that was less than three meters away from him?

Yang Jia was shocked and started to shiver in fear.

The next second after he had gotten dragged away, the hand also removed the rifle that Yang Jia had dropped so it wouldn’t make any noise.

Guo Chao put the rifle behind his back and excitedly said, “This mission is going pretty well, even though we lost two companions.”

With the weapons, they had a higher chance of going into places that produced food.

But this was all thanks to Ling Mo, if he wasn’t here, just the mutant dog alone would have caused them great damage.

Although they didn’t say it, but the way they looked at Ling Mo was with respect, which made him a little uncomfortable.

At this moment, Meng Jia Yu suddenly shouted, “Where’s Yang Jia?”

“Ya, where is he?”

But when they looked to the hallway they didn’t see anything but the zombie corpses on the ground.

“Did he go to pee?”

“Why didn’t he say anything? Let’s go take a look.”

Old Wang seemed to have grown bigger balls after he found a gun for his hands. He went to a room and looked, “No, not here.”

Ling Mo started to feel that something wasn’t right, he looked up and saw a stairway, “Did he go up?”

Another survivor paused for a second before walking towards the stairway, “I’ll go up and see what’s going on up there, you guys can wait here for me.”

He didn’t seem to feel afraid, it could be understandable that he felt this way since he believed that all the zombies in the building had been killed on the way.

And the mutant dog should be on the first floor even if it had sneaked inside, it wouldn’t have been able to go to the second floor.

The guy seemed to be brave on the outside but in reality he was also smart.

“Okay, then we will stay down here to take a look.”

There were lots of little warehouses on the first floor, even though most of them were empty, but it would be easy to hide a person in there.

When Ling Mo followed the others to check the other rooms on the first floor, he couldn’t help but take a peek at the second floor.

The guy had reached the second floor.

He looked very relaxed since it didn’t seem to be dangerous.

“Yang Jia!?” He tried yelling through the hallway but could only hear his echoes.

“Where the hell did this dumbass go….He didn’t need to go that far to pee….”

Just as he was walking down the hallway, he went past a room and heard something.


“Yang Jia?”

The guy pointed his rifle in front of him.

Just when he slowly opened the door with his gun, he moved his body so it would be hiding behind the door just in case a zombie was there, he would be ready and wouldn’t be rushed.

But looking through the little gap between the door and the wall, the scene in front of him shocked him.

Yang Jia’s eyes were looking at him, but the head and body had been separated.

There were two mutant dogs eating his organs, making the “baji” sound as they were chewing.

Fortunately, the two dogs didn’t seem to realize that he was there.

The guy tried not to tremble in fear, and slowly backed away, but within just two steps, he felt a sudden chill on his neck before a hand grabbed it.


The hand gripped tighter, and the guy suddenly lost his strength due to the lack of oxygen, widened his eyes, and started to make choking sounds.

“Ka Tsa”

With the sound of a neck cracking, the guy’s head tilted and the body slumped down, the hand let go of the body and reached for the feet and dragged the body into the room…..

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