My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 173

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 173 – A Call From Far Away

After several minutes, they had looked all over the first floor, but still didn’t find Yang Jia.

Ling Mo felt a bad premonition in his heart, why hasn’t the guy come back down yet?

“What’s going on? If there were zombies up there, they should of attacked already. If there’s nothing dangerous up there, why isn’t he down yet, or did he find something?”

Meng Jia Yu frowned, held her knife and prepared to go up.

Ling Mo hesitated before saying, “I’ll go with you.”

As usual the other three girls had also wanted to go, but Ling Mo thought about it clearly and decided to let Li Ya Ling and Shana stay. Even if something did happen, both groups would be fine at least.

There has to be someone guarding this group in case the mutant dog or zombies decided to show up.

Old Wang loaded the gun, looked at Guo Chao and both of them tagged along.

“OK.” Meng Jia Yu was surprised but she smiled.

From the eyes of Ling Mo, she could see that he was worried, and her heart felt a bit more stabilized

The second floor was where all the documents were kept, there were a lot of document binders scattered all across the floor with bloodstains on them.

Ling Mo and the other three went up and started to look around.

In the silent hallway, the only sounds were of them stepping on the documents or opening doors.

This atmosphere made people feel really uncomfortable.

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Immediately, Ling Mo and the others had reached a small door that was shut tightly.

Just when Meng Jia Yu was about to open the door, Ling Mo stopped her.

He pointed towards the bottom of the door. Meng Jia Yu looked and became shocked.

Blood was oozing through the gap of the door, from the blood they could somehow imagine what had happened.

After listening for a while and making sure nothing was going on inside, Ling Mo twisted the door knob.

When the door creaked open, the scene in front of them almost made Meng Jia Yu vomit, Old Wang’s expression became stiff.

Even Ling Mo frowned, only Ye Lian had remained calm, although she did take a deep breath to smell the scene.

The strong smell of blood was sealed tightly inside this room. When the room was opened, the smell immediately spread out, letting a strong bloody smell stimulate their noses. The scene in front of them challenged their tolerance level to withstand the horrific scene in the room.

A body was completely emptied out, the blood and flesh were all over the walls…

Ling Mo pulled himself back together first, immediately kicked open the remaining room’s doors.  

But there was literally nothing on the second floor.

You could tell that this was the masterpiece of the mutant dog, but they only finished eating and just left?

This wasn’t their habit!

Ling Mo felt that something was definitely not right, but he wasn’t able to tell what it was, he could only look at the empty hallway and the opened window at the end of the hallway.

Two people had just suddenly died, Guo Chao’s face turned very dark.

Old Wang was also frowning, even though had a gun in his hands, but the feeling of being under a spotlight while the opponent was in dark made him uncomfortable.

Upon reaching the parking lot, Old Wang inspected the armored jeep, then pulled out the remains of half a body and sat on the driver’s seat.

The sound of starting the car is pretty loud. Some of the zombies that were in the dorms had dashed out, but by the time they reached their target, everyone was already on the jeep and driving out of the police branch.

Although this time they had lost some people, but in return they got some weapons and a car. If you think positive, it was kind of worth it….

Only Ling Mo’s eyes looked complicated, no one could tell what he is thinking about.

He looked at the zombies that had started to chase the armored vehicle, and also couldn’t help but look at the building that was starting to fade away from their sights.

Immediately after they left, a person and two mutant dogs showed up at the front door of the police branch.

The pair of strange eyes that seemed lighter than before, with a wound on the neck that hadn’t healed.

The surface of her skin seemed like a layer of scales, which looked a little shiny.

This person is Half-moon, she looked at the two dogs behind and her while playing with a bullet in her hand.

Although she hadn’t taken any of the guns, but this bullet still really interested her.

“This time I won’t do anything impulsive, I’ll observer you first. There is a saying in the human language, you will always win if you know your enemy and yourself…”

After completely evolving into a zombie leader, Half-moon’s speaking ability recovered a lot, and it was as if she was trying to get used to talking. She seemed to like talking to herself, “In order not to harm Ye Lian, I can’t do things rashly. And that human is very weird, he looks like my race but his aura is like a humans…But I also somehow feel that there’s a familiar aura in this city, would it be someone of the same level as me? Weird, I never felt this way, but after I upgraded I started to have this feeling….”

“Wang Cai(TL: I think this is the dog’s name), if I can make a high level zombie obey me like you do, I would be able to capture the human and Ye Lian alive right?”

Half-moon frowned and turned to look at the center of the city and then looked towards Ling Mo’s direction again, “No need to rush, or else he will throw that poisonous liquid at me again….”

While talking she pulled her collar open and gazed at the wound Ling Mo gave her.

With the erosion of the snake poison, the wound kept healing and breaking apart, it seemed to be suppressing her ability to heal herself.

But due to this poison, all of her potential was pushed and she officially became a zombie leader.

When Li Ya Ling was bitten, there wasn’t a lot of poison injected into her body, but unlike her, Half-moon was inflicted by half a bottle of poison.

She was still currently under the influence of the poison.

Ordinary people would either die or be completely tortured by poison, but Half-moon didn’t seem to care about it as much.

It didn’t matter if zombies regained their ability to feel pain if they didn’t care about it!

The mutant dog Wang Cai kept sniffing, and then made a deep growl towards the direction Ling Mo and the group left in.

The growl didn’t sound like it came from a dog, it sounded like a wild beast.

“Remember this smell. This familiar aura is calling me…  Let’s go check it out.”

Half-moon threw the bullet up to the sky and caught it.

The next second she stepped out and ran ahead with joy.

The two dogs followed behind her, even though she wasn’t fast, the dogs would slow down from time to time as if they were afraid of surpassing her….

Old Wang drove the car and said, “It is so nice to drive a car again!”

Although zombies were fierce, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the cars.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the group was afraid of attracting even more zombies, they would have tried shooting the zombies for practice.

“But…. Yang Jia and them died too….”

Meng Jia Yu wanted to say that all these things were gained by the sacrifice of others, but she held back her words.

There was bound to be sacrifices for collecting food, not to mention cars and weapons.

Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian are sitting in the car looking out, seemed as if it was their first time experiencing a car.

They hadn’t fully recovered their memories yet so it was natural for them not to remember the feeling of riding a car.

Shana on the other hand was hugging her sickle, looking at the zombies by the road that had gotten attracted to the car sounds.

When the zombies heard the car, they all ran towards it.

To make things simple, Old Wang didn’t want to dodge the zombies, so he just drove right through them. Ordinary cars wouldn’t have been able to do this but a jeep was very effective.

“Bang!” a zombie was slammed away, when it landed on the ground, some of the other zombies stopped chasing them and started to eat the zombie on the ground.

When they almost reached the mall, Old Wang carefully drove into the shortcut that didn’t have any zombies, and then jumped off the car with his gun.

Ling Mo and the others also came out of the car as well. Their intentions are to look for other survivors while scavenging for food and supplies.

After jumping over the wall the crew went inside the mall.

Ling Mo was having doubts on whether or not there would be any survivors here, but after coming in he realized that it was a very good place to hide.

The warehouse and the shopping section were completely separated, they only connected with a door.

Guo Chao opened the door and said, “Let’s go find some food first, it would be great if there are any survivors here, if not then we have to go back.”

Ling Mo curiously asked: “You guys have never been here before?”

Guo Chao answered, “No, the food in the villas were enough for us, but if we wanted to store some more, we have to go to places like these.”

While talking, they have reached the shopping section of the mall.

The lights were dim, they could only see shelves and food that were scattered on the group with also a rotten smell.

Ling Mo noticed that there were some rotten vegetables, fruits, and eggs….

This was probably why it stinks so much here. There was also a lot of rice here as well, but it was contaminated by the smell so it probably wasn’t edible.

“Let’s carefully go inside.”

The people covered their mouths and noses before slowly walking in, Li Ya Ling was the last one that walked in while Ling Mo and Guo Chao were at the front.

Old Wang had his gun with him, but he would only fire it when it was necessary.

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