My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 174

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 174 – Number 202

TL: So i decided to switch sickle to scythe because the word could also mean scythe and plus it sounds cooler lol.

As Ye Lian’s tiger claw penetrated the corpse of a zombie, Guo Chao and the others immediately opened their backpacks and quickly looked around for supplies.

The lights were pretty dim so they were only able to throw into the backpacks whatever they could reach within their surroundings. As for whether the food they threw in was edible or not, they could only wait and see later.

“Guess that’s about it, if we move forward, there should be electronic goods next.”

Ling Mo had used Li Ya Ling’s vision to look forward and said, “Although this mall is large, but the only place where food could be found was only in this area.

“Lil Ling, it’s so nice to have you around. If it weren’t for you, I can’t imagine what might have happened to us.”

Guo Chao threw two bottles of water into his backpack and said.

Meng Jia Yu went along with a proud tone in her voice, “Yeah! If it weren’t for you and the in-laws, things wouldn’t be this easy.”

Old Wang is a taciturn person, but he still said, “Thank You.”

On the way back, Guo Chao suggested to go up and see if there were any other survivors here.

They were lacking people in their group and would need more people if they wanted to go explore the food generating base.

The second floor was much bigger, besides offices and warehouses, there are also lots of clothing stores.

The mannequins made the place look extremely creepy.

Meng Jia Yu asked, “Would there be any survivors here?” It didn’t look like a place where survivors would stay because it looked too creepy.

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Guo Chao said with a low voice, “It’s very likely, this area and the first floor are completely isolated, the only way to access this place is through the door or the elevator. Zombies wouldn’t know how to use elevators. As long as people took some time to clean it up, it would be a place where they could hide.”

Ling Mo thought of this possibility as well because he noticed that most of the clothing stores on this floor were in renovation so this place probably wasn’t opened to the public before the apocalypse.

So if that was the case, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of zombies roaming around in here.

After cleaning up a small number of zombies on the second floor, although it is only one wall away from the zombies in the mall on the first floor, it is actually suitable for hiding.

You would be able to get food in the same place and also have a place to retreat to.

Everyone held their breaths and looked very nervous as they walked through the path.

Right at this moment, Shana who was walking behind them suddenly turned and slashed her scythe, only to stop after reaching the top of a shelf.

“Come out.” Shana’s cold voice came out, Gou Chao and the others all stopped moving immediately.

“Don’t worry….”

A childish voice came from the shelf and a skinny tall teenager slowly walked out.

The top of the scythe was right on the top of his head, that guy would have died instantly if the scythe had gone any lower.

Her ability of controlling her strength made Guo Chao and everyone else shocked with amazement.

Ling Mo’s entire group was so strong!

This teenager was apparently a human, wearing a shirt that didn’t fit, and his skin looked a bit green probably due to the lack of sunshine.

He looked curious and turned towards Shana, “How did you know I was hiding here?”

Ling Mo thought in his head, “No shit she would find you, your just a ordinary human, while they are advanced zombies, Ye Lian and them all knew you were there, it’s just that Shana was the first one who took action.

However, there really were survivors here… Although there was heavy scythe above this youth’s head, he actually wasn’t scared and seemed to be absentminded. “I heard that you guys were looking for survivors, So lady, if your hands are sore from carrying that huge weapon, why not put it down. You would have killed me if wanted to. You look pretty, so I’m actually fine with it if you attack me.”

Ling Mo started to think that this youth had a screw loose in his head. Shana’s aura was no joke, it had some killing aura in it.

The teenager noticed that Ling Mo was looking at him and said, “Don’t look at me like that, I don’t have any mental problems.”

You do look like one….

“Where are your partners?” Guo Chao isn’t in the mood of listening him bullshit.

Ling Mo quickly moved Shana over in case she really attacked him.

That teenager seemed clever, he’s also very calm, but he didn’t know that his calmness almost cost him, his life.

The teenager pointed at a place on the second floor with a crowbar and said, “Come with me.”

Meng Jia Yu asked, “Um…Aren’t you interested in what we are up to?”

He responded without turning his head, “You guys have guns, a powerful and beautiful lady, and the rest of you must also be just as powerful as well… There’s honestly no point in asking you guys. I would need to take you guys there eventually. By the way I am number 202.”

“What a weird name…”

“It’s not a name, it’s a number.”

Ling Mo was going to ask something else, but 202 has already vanished into the dark, so they could only follow along.

He had met many survivors, but this was the first time Ling Mo had met someone like him.

The way he behaved and talked was kind of weird.

Guo Chao on the other hand is really excited, because it was great news to have people joining their group.

He wasn’t worried about whether or not it was a trap since he had Ling Mo with them.

But as they reached the warehouse, Guo Chao became very disappointed, he had thought that there would be at least five or six people, but there is only three of them with 202 included.

There is a half bald middle-aged man and a woman who looked experienced. She is wearing office clothes but instead of heels, she swapped them out with sneakers making it look kind of weird.

The youth didn’t say anything and just opened the door.

The two people were sleeping, there is food all around them, they immediately woke up after hearing the door open.

“Why do you go out everyday 202…?”

When the woman finished talking she jumped up right away when she saw the other people.

The bald guy also stood up and had grabbed the knife.

“Who are these people 202?”

“I don’t really know myself.”

The bald guy seemed to be use to 202’s attitude, he looked at the group and asked, “Sorry, you guys are….”

Guo Chao immediately pulled himself together, even though there were only three people and they all seemed weak, at least it was better than nothing.

They had lost four people this time.

After Guo Chao explained why he was here, the woman immediately ran towards them and said, “That’s great! Of course I’m willing to follow you guys! It’s so depressing here!”

“I’m just going to be upfront with you guys. If you join our group, everyone is obligated to pull their own weight. Moreover the place that we must go to is also quite dangerous, but if all goes well, we might not need to take that kind of risk for a very long time.”

Although Guo Chao wasn’t satisfied with these three people, he still informed them of their plans.

The woman hesitated after listening to what he said, the bald man also seemed to be hesitating as well.

Even though they felt depressed staying here, at least they would be able to keep their lives. But if they went with Guo Chao, there was no guarantee for staying alive….

202 on the other hand said, “It’s too boring staying here with you guys, it’s more interesting seeing the zombies down there. I don’t care if you guys are going to follow them or not but I’m going with them.”

Ling Mo curiously asked, “Why are you interested? Aren’t you afraid of them?”

“Well this…Zombies are much simpler to understand, they only want to eat me. As for people, I’m not sure what they want to do to me.”

“Probably no one wants to do anything to you….”

“Injecting needles into me, making me take medicines, and those nurses with the nice white thighs never showed me anything, they told me the nurses would reveal some special parts on their body, but I’ve never seen it….”

202 sighed and said. His tone sounded serious, it is difficult to tell whether he joking or being serious.

Ling Mo frowned, “There is no such things as the nurses with the nice white thighs and they would never not wear any pants to show you those special parts, those type of nurses only appear in certain type of movies. Where the hell did you come from?”

202 laughed and turned to the bald guy, “Hey baldie and Sister Yu, if you guys don’t follow along, how long do you think the food will last?”

His one sentence woke-up the bald man.

There were actually more than three people in their team in the beginning, but in order to come here, some of the people died on the way.

Besides 202 being capable, the other two purely survived due to luck.

The food would be able to maintain them for a while, but it would all be consumed afterwards.

The bald guy shook his cheeks and said, “Okay! I’ll go with you.”

The woman immediately said, “I’ll go with you guys as well!”

It was impossible for her to survive by herself.

But she still had doubts about the capability of Guo Chao’s team, she was even planning on persuading the other two to leave the group if things went south.

Since they made the decision to leave, Guo Chao gave the command to collect all their food.

As they headed down, the bald guy and Sister Yu looked extremely nervous, they seemed to have a strange smell coming from them, making Meng Jia Yu frown.

202 looked very excited, he followed along behind Shana, and kept sticking out his hand, as if he wanted to touch her scythe.

Shana’s attitude towards him was really cold though, and even showed a bit of annoyance, but that didn’t stop him. He seemed to be very interested in this group of people.

202 didn’t seem like he was very reliable, but he was a very calm and abnormal guy.

After walking through the door, a zombie that probably got attracted to the zombie corpse that they previously killed, saw them and dashed towards them.

202 didn’t panic at all, he just pulled the door towards his direction and made the zombie’s hand get stuck.

He might not be as strong as the zombies, but he had his own ways with dealing with them, he used his leg to step on the wall as leverage.

At the same time, he stabbed the zombie with his crowbar and said, “Too bad I couldn’t stab it’s eyes….”

It wasn’t really effective, Ling Mo walked towards the zombie and stabbed it right in its belly and then pulled it out.

202 stared at Ling Mo before saying, “Wow, you have really good aim.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, that’s because of my puppet skills.

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