My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 175

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 175 – Mind Storm

With the addition of 202’s group, the group as a whole became a bit more lively.

Sister Yu’s real name is Yu Lan, she was an accountant in the mall, while the half bald guy whose nickname was “baldy”, worked as a ordinary warehouse manager.

Both of the could still be considered quite useful. After getting a hold on the food production place, Yu Lan can help keep track of food inventory as well as make plans for the future. As for baldy, since he was strong and had experience in managing, he could help the base.

On the other hand, 202’s only trait that was good was that he was always calm, but unfortunately no one knew whether he was going to be useful or not…..

“Don’t look at me like that, you guys can rest easy, I won’t turn into a freeloader.”

It was as if 202 could look at a person and be able to read their minds.

Meng Jia Yu, who was sizing him up, coughed embarrassedly and said, “Then you need to tell us what you are good at or we won’t know what kind of task to give you.”

Baldy replied with a hint of proudness, “202 is really something, he didn’t originally belong to the mall, he had came here after the apocalypse happened. You guys might not understand this but he’s a psychic.”

These words completely shocked Guo Chao, even Ling Mo couldn’t help but take a second look at 202.

This teenager who looked closer to a mental patient is a psychic? But it didn’t look like he had any special abilities when he was attacked.

Ling Mo curiously asked, “What kind of superpower do you have?”

202 looked at Ling Mo with surprise and then revealed an expression of realization, “You must be a psychic as well since you asked me, What is my superpower? My superpower doesn’t always work, it really irritates me, tell me yours. And is the girl beside also a psychic? Since we’re all psychics, can we be friends? Can I play with that knife? Is your gun real?”

“OMFG Can’t you shut the fuck up?”

Guo Chao’s gloomy face faded away after he realized that this guy is a psychic, although he was quite annoying.

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The jeep is really useful, Old Wang is bumping away anything that was on the road, he seemed to be enjoying it.

Ye Lian and the other two girls also seemed to be enjoying it as well.

Ling Mo was thinking, probably in a high level zombie’s eyes, ordinary zombies were no different than prey.

Who knows what they think after promoting even further. The zombie hierarchy seemed really cruel.

When the jeep had finally reached the villa, some people came out, Ling Mo looked up and noticed that the people on the second floor were all fully alert and by the window.

“Big Brother!”

Ou Yang Lien quickly shoved aside all the survivors beside her and rushed towards Ling Mo.

When Ling Mo kneeled down, his cheeks received a big wet kiss.

“You guys are finally back!” Ou Yang Lien smiled at Ling Mo and looked around, “Where is Yang Jia and the others?”

After she asked that question, sorrow started to spread out from everyone.

Ou Yang Lien isn’t stupid, she suddenly felt helpless.

The people who showed up surrounded Guo Chao to hear what he had to say. After listening to Guo Chao’s brief narration, they all couldn’t help but feel depressed.

It was natural for people to die during supply runs, that’s just the way it was, you could never know what would happen during the mission.

“If it weren’t for Ling Mo, it would of been worse.”

“We might not have even been able to get the weapons….”

“Stop this, for all of us that strive to survive, there obviously would be some casualties.”

After seeing people whispering, Ou Yang Lien embraced Ling Mo’s neck and asked, “Big Brother, did it hurt when Yang Jia and the others died?”

Ling Mo started to think back at the scene in his head and thought to himself, “Would it have hurt?”  

He replied, “No, it wasn’t painful…it was just like falling asleep.”

“Ok” Ou Yang Lien nodded, Ling Mo didn’t really know how much she understood in this reply.

Seeing the atmosphere being kind of depressing, Guo Chao told some people to take out the things as well as introduced the new members. “This is Yu Lan, baldy, and this is 202, he is a psychic…”

Guo Chao’s tone was a bit different when introducing 202, seemed as if he was afraid of psychics.

Luckily, 202 wasn’t the type to behave in a condescending way, plus too many people had just died, with all those factors in play, he had to accept 202, but most importantly he could use him as a balance in power against Ling Mo.

Regarding this, Ling Mo hadn’t really shown much concern about it. He understood that Guo Chao was a born bureaucrat, it was quite normal for him to want to secure his position in the team.

202 didn’t seem to be interested in the other survivors, his only attention was towards Ou Yang Lien.

Ou Yang Lien was also looking at him probably due to the way he had put his hands inside his pockets, making it look a bit too casual.

“Little girl, don’t look at me like that, I prefer mature woman, it would be even better if they were older than 25 or 26….”

“Cut the crap! Can you not tell the children what type of girls you like!

202 talked so fast that it gave people the idea that he was mental in the head, Ling Mo quickly took Ou Yang Lien and brought Ye Lian and the other two girls inside the house.

The survivors began to carry the things off the car, baldy had joined them as well, while Yu Lan stood beside Meng Jia Yu and asked her about the situation of the team.

202 is still looking towards Ling Mo’s back while rubbing his hands.

As they had succeeded in getting the weapons, in the evening as they were dining in the dining room, Guo Chao briefed everyone on the plan to explore the food production base.

“We are going out of the city to the food generator base through the high tech district. If there is an army we will try and contact them. Moreover, we will also need to go to the biological research institute to see if there are any survivors, maybe they would know more about the virus and hopefully have a vaccine for it so we wouldn’t need to be afraid of being bitten by zombies. But the possibility of that happening is very low so don’t put too much hope on it.”

Even though Guo Chao kind of killed the buzz, everyone was still discussing it with excitement.

Ling Mo was hiding in a corner hugging Ye Lian and eating porridge at the same time. He began to contemplate about the plan.

He was scoffing at the idea of finding a vaccine, but if they could find more information on the virus and its features that would be great since it was extremely important to Ling Mo.

This was also why he was willing cooperate with them in the first place.

But at this moment, Ling Mo suddenly felt like his mind was suddenly tied up by something, and Shana sitting next to him suddenly sat up straight.

Ling Mo frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Shana’s red eyes stared at the group of survivors and said, “I suddenly felt like my mind was being drilled, but it disappeared instantly right after.”

Should of been rejected due to my spirit connection….Could it be another spirit type superpower?

Ling Mo looked towards 202, and he looked right back, when their eyes met each other, he immediately waved his hands and said, “Hello…”

Could he be a spirit type psychic? Could he drill into people’s minds acting like some sort of search function?

Ling Mo’s eyes looked cold, no matter what the intention was, he needed to dish out some punishment for this type of behavior.

There would be many chance since they were all under the same roof.

When he noticed 202 walking out the back door, Ling Mo also followed along.

It looked as if 202 was coming out to pee, but just as he took his pants off, a person appeared behind him.(TL: Surprise motherfucker – Instant buttsex lol)

Ling Mo tried to grab him by the neck but his head suddenly felt as if it was being poked by a needle and his vision became blurry.

Even though he had quickly released his tentacles, he was still affected, by the time he pulled himself together, 202 was already 5 meters away from him.

202 patted his chest and said, “Lucky me, that was so close, this time it worked.” He looked at Ling Mo with a proud smile and asked, “Why did you come out to peek at me?”

“You…” It was the first time Ling Mo had ever met a person with such a special superpower. His puppet ability seemed to be suppressed by it.

But luckily Ling Mo had a strong spirit power, so although Ling Mo lost the encounter, he was still okay, while 202 on the other hand, although he looked happy, his face had turned pale, apparently he had overused his spirit powers and it had backfired on him.

“You really are powerful, every time I had used my powers so far, they would always be very effective, but it didn’t seem to work on you, and I somehow injured myself in the process.”

202 rubbed his temples and his steps seemed to look unstable.

Ling Mo took the opportunity to run in front of him and choked his neck, “What did you do to Shana?”

202 struggled a bit and said, “Don’t….don’t worry….I…I just…..was curious about you guys, I have no bad intentions. Could you let go of me first?”

Ling Mo’s grip became even tighter, “What is your Superpower?”

“Mind…..Mind Storm….”

No wonder, that strike in his head must be the mind storm….but 202’s spirit power isn’t that powerful so it wasn’t that effective on him otherwise, he would be a very strong psychic.

Just when Ling Mo decided to get rid of this potential threat, he realized that his spirit ball seemed very weird….

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