My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 176

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 176 – Are You Tired After Having A Foursome?

An ordinary human spirit ball is usually very active. Even if Ling Mo was only observing the ball, he still needed to put in an extra amount of effort.

To get a closer idea, it is as if he was putting his spirit tentacles in a blender, if he is even a bit careless, his tentacles could be minced up and he might get injured.

Therefore, it is completely impossible to control human beings, and the difficulty of controlling high-level zombies is quite big.

Unless it was like Ye Lian and Shana who had both established a spirit connection very early and also had grown with him. Or like Li Ya Ling, who he took advantage of when she had passed out.

But as for a zombie leader, he would have to beat them completely stupid until he could fully control them.

But 202’s spirit ball seemed as if it was defected and almost in complete chaos.

I don’t really know if it’s because of his superpower that caused it, or if it was his own personal defect.

This sort of explained why his superpowers only worked sometimes. There’s a huge defect in his spiritball and since his superpowers is also related to his spirit….

“Cough* Cough*.. Hey big brother, I was only just curious….”

It’s uncomfortable being choked, his legs had already begun kicking.

“I’ll kill you if this ever happens again.”

Ling Mo frowned and let go of 202, and threw him on the ground.

After landing on the ground he groaned with pain, apparently Ling Mo wasn’t joking.

202 patted off the mud on his body, “I understand, I don’t want to die right now, I haven’t found my mature woman yet….”

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Ling Mo sneered and said, “Curiosity will get you killed, if you have some much time to be curious, you should spend some time in taking care of yourself. With your condition, having such abilities might actually be harmful to you. I think maybe even ordinary people have a chance in making your superpower backfire.”

“Don’t worry about it, you must think that I am mentally ill? But if your thinking that, you’re terribly wrong, I just think too much, and my head can’t contain all my thoughts.”

202 waved his hands and said, “I had thought that you guys wouldn’t have found out so I did it, since I failed, I obviously wouldn’t do it again. Don’t worry, I will keep following you guys until you tell me what your ability is and if the other girls are also psychics.”

“I’m really regretting it, I want to kill you now….”

At night Ling Mo’s group was arranged to stay in Shana’s old room.

But he was extremely embarrassed, because he had noticed that the bathroom had been cleaned….

Did anyone see the plastic wrap?

When some of the survivors gave him a weird smile, Ling Mo felt awkward.

Should have thrown that away! But you guys are also way too nice, was it really necessary to clean up a place that we were all going to leave from soon?

Naturally they did this to show respect and goodwill to Ling Mo…

Li Ya Ling sat at the end of the bed and stared at Ling Mo, it made his body stiff.

However it maybe because Ling Mo was stimulated by the juice and had shown great prowess that gave Li Ya Ling a fresh memory and stopped her from jumping onto him.

Ye Lian on the other hand kept leaning on Ling Mo’s chest and begged him to help her increase her fighting power.

Obviously Ling Mo wouldn’t refuse her, but when Ling Mo started to rub her twin peaks, Ling Mo had actually also used his spirit tentacles to observe her spirit ball.

In the previous battle, Ling Mo felt that the spiritual fluctuations of Ye Lian were somewhat unusual. At this time, it is even more so.

Probably the physical pleasure, stimulated the spiritual state of Ye Lian, and in the excitement, her mental power became more concentrated.

“Could it be that being stimulated can help promote her to a higher level? No, this looks more like the virus has gotten more concentrated…”

Ling Mo became puzzled, if all of the virus became concentrated in one area, wouldn’t that mean the rest of the body and blood wouldn’t contain the virus?

This is impossible as well, even though most of the virus is gathered at the back of the brain like a pebble slowly condensing to become a gel, there is also quite a lot of the virus throughout the body, especially in the blood.

The juice(TL: aka orgasm, if you still don’t know that word then you are obviously too young to be reading this.) and saliva has an extremely low amount of the virus, the amount is so low that it wasn’t a threat towards Ling Mo.

He is on the right path of becoming immune to the virus, although it was just the beginning.

“Guess I still have to capture a high level zombie and dissect it in order to test out my theories.”

Ling Mo thought that the two advanced zombies that he had encountered at X City University in the past should have just advanced at that time. The gel in their brains, except for being pure, did not undergo any qualitative change at that time.

If he really wanted to do some research, it’s probably better if it’s a zombie leader, like Half-moon….

Ling Mo didn’t expect to kill her with the half bottle of poison, but the amount and quality of the poison was so high that it must have caused her some problems.

Nevermind, it’s probably better if she didn’t show up anymore, plus the possibility of running into a zombie leader is extremely low, we could only wait and see.

I can only put my hopes on the biological institute.

Just as he was thinking, Li Ya Ling suddenly jumped towards him and her hands had started to reach into his chest.

“Um? You want gel? Didn’t I give you some already?”

“I….I want….”

“Um, you want the mutant beast’s gel?”

Ling Mo didn’t know what to do with this hand that was on his chest.

After being poisoned by the snake, her behaviors became a bit weird, she had a strong desire to eat the gels that came from mutant creatures.

But before Ling Mo was completely sure that zombies could consume these gels without any issues, he didn’t want to let her eat it.

He thought for a bit about the zombie puppet he had used as an experiment and seemed to remember that nothing bad had happened to it…

“Nevermind, since you begged for it, it should mean that it’s okay for you to consume. But you better not become a mutant beast. I don’t want to get up early just to find out that you turned into a half-human and half-snake.”

Ling Mo had carried this on him all the time, it’s been wrapped in several layers so there was no need to be afraid that it might touch his skin.

Maybe due to Ling Mo taking good care of it, when the gel was taken out, it seemed to look alive with it’s shiny red color.

Li Ya Ling couldn’t help but open her mouth and waited for Ling Mo to feed her.

Shana came and asked, “Can I also eat this?”

Ling Mo quickly put the gel inside Li Ya Ling’s mouth and turned to Shana, “Stop fooling around, since Senior Sister is dying to eat the gel, it means that she really needed it, You obviously don’t need it yet, you can’t just eat anything you see.”

“Then tell me this, I think you look delicious Brother Ling, so does that mean I can eat you?”

“Sure, once you learn how to not bite people, I got a special thing for you to eat.”

Just as he was flirting with Shana, he felt a sudden chill.

When he turned his head, Li Ya Ling is sitting on his body with her eyes red.

In the darkness of the night, the eyes looked even brighter. For a split second, Ling Mo felt as if he saw the snake.

“It can’t be, even if consuming the gel, it’s not possible for the snake to come back alive.”

As Li Ya Ling was being attacked by the virus, Ling Mo also felt a prickling pain in his body.

Before when Ye Lian and Shana evolved, the biggest advantage he got was that his mental strength increased, but when Li Ya Ling ate the mutant creatures gel, he felt that his body got affected.

A prickling pain and a refreshing feeling alternated like a storm, Ling Mo couldn’t help but clench his teeth.

Li Ya Ling also looked as if she was struggling, her hands were on Ling Mo’s chest.

If people saw this, they probably might think that they were doing something sexually…

This didn’t last long though, after about ten minutes, Li Ya Ling was exhausted and lied on Ling Mo’s body.

Her pupils seemed to have undergone a change when looking through her eyes.

The sharp, wildness and cruel vibe had become more clear, and her body had become more softer.

Not sure if the virus in her body had completely merged with snake poison…

If that was the case, Ling Mo could give her the rest of the poison that was in the bottle.

Ling Mo is breathing hard as he was watching Li Ya Ling mutate and feeling his own changes.

He lifted his hand and tried gripping it.

It’s not much more powerful, but it did feel a lot lighter.

But there’s no use of it being lighter! If he had instead gotten stronger, there would be a better chance for him to achieve his dream of having a PA!PA!PA foursome!

Of course, Ling Mo understood that being lighter would increase his speed which would be very useful in fights.

Even if it’s only a little bit, when you are fighting with your life on the line, 1 millisecond could determine the outcome of the battle.

“Wow.. I wonder what kind of boost the gel of that mutant dog could give Senior Sister, but then again it doesn’t contain any poison, so it might not be that effective. But at least the bottle of snake poison should be somewhat effective.”

After a night, Ling Mo’s spirit power had fully recovered.

When he jumped off the bed, he felt that his stamina had increased as well as his agility.

Even though it’s not like he could walk noiselessly, but he did become a lot lighter and much faster, which would be even more helpful in fights.

“Right now if 202 uses his mind storm on me, I could probably push it back and make him become a retard.”

When he went downstairs, Guo Chao was commanding the other survivors to pack things into the car.

All the food and weapons were stockpiled into the car.

Meng Jia Yu had gotten a SUV out of nowhere, even though it couldn’t run over anything like the jeep, but it was still useful.

However, the front of the car has been dented inwards a bit.

The cars have been filled with oil, and there was also one barrel of oil on each side of the car. They seemed to be very prepared.

Ou Yang Lien had dragged a long sword and was running towards the car, but was grabbed by Ling Mo by the collar as she passed by.

“Don’t play with, give it to me.”

“HAHAHA, thank you big brother.”

Meng Jia Yu jumped off the SUV and waved her hands, “Good morning Brother and In-Laws.”

Ling Mo gave Guo Chao the knife and smiled, “Good Morning.”

When the rest of the people saw him show up with the other three girls, they all turned their heads and greeted as well.

202 who was squatting and looking at the jeep, looked up and smiled at Ling Mo, “Good morning, are you tired after having a foursome?”

“I will kill you….”

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