My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 177

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 177 – Danger on the Street

It was about a half an hour ride from the Yi Yue district to the high tech area.

The roar of the engine attracted the zombies that were on the side of the road to rush up towards the cars.

Fortunately, the military jeep was of good quality, although it had rammed through multiple zombies, it was still not damaged.

Shana stood at the rear of the car, waving the scythe, killing any zombies that tried to jump on to the car.

The zombies that tried to jump from the side were tightly guarded by Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling, while the other side had 202, who was actually pretty good fending off the zombies, and also a survivor who barely blocked the zombies that were on their side.

Old Wang is a skilled driver, he would randomly accelerate in order to get rid of the zombies on the car.

But one time a zombie landed on the hood of the jeep and kept attempting to grab the rear view mirror to climb to the top.

Old Wang’s view is almost completely blocked, Ling Mo quickly poked his body out of the car sideways and shot the zombie consecutively with two arrows.


Shana sincerely praised, “Oh, Brother Ling, you got better aim now.”


This made Ling Mo embarrassed, he remembered that he had almost shot Meng Jia Yu in the head before.

Ling Mo said, “Unfortunately there isn’t enough arrows, otherwise we could kill even more zombies.”


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Guo Chao replied, “Save those arrows, there might be mutant creatures over there.”


He is sitting on the passenger seat, holding a short knife close to him in case zombies tried to attack him.


Although the current situation seemed somewhat critical, but generally speaking it wasn’t too dangerous. But as the zombies started to increase as they passed by, it all of sudden turned dangerous.


Although a lot of zombies were crushed or pushed back to the ground, the SUV that was following behind, would crush over the bodies, which made its speed a lot slower, allowing dozens of zombies to jump them.


Even though SUVs are much taller, but with dozens of zombies attempting to jump on top of it, eventually some were able to, there is already 7 or 8 zombies on top of it.


Yu Lan and Baldy were both in that car, they were both trembling with fear.


Other than Meng Jia Yu who is driving the car calmly, the other survivors faces all had turned pale. They kept using their weapons to poke and push the zombies away.

Ou Yang Lian covered her eyes and sat on the seat not daring to move.

But as the zombies became more and more, the SUV started to lose its balance and even started to swerve.





Yu Lan was shouting the loudest, a survivor lost their patience and scolder her, “Shut the FUCK UP!”

Baldy was also scared to death, but he bit the bullet and took out his knife and started to stab the zombies.


The purpose that they had originally planned for the SUV was to carry some food and most of the survivors, they didn’t expect for this to happen instead.

Even Ling Mo had believed that the jeep would of taken the majority of the dangers due to it being the front car.


Seems like it’s hard to be fully prepared if you have never experienced it before.

Ling Mo frowned and said, “The car behind us is in danger.”


Guo Chao started to become nervous, there was no way for them to stop under this kind of circumstance.


Guo Chao asked loudly, “What should we  do…., can they make it?”


Ling Mo thought that it would have been fine if both cars were jeeps, But right now the SVU is covered with zombies, and its swerving from time to time….


“Kong Dang!”


A sound of the window breaking burst out from behind, Ling Mo frowned. Immediately a scream followed from the back.


Old Wang immediately asked, “Should we stop?”


It’s impossible to stop, but Guo Chao’s silence made Ling Mo feel that this guy isn’t so great after all…


Afraid of death? After thinking for a while, Ling Mo remembered that he was also the last one who had ran back to save the others when they had first met….


This guy is definitely talented, however Ling Mo didn’t feel so good about this guy anymore.


If he didn’t make a decision now, the zombies will bury them soon.


Not to mention there was also Meng Jia Yu and Ou Yang Lien in the SVU.


“Honk! Honk!”


Ling Mo shouted twice, seeing that Old Wang looked at Guo Chao, and Guo Chao still kept silent, Ling Mo got pissed.


At this moment, Ling Mo didn’t dare use his bow and arrow since the distance is too far.


He pulled out the pistol, Old Wang had already taught him how to use it.


Pistols were easier to use for ordinary people.

After opening the safety and loading the gun, Ling Mo pointed to the sky and pulled the trigger.




The gun sound immediately drowned out the screaming and the zombies turned their attention towards them.


Even though the recoil made Ling Mo’s arms change directions, he was still able to pull off several shots afterwards.


Old Wang also gritted his teeth and began to honk as well.

With the continuous multiple loud sounds, it finally allowed the zombies to turn their attention completely to the military jeep in the front.


And at the same time more zombies came surroundings.


“Drive on the middle of the road!”


Ling Mo put down his arms.




A zombie didn’t know that he jumped from a few floors, but he actually slammed the rear part of the car, and the blood immediately splashed out. Although Ling Mo turned his head in time, he was still splashed with blood. The car had also shook.

“You did it!”


After seeing hundreds of zombies jumping towards the jeep, Guo Chao looked terrified.


Even he didn’t see anything like this before.


“We aren’t afraid of shit! Wasn’t this car made to run over things? Old Wang as long as you don’t stop driving, you can leave the rear to me.


Old Wang spaced out after hearing Ling Mo’s bold words, but after thinking that his companions were in trouble, his blood started to boil.


OKAY THEN! You take care of the rear, and I won’t stop!


Most people might have already given up after seeing hundreds of zombies.


But Ling Mo had already seen thousands, so this was basically nothing to him.


When he fired the gun, he was already confident that would be able to kill them all.


The zombies were originally fast, and there were zombies that had also blocked the way, so the car speed wasn’t too fast.


Seeing that the nearest zombies were only a few meters away, Ling Mo released his tentacles. The zombies were controlled and slowed down.


The zombies from the back bumped into them, tripped, and fell.


Some of them lost their arms and legs, but some of them still stood up, and zombies from the back ran forward, stepping on those that were still struggling to get up.


Ling Mo used this way to get rid of the zombies and used the pistols to shoot at them.


But after a few rounds of shooting, he gave up, he was after all pretty bad at shooting.


But the shots attracted the zombies and lessened the pressure from the zombies on the SUV.


Meng Jia Yu had thought that she was going to die and her eyes had already turned red from crying, but never in her wildest dreams did she expect Ling Mo to fire the gun.


From far away she saw the jeep.


“Once again, you saved me….”


Ou Yang Lien had started to cry, but she had covered her mouth while she was doing it.


Yu Lan and others felt relieved, even though there were still zombies around them, but they weren’t in a dangerous position anymore….


“We are saved….”


“YAY!, we won’t need to die anymore!”


“Cheer up guys, with Brother Ling around we can get out!”


After surviving from a life-and-death situation, everyone got rid of their depressed moods and their enthusiasm for survival had never been higher

Although the side window had been smashed, but it wasn’t completely broken through, seemed like the material used in the window is pretty good.

But at this time, Ling Mo had gotten all the zombies attention, the bullets for his gun was all used up and he had swapped his weapon to the Tang knife already.


Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling weren’t suited to fight multiple enemies so Ling Mo and Shana became the main force in repelling the zombies.

While the zombies kept coming, Ling Mo slashed with his knife continuously and with the help of his spirit tentacles, he was practically invincible.


Shana was using her scythe as if she was playing with a toy, she showed the beauty of violence, with every time her scythe would slash down, it was guaranteed that blood would be spilled.


202 crawled over and said, “Big Brother, I’m here to keep you company.”


“Get lost.”


“I’m just kidding, I’m here to help actually.”


As he said this, he took a deep breath and looked at the zombies that were chasing the jeep and then screamed.

As a result, in Ling Mo’s mental observation, an invisible mindstorm suddenly swept away across the zombies, and the first few zombies suddenly turned sluggish.


“ this skill is quite similar to my tentacles…But mine can be used to distract and control, while his can only be used to attack. I couldn’t believe that his mind storm would actually work on zombies that didn’t have any consciousness.”


But on second thought, “No, even though the zombies here didn’t have any consciousness, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t have any spirit. This is just like the difference between a Lunatic and a retard.”


Unfortunately 202’s second scream had no effect, before the mindstorm had even left his body, it had already faded away, apparently it was due to his messed up mind.


“Sorry, didn’t work this time…”  

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