My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 178

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 178 – Only Just The Beginning

“Finally, we escaped….”


The two cars have already left the Hundred Flower District, upon entering the High Tech district, they accelerated and got rid of the rest of the zombies that were following their cars, everyone felt relieved.


Nobody was able to celebrate though, because even though the surroundings became quiet, the road in this district was very wide and there is only a few abandoned cars, meaning that there would definitely be a lot of zombies.

Some zombies that were wandering around ran towards them, but since they could drive a lot faster now, the zombies couldn’t keep up.

Ling Mo took a deep breath and wiped off the sweat on his forehead.


His body and knife is completely covered with blood, half of the jeep had also been covered with blood, there was even some minced meat that hung on the rear of the car.

Shana is sitting beside Ling Mo, staring at her scythe looking extremely excited.


Fortunately, her back is against everyone, otherwise people would freak out from seeing her expression.


Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling had gone back to sitting in their original positions, quietly cleaning their weapons.

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Their battle wasn’t as bloody so they looked much calmer.

202 is curious as why they looked so calm.


He, himself was sweating with a pale face but he didn’t seem to care.


“Lil Ling” Guo Chao was silent for a while. He stopped for a moment and thought that something was wrong with what he said and quickly said, “Brother Ling, Thank You.”


Ling Mo was like a god of death, he looked so calm while facing all those zombies.


Even though before the apocalypse, Guo Chao was a man with authority, but now authority was worthless, capability is everything now.


He is afraid of Ling Mo and he knows that Ling Mo is very mad at him.


Ling Mo had actually wanted to kill him, but considering that he was still useful, he gave up on that idea…


Ling Mo sneered and coldly said, “Don’t bother, I’m not a man who would let woman and children die just to save myself.”


Guo Chao could only smile and say nothing.


Old Wang is still completely focused on the road, but he is also very exhausted.


This district was called the High New District which was full of high tech companies, there was not much they could get here.


But if the city ever recovered from the apocalypse, this place would be extremely important.

But the question is, could the city ever recover?


From time to time, they would see some abandoned vehicles on the road, and some which have been turned over on its sides.


Upon seeing this the other people in Ling Mo’s group thought that to escape from this city would rather be very difficult.


After an hour later, the buildings started to become less, as they bypassed the freeway, they have reached the suburbs.

This area was mostly farmlands, when the apocalypse happened, it was the time where people would harvest the crops, there are still some harvesters on the farmland.

This is actually some good news, because it implied that although there was a lot of food that was wasted, there should be a warehouse where they stored some of the food.


Not completely sure if there are any survivors here….


With the guidance of Guo Chao, they started to see some buildings.

“There is a breeding base and office location for the grain production base, but this is actually a company name, and there is a difference between the commercial grain base in the geographical sense.”


Guo Chao introduced, “This company was created by local farmers, they generated food and livestock.”


“Oh…” Ling Mo coldly replied, all Ling Mo really cared about was the institute not this place.


As they reached the base, everyone took out weapons and carefully got off the car.


Ye Lian and the other two looked wary, from their expressions, Ling Mo could tell that there is a relatively high level zombie or mutant creature in the area.




“Shhhh, follow me and be a good girl.”


Meng Jia Yu brought a long gun and grabbed Ou Yang Lien with her.


Ling Mo waved at Meng Jia Yu when he saw her.


She hesitated before revealing her happiness and brought Ou Yang Lien with her to Ling Mo.


Everyone looked extremely envious, because they also wanted to be with Ling Mo to get his protection.


After what had happened to them, they all knew that following him would be the only way to be safe. But the other people could only try to their best to get close to him.


At this time, the silence of the area started to freak people out.


The outer courtyard is surrounded by a water stream, the width of the stream is about 3 to 4 meters and had a depth of 2 meters, it could probably be used as a defensive measure.


But at the same time the creatures would also be trapped inside.


The steel gate had been smashed, not sure if any creatures had gone in or came out from it.


A survivor suggested, “Should we take control of this bridge and attract all the creatures to come out? We have guns anyways.” The courtyard looked very creepy.

202 ironically laughed, “That’s such a great idea, the zombie would come from all around us and then we can jump into the water and see if they wish to chase us or not to live.”


Ling Mo frowned and said, “That wouldn’t work, even though it’s quiet here, you never know how many mutant creatures are in there. 202 is right, if zombies or creatures came from everywhere we would be surrounded and most definitely all die.”


Advanced zombies couldn’t intimidate mutant creatures, so Ling Mo didn’t wish to take this risk.


202 happily said, “Oh? You agree with me, so does that mean we can be friends?”


Ling Mo kicked him away.


Guo Chao asked, “Then what should we do?”


He didn’t have the authority to make decisions anymore. When it came to fighting, Ling Mo was the only one with the authority to make a decision.


All the survivors who came off the SUV were all looking at Ling Mo with enthusiasm.


Due to him saving them, they also saw how powerful he really was.


They also showed respect to Shana and the other two girls, Ling Mo is great, but the girls were also great as well.


But probably due to the girls always showing a cold look and standing behind Ling Mo, they didn’t bother showing any enthusiasm to them.


Ling Mo thought and said, “Let’s go in first and also let some people stay by the bridge to guard our retreat.”


He isn’t really a decisive person, but this the best choice he could think of.


202 suddenly interrupted, “Isn’t there oil in the car? We can make a fire to seal this place down, otherwise how long do you think they can guard this bridge?”

“This might actually be a good idea, with fire and water, we should be able to hold them off in case they come running to the bridge, although it could probably block them for a little while, it’s still buying some time.”


Ling Mo looked at 202 with surprise, he couldn’t imagine that this mental patient could actually come up with such a good idea like this.


The people quietly poured some oil on the bridge and used a rope as a lead wire and pulled it to the other end of the bridge.


When everything is ready, Guo Chao waved his hand at Old Wang.


This was actually a perfect place for Ling Mo to control zombies, but that would expose his abilities.

Old Wang took his gun out and slowly walked towards the front of the bridge.


“Be careful”


Old Wang carefully approached the bridge, the people behind him were all very nervous.


Zombies were scary, but mutant creatures were also strong! They were even more devastating than zombies, but at least in the city there weren’t many mutant creatures.


In here was like going into a mutant creature’s nest….

After seeing Old Wang going on it, Ling Mo started to feel nervous as well.


Guo Chao lowered his voice and said something to the survivors and some of the survivors started at the entrance of the bridge to guard it.


Ling Mo thought for a while and let Li Ya Ling stay with them.


He didn’t have much confidence for those ordinary people.


There didn’t seem to be much of a problem in the courtyard, but from here they could already see the farm.


There is a building not so far away. It’s probably an office with a dormitory….


All of a sudden, Old Wang suddenly fired his gun!




After the gun fired, a huge shadow popped out from a corner of the building.




After a few gunshots, Old Wang finally shot the shadow.


But the shadow didn’t stop moving, it seemed like the gun had no effect on it.


Ye Lian’s pupils contacted and she went ahead of Shana, Ling Mo released his tentacles at the same time.


They were fast, after Ling Mo had increased his agility, he wasn’t slow either.


When Shana slashed her scythe, the black shadow changed it’s direction and charged towards Ye Lian and Ling Mo.


Ling Mo wasn’t going to go head to head with it, fortunately his spirit tentacles stunned the shadow giving Ling Mo the opportunity to dodge the attack and slash with his knife.


Ye Lian used the tiger claw to try and grab the shadows head as she jumped and dodged.


When the blade stabbed into the body, Ling Mo’s wrist received a shock, his knife had almost flown away from his hands.

“Holy Shit! Such Hard Skin!!”


But luckily, the quality of the Tang knife is really good, although the skin was really hard, it was still able to make a large cut.


Ye Lian grabbed a bunch of the flesh on the head.




After a huge noise was made, the dark shadow had was in front of Old Wang and had suddenly laid on the ground.


Old Wang had finally pulled himself together, but he felt that his legs had become jelly now.


“What the fuck is this?””


“A Pig…I guess?”


Ling Mo started to have tingling sensation in his head, this mutant pig looked a lot more ferocious than all the previous pigs he had seen before.


It had long teeth, with fur that look like spikes, its body was humongous, and the saliva on it’s mouth made it look very aggressive.


It was shot right on the head, seemed like Old Wang had some skills as a shooter.


The yard had become silent again after the mutant pig was killed.


But everyone knew that this is just the beginning.




A mutant dog ran from far away with some mutant pigs and cow.


The animals all looked very different after mutating, the only thing they all had in common now was that all their eyes are red.



Guo Chao kept yelling and pulled out his gun.


Even without him saying those words, everyone was already prepared.


A battle between the humans and animals was about start!

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