My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 179

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 179 – Got Caught by Little Girl

A gunshot that was fired, immediately launched a fierce battle.


More and more mutant beasts kept appearing, the beasts outside the courtyard had also got attracted by the gunfire.


But due to Ling Mo splitting his group into two, the bridge hadn’t been broken through yet.


Even though the battle was fierce, it had started fast and ended fast as well.


As the mutant beasts fell one by one, the ground had already been died with blood, the smell of their blood was very disgusting.


There were casualties on Ling Mo’s side as well, a survivor got rammed by a mutant cow, having a hole in his stomach, he coughed some blood out and died.


Another survivor accidently got smashed as well, half of the body was splashed red, the body swayed for two seconds before it fell to ground.

The mutant beasts are very powerful, once you got hit, you either died, or were heavily injured.

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Especially the cow, even though there was only one, it was still such a big threat.


If it weren’t for Ling Mo and the female zombies, the survivors wouldn’t have been able to make it past this battle.


202 showed his capabilities, even though his mind storm didn’t work all the time, but he still had an advantage.


As someone who is clearly insane or wrong in the head, 202 isn’t afraid to die, and he attacked in very unusual patterns.


He would walk around Ling Mo and the others trying to find openings for a surprise attack.


Normally, a smart person wouldn’t do this because it was extremely dangerous.




When Ling Mo pulled out the Tang knife from a pig’s corpse, he turned around and looked towards the farm.


Ling Mo said suspiciously, “There actually isn’t a lot of mutant beasts here.”


Meng Jia Yu covered Ou Yang Lien’s eyes and looked at the bodies on the floor and said, “Guess most of them were killed by the zombies. The rest of them probably ate some zombie flesh and killed the zombies after mutating?”

Ling Mo raised his eyebrows and said, “Does this count as a new type of food chain.”


“If this is true, then humans have moved all the way to the bottom of the food chain. No there should still be some ordinary animals left. Although the infection range was pretty wide, but it had all started from humans. So mutant beasts would only appear at places where humans appeared in right? And based on the mutant beast’s behavior, they would only stay around and not wish to migrate?”

“So….advanced zombies….are also at…the bottom?”


Ye Lian seemed to be shocked, although she might not have understood much, but the possibility of being defeated by a mutant beast scared her.


Ling Mo shook his head and said, “No, the amount of mutant beasts is just too low, there might have been a lot in the beginning, but after the initial period, there wouldn’t be a lot left.”


Shana sneered with disdain and grabbed Ye Lian, “They are only this strong because there isn’t a lot of zombies here. If they were in the city, they would have been dead!”


It was as if she was speaking up for the advanced zombies, 202 and Meng Jia Yu couldn’t help but stare at her.

Ling Mo quickly made a cough and said, “Ok, so it seems like these mutant beasts are not that scary, we can defeat them with guns.”


He’s actually not completely sure if his words were correct, because the mutant beasts might have evolved even more as well, no one really knows what kind of beasts they would evolve into.


At least the advanced zombies are powerful, just Ye Lian and Shana’s level could go one on one against the mutant beasts.


Currently, humans were in a complete disadvantage.


Ling Mo was happy though from Ye Lian and Shana’s reactions. This is because they started to have self-recognition and emotions now.


“Let’s get rid of these bodies first.”


Ling Mo changed his vision to Li Ya Ling’s, and noticed that the battle outside had already finished as well.


This area is pretty wide, not a lot of zombies were attracted, and with the area being sealed, they weren’t in much danger.


All the bodies were dragged inside with the other zombies and thrown on a farm truck.


“Let’s find a chance to throw these bodies away and use water to clean it, it looks really disgusting with so much blood here.”

Ling Mo started to take over control from Guo Chao in the team.


But nobody opposed his orders, without Ling Mo, they all might have already been dead.


Everyone started to work except Guo Chao.


He stood by the wall looking at Ling Mo and Meng Jia Yu and two other survivors who were looking at Ling Mo with admiration.


He gripped tightly onto his gun, lifted it up, but then put it down afterwards.


“Did I just invite a wolf into my house?”


He smiled bitterly, but it looked creepy on his serious face.


The cleaning took about an hour, Meng Jia Yu took Ou Yang Lien and Yu Lan to clean the office building.


Some other survivors went inside the barn house, the piles of bagged rice made them extremely content.


They didn’t only just find this though, they had also found a lot of bacon.


There’s also a vegetable garden, although most of the vegetables were stepped on, there were at least a lot of different kinds of vegetables.


Besides having livestock, they would be able to actually supply themselves with food from the vegetables.


As long as they guard the bridge, this place would be a decent living space.


Ling Mo didn’t join them because he didn’t have any plans on staying here. After a day of fighting, he is completely exhausted.


Meng Jia Yu cleaned out the cleanest room and brought Ling Mo and the girls into it.


The door couldn’t be locked but since everyone is busy right now, he isn’t worried that people would barge in.


Time to feed……


After eating the gel, Li Ya Ling didn’t change much, seems like she needed the snake poison.


In the battle today, she was even faster than before, this is due to the second mutation she had.


But Ye Lian and Shana didn’t change much….


Ling Mo started to observe and realized that there is something changing inside their bodies, it was different than the changes in the past.


Maybe once the change accumulated to a certain level, they would be able to mutate!


“Wonder if there is any high level zombies out there to split apart and experiment with.”


Ling Mo is so desperate in capturing a high level zombie now, but it wasn’t easy to spot one.


It didn’t matter if he found one here or not, he knew that there would definitely be a lot of zombies in the military areas.


No matter what, there was always still a biological research institute.


Ling Mo didn’t have much information on the virus, he needed all the information he could get even if it was just a little bit.


It’s too important to know it…..


“Oh, there’s some blood.”

Ling Mo realized that there are some blood stains on Li Ya Ling’s collar, he took out a small piece of tissue and started to wipe it off for her.




At that moment, the door burst open and a little loli popped herself inside the room.


OH SHIT! Forgot that this little thing would sneak in….


Ling Mo freaked out a bit, although he had felt it when she opened the door, but just as he was removing his hands, his hands got hooked by Li Ya Ling’s collar…


“Hua La!”


Her buttons popped open, and her body became exposed.


Ou Yang Lien’s mouth was wide open and looked at Li Ya Ling with surprise, and then she looked back at Ling Mo.




If it weren’t because he had used up too much power, he would have definitely been able to tell that she was approaching his room!




Ye Lian, Shana, and Li Ya Ling should have noticed, why didn’t they tell him!


But on second thought, they probably realized that Ou Yang Lien was a friendly, so….




Ling Mo blocked Li Ya Ling’s towering peaks and told Ou Yang  Lien, “Um, I…anyways…it’s not how it looks like….”


Ou Yang Lien still looked stunned and stepped backwards before turning around and tipping her toes to grab the door knob.


“Big Brother, Lien Lien didn’t see anything!”



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