My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 18


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 18 – Life and Death Battle inside the Revolving Door

If they were in a complex terrain environment, it would not be difficult to lose nearly twenty zombies, but for this area, in addition to the wide street there are only high-rise buildings on the sides. In the situation where one is not familiar with the routes, you might die faster if you rush carelessly into the alleys.

And it is also not realistic to run with these group of zombies, Ling Mo, Ye Lian and Shana all have very good physical abilities, but Liu Yu Hao already began taking deep breaths, and others had the look that they were going to fall at any time. If it wasn’t a life or death situation, they might have already burned out.

Most importantly, more and more zombies were following over, and getting closer as well!

After all, during the escape, a lot of zombies had already appeared in the front, as soon as they delayed a little bit, their distance would be pulled up close. If this continued, then it won’t be for long until they get sandwiched in between.

“This Way! Use the covers to kill them!”

Ling Mo saw it was impossible to get rid of them, so he turned to look around, and pointed to a commercial building and said.

Seemed like he pointed randomly, but in fact in this neighborhood, that commercial building is indeed the most appropriate cover place. Only one revolving door, and the door is still relatively narrow. Even if there are other entrances, it would not matter, because they only needed to get rid of these zombies and then they could leave immediately.

After saying that, Ling Mo took Ye Lian and rushed directly toward that building, and Shana also quickly waved, ran over with the rest of the group.

As soon as everyone squeezed through the revolving door, the zombies had already rushed to the front. Distorted faces, pairs of emotionless and bloodthirsty red eyes, as well as a very strong blood odor. Even on the other side of the revolving door, when facing that many zombies up close, it was still scary enough for the group to cringe.

These zombies were way too fast, resulting in Ling Mo and the rest of the people immediately turning against them when they just entered the revolving door.

But the angle advantage manufactured by the Carmen style door did gave them a much easier time, at least they don’t have to deal with twenty zombies at one time. Each time only a maximum of three and four can squeeze in, and they were easily killed by Ling Mo, Shana and Liu Yu Hao immediately after they extended their head. In this situation it would be a lot faster if Ye Lian attacked, after all she uses her hand directly to kill, which is much faster than Ling Mo and the rest of them who have to swing weapons.

But Ling Mo is probably the only one who is used to her kind of bloody killing methods…. If it was seen by Shana and these people, who knows what kind of reaction will they have.

But just as Ling Mo and these people were guarding the door and fighting intensely, they did not notice that behind front counter of the commercial building, two zombies in business skirts and high heels suddenly jumped out.

Their previous identities might be white-collars workers in this high-end commercial building, but now has only become zombies who only knew how to predate on others.

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But stepping on ten centimeters high heels, even zombies cannot run too fast, and stay quiet, thus getting immediately discovered by someone.


With a scream, the closest girl was directly pushed down by the zombie. She screamed like crazy, but could not struggle away under that female zombie. And at the moment when she was pushed down, this zombie has already bit down on her carotid artery.

Waves of blood immediately splattered out, and at this time the other female zombie was already on her way to push down the next scared boy.

But his reaction was much faster than that girl, he backed off right away, but just as he took two steps back, he bumped into the glasses man Wang Cheng.

Acted out of instinct, Wang Cheng just pushed him out into the zombies… But at that chaotic moment, no one noticed this detail.

“Help Ah!”

This boy had been panicking at the start, after been pushed, he immediately lost his balance, while been pressed down by the female zombie, he was still issuing screaming noises. But the next second, his voice was blocked at throat.

Right now is the best opportunity to fight back, but everyone was all stunned by the bloody scene in front of them. Classmates bitten by the throat, chest and abdomen torn apart and screams issued while still alive all greatly challenging their nerves.

But zombies would not give up on attacking potential preys just because there was food in front of them. after killing these two students, they immediately pounced on the nearest survivors.

And one of the female zombies began targeting another female student that was not far away from Ye Lian.

At this time, the zombies outside the revolving door are attacking fiercely, despite hearing the screams behind the back, no one can extend a hand to help out. If just relax a little, the main entrance will be immediately broken, at that time they will be sandwiched in between, more people will die.

This female student had been completely scared to death, she could not even move her finger, her head was of course completely blank.

Just as she was about to be ripped apart by the throat in that instant, Ye Lian who had never fought suddenly flashed right next to her, grabbed the fruit knife from that student’s hand and in the instant when the female zombie rushed forward, Ye Lian acted like a lighting bolt. A chill flashed through, and the fruit knife went directly into the female zombie’s neck from the side. With a twist of the wrist, blood suddenly surged out and directly sprayed over the face of the female student.

Scarlet warm blood finally awakened the consciousness of the female student, she frantically screamed, her legs gave a shiver, a surge of hot fluid flew down the legs.

But Ye Lian simply did not look at her anymore, and did not care about the female zombie’s situations, then directly rushed toward the back of another female zombie.

That female zombie just pressed down a male student on the floor, just opened her foul mouth, and a knife tip went through her back head and went out through the mouth.

From the moment those female zombies appeared until they were all killed by Ye Lian, it all happened within one minute.

In one short minute, two students died. And that male student is also scared to the point where his eyes went out of focus and he could not even stand up or push the female zombie’s corpse off of his body.

And Ye Lian who attacked in a rapid speed, was immediately surrounded by these group of people. These people who were just scared half to death does not have the extra thoughts to think, why a beauty like her who does not appear any special have such brutal killing skills. In short, she was the protection umbrella….

In fact, Ling Mo who was still killing zombies before the revolving door is the one who controlled Ye Lian to act. And in order to keep the identity a secret, he especially made her to use a weapon.

However, while the remaining survivors were trembling in fear, Ling Mo, through Ye Lian’s vision discovered that among this group of people, two people were missing.

They must have run upstairs due to fear… But rushing to escape is entirely stupid. Without the protection, they will just die faster. There are zombies in the lobby, how could there not be less zombies upstairs?

Sure enough, after a while, several more screams passed down from upstairs, which caused the group to shiver again.

After a few minutes of mad killing, the zombies that were outside of the revolving door were finally cleared out. Shana and Liu Yu Hao were sweating profusely, especially Shana who attacked with her life, the arm that was holding the knife was even shaking slightly.

Although Ling Mo was slightly having an easier time, his face does not look good, he felt some pain at his temples which is caused by spending too much on spiritual energy.

Turning back to look at this bloody scene, Shana’s expression became complicated, some pain and some remorse…

And Ling Mo who noticed that expression walked over and patted on her shoulder, and then he said in a low voice, “It’s not your fault. If you went to protect them, the situation probably would have a worse than now.”

“Umm…..” Shana whispered back, then smiled faintly at Ye Lian: “Thank you!”

Even if she did not see how Ye Lian attacked, but Ye Lian’s fighting ability to kill two zombies far exceeded her expectations.

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