My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 180

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 180 – We Could Still Be Friends If You Don’t Step On Me

For the next couple of days, the food production base became extremely busy.


Even with ten people cleaning this place, it still wasn’t enough, they were also required to work from morning to evening.


But in comparison, Ling Mo and his girlfriends appeared more relaxed.


The food in the food production base was plentiful, in addition Ling Mo’s entire group was looked after specially, he finally had gotten some decent time to rest.

He not only ate well, but he had also slept in.


This is such a great chance to rest since after the apocalypse, he had never really gotten the chance to really take a break from everything.


There were some moments where Ling Mo had actually felt it would be great if he could just stay here.


But he quickly removed these thoughts, everyone is always looking forward to having comfortable lives, but he was man with responsibilities and had to take care of the other three girls.


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He had different goals than the survivors.


While others were working hard to survive, he was working hard with helping the three female zombies.

When one had more responsibility, he would need to contribute more, but the return that you get for contributing more isn’t something other people would understand. That’s the real meaning life.


It sounds pretentious but this is the reason Ling Mo is still pushing himself to work harder.


Ou Yang Lien and 202 were also treated differently during this time.


Guo Chao seemed to be trying to kiss 202’s ass the whole time, but with his ordinary mindset, it was a complete failure since it was already hard enough to talk to 202 for more than 5 minutes.

And it seemed that 202 was only interested in Ling Mo’s group of people.




Just as Ling Mo is doing his push ups, 202 came in.


These days he kept appearing at Ling Mo’s door several times a day, and every time he would use a different way to try to slowly approach him.

For example, this time he had used a wooden ladder to climb into Ling Mo’s room. He landed inside easily and started tapping off the dust that was on him.


“Big Brother, good morning, don’t you want to go out and enjoy the sun with the in-laws? By the way we can could talk about life or even better, our lives. And we can talk about the most important things like your abilities….”

“53….girl time to get off me now.” Ling Mo persisted in completing another push-up before saying this in a low voice.

Ye Lian climbed off from his back and coldly started at 202.


Shana had already grabbed her scythe, Li Ya Ling stared at him as if she was a snake.

But 202 seemed to look happy and hadn’t seemed to notice that there was an impending danger directed at him.


“Kid, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time now.”


Ling Mo stretched his neck and then walked to 202. When Ling Mo reached in front of 202, he sped up his movements.


But 202 seemed to be ready, he used his mind storm again, but it got blocked by Ling Mo’s tentacles.


Ling Mo had won the battle between spirit power!


202’s legs shook and Ling Mo was already in front of him.

“Wait big brother, I have something really important to say.”


“I’ll give you one second.”


“One second…How could i finish all my words in that short amount of time. But anyways, this is What i wanted to say. That Guo Chao said he’s going to the military section and will also be heading to the institute as well, he’s asking if you are ready to go?”


When he finished speaking, a scream came and a “BANG!” sound came out from the room.


202 screamed and stood up, his face looked grim now.


A extremely clear footprint  was on his face as well as a bleeding nose.


And after he landed on the floor, he was right beside Shana.


“Sister NaNa……AHHHHH! My legs!”


Shana had stepped on his legs, the huge pressure from her legs made him arch his body immediately.


“I will end you if you ever call me NaNa again.”


Shana’s eyes looked extremely cold, unfortunately 202 wasn’t the type to be able to read expressions from people.

He kept hopping on one leg and asked Ling Mo, “I had something important to tell you, why did you still kick me?”


Ling Mo rolled his eyes, “It’s because I don’t like you, and why don’t you ever use the door!”


202 widened his eyes as if he couldn’t believe what Ling Mo just said. “You told me before not to show up at your front door again. That’s why i used the window. Do you know how hard it was to find this ladder?”


Ling Mo said, “Why am I arguing with a crazy person….” he rubbed his temples and asked, “Guo Chao specially asked you to ask me, isn’t this looking for trouble?”

Guo Chao seemed to be dodging Ling Mo after the car incident, probably because all the survivors in the team are listening to Ling Mo more than him and he felt a bit left out as well as angry.


There was another survivor in Ling Mo’s car that day. He and Old WAng told the other survivors in the other car what had happened during that time.


So that is why Ling Mo had so much respect while Guo Chao became like trash afterwards.

It’s easy to lose the people’s heart, but it’s hard to get it back.


Even though Guo Chao is working very hard in the rebuilding of the base, but some people would still give him cold looks.


Ling Mo had only one reaction to this, You completely god damn deserve it!


“Where’s Guo Chao?”

“He’s waiting for you downstairs.” 202 stood up with his limp body and turned towards Shana, “Although you aren’t the mature type of women that I like, and already have a boyfriend, but you look so pretty that it was completely worth it when you stepped on me. I always have high patience for beautiful girls…..Ah!! I haven’t finished! It’s not right to step on me right now! You guys are all so alike, so unfriendly to me…If don’t step one me we can still be friends…. AH!”


When they went downstairs, 202 was holding on to the wall to walk, Shana had actually held back otherwise, she would have broken his legs into pieces.


“Brother Ling!”


Guo Chao is checking the status of the military jeep, after the car was washed, it didn’t look much different than when they first got it.


It’s just that there’s a lot of scratches on the back of the car, but at least it didn’t affect the functionality of the car.


Military items are indeed much tougher, unlike the SUV which is nearly broken.


Guo Chao showed an enthusiastic smile and said, “Guess brother 202 told you everything. I wanted to ask you guys when we could all go. I’m ready on my side.”


What a pity, Guo Chao’s face wasn’t that great to look at when he smiled, it seemed as if the smile was squeezed out of him.


Ling Mo thought and predicted that Guo Chao probably wanted to end their partnership much earlier so that he would leave. This is a much gentler way of making Ling Mo leave the group.

If Ling Mo stayed in the group any longer than he had to, there might not be a place for Guo Chao anymore in this group.


Ling Mo answered without hesitation, “We can leave now.”


Guo Chao’s eyes flashed with happiness, he is really afraid that Ling Mo was going to keep staying here.


“Great then I’ll go get the people.”


Before leaving, Ou Yang Lien crawled to the car window and asked, “Big Brother, you guys will come back today right?”


“Yes” Ling Mo thought and gave her a kiss.


A little girls skin is so soft, like jelly……


Ou Yang Lien flashed with happiness in her eyes, and held her cheeks with her hands shyly, “OKAY, then Lien Lien will wait for you and the….sisters. Oh yeah! And you have to protect Sister Jia Yu!”


Ling Mo pinched her nose and said, “I will.”


After making such an embarrassing scene Ou Yang Lien didn’t dare look at Ling Mo, every time they met, she would try and hide behind Meng Jia Yu.

Ling Mo is very nervous, if she told Meng Jia Yu everything, he would look like a pervert in front of Meng Jia Yu.


To his surprise, although Ou Yang Lien was very young, not only did she not sell him out, but she had also went back to see Ling Mo every day after she wasn’t embarrassed anymore and even showed intimacy towards Ye Lian and the other two girls.

Li Ya Ling’s attitude is very cold towards her, Ye Lian usually ignores her, but Shana seemed to be interested in this little girl, their conversations sometimes made Ling Mo sweat.


“Sister, how did you meet Big Brother?”


Every question Ou Yang Lien asked was always related to Ling Mo, she seemed to be extremely interested in this big brother of hers.


“We met while killing zombies.” Shana’s answers were fine in the beginning.


Ou Yang Lien curiously asked, “Then are you his wife?”


“If just sleeping together is considered being a wife then yes, and we didn’t just sleep together, we also did a lot of different things!”

“Then what do you like to eat most Big Sister?”


“I think you must taste really good.”

“HeHe, your so funny Big Sister…”


These kinds of conversations kept giving Ling Mo huge headaches these days.

After talking to Ou Yang Lien, Ling Mo started to mingle with the other survivors as well for a bit.

They were all extremely grateful to Ling Mo, after knowing that they were going to head towards the military base, they all stopped what they were doing and came to say goodbye.


“Take care of yourself and be careful Brother Ling!”


“What are you talking about, with Brother Ling nothing is going to happen.”


“It’s always better to be careful.”


After about ten minutes, the gate at the end of the bridge opened, Old Wang drove the jeep and took Ling Mo, 202, Meng Jia Yu, and another chosen survivor, Chang Hao Yu to start their journey.


It’s a half an hour ride to the military section, but it’s actually quite close considering that they were in the suburbs and had to bypass a lot of farms and fields.

When the jeep went through the bridge, the gate closed.

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