My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 181

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 181 – The Red Eye That’s Aiming

The bright sunshine shimmers at a certain area of x city.


When you look through the narrow streets between the buildings, there are zombies wandering about.


In the state where the zombies were rocking slightly back and forth standing up, their bodies appeared to be stiff, and on those bodies were red eyes that looked vivid.

“Kong Dang!!”


A soda can suddenly dropped and rolled towards the crowd of zombies.


Just like an explosion, the zombies all turned their heads towards the sound as if looking for where it came from.


At this moment, a skinny figure and a huge dog appeared at a place not so far away.


All the zombies turned slowly towards the two figures as if it was a silent horror movie.

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The mutant dog started to bark.


The figure pressed on the dog with their hand and whispered in a low voice, “Lucky don’t do anything unless I tell you too. If I can let you eat your group of beasts, I can also let the same group of beasts eat you if you displease me.”


The mutant dog seemed to have to gained some intelligence and after hearing what the person had said, it trembled and lowered it’s head.


It’s body looked a lot stronger than that person, yet it seemed to be extremely obedient.


“The calling has become very strong over here, but I don’t see anything yet.”


This shadowy person was naturally Half-moon, she seemed to have found a t-shirt out of nowhere and had put it on, but for some reason the chest area had already been filled with blood.


Under the v shaped collar, you could see a wound that was extended from the neck, it looked as if it had just healed, but had recently been ripped open again.


The wound on her pale, white neck looked as if it was a mouth that could open and bite at anytime.


The appearance of the mutant dog made the rest of the zombies restless, but the pressure that came from a zombie leader made them not dare approach them.


“These fucking low levels….” Half-moon looked impatient, but didn’t do anything, “Never mind, although they are just low levels at least they are still better than those human beings. That asshole snatched my future-wife and gave me this never-ending wound on my neck. The fucking poison is so strong that my blood keeps trying to reject the poison….Anyways let’s find the thing that’s sending me a signal. It should be there, it keeps sending a shout in my brain, as if it wants to open my brain if i don’t respond….”


She tapped Lucky and walked towards another direction of a street.


Just as she turned around, the wind blew through her hair, a flash of red was shown.


The back of her head where her brain resided in ad been scratched a lot, and blood had already started leaking out….

Meanwhile inside a jeep, Ling Mo sneezed.


Meng Jia Yu immediately asked with concern, “Brother, are you alright?”


“Oh, I should be fine, probably just a bit allergic to something.”


202’s head popped out from the back and said, “Hahaha, I doubt it, someone is probably talking about you. (There’s an old saying in Asian culture that if you sneezed, it meant that someone was talking about you.)”


Ling Mo said with disapproval, “Those who would be talking about me are all here, and out of all the people I have met who are still alive, who would think about me all of a sudden?”


“Ahhh that’s not necessarily the case. For example, I’m always missing the old nurse at the hospital that was taking care of me. She was one of the people who loved me, but I had rejected her several times due to her not fitting my requirements in ass size, and she was a little bit too old, like over 30. But she just didn’t really understand me, everytime I refused her, she would slap me on the face with hate and love….”


The survivor Chang Hao Yu laughed and interrupted, “You’re like sixteen, and you behaved like that to a thirty year old, ahahaha no wonder you got hit…Which hospital where you in?”


Ling Mo rolled his eyes and said, “There’s no need to ask him that, it was most likely a mental hospital.”


Shana and the other two girls didn’t seem to want to join in on the conversation.


Li Ya Ling still isn’t really used to being near so many people. Although she had improved greatly these past few days, but she still looked nervous. Ling Mo had to hold her arms in order to calm her down.


Ye Lian and Shana didn’t talk because they had interest towards their topic. Especially Shana, she was the type to talk about things she was interested in.


But the three female zombies tightly stuck next to Ling Mo which made Meng Jia Yu’s cheeks turn hot with redness.


She had never thought that this cousin of hers would be so bold.


Ling Mo feels good and bad at the same time. Besides 202, other people kinda saw him as a playboy.


But this was the only way to calm the three of them down when there was too many humans around…


After ten minutes later, the scene outside the window had changed.


Ling Mo looked outwards and saw a group of buildings.


Guo Chao finally spoke, “That’s the military base.”

In order not attract the attention of the zombie crowd, the jeep slowed down and stopped about 500 meters from the base.


Everyone slowly approached the base after getting all their weapons.


The base isn’t big, it previously had only stationed one group of the army.


But Guo Chao didn’t seem to be completely sure about his information.


“Although the amount of people wasn’t a lot in the beginning, but there might be some high level zombies here, but the possibility of seeing an advanced zombie is probably pretty low.”


Ling Mo was extremely disappointed, a zombies evolution and abilities had nothing to do with what type of person they were before.


An old lady might become a crazy grandma after mutating, while a strong man might become one of those that were immediately eliminated after mutating.


So it’s hard to tell whether a place would have powerful zombies or not.


Obviously it would also be nice if there weren’t any zombies, it would be even better if they could obtain some information from the military.


Guo Chao’s intention is to partner up with the military and get some power from them to build up the farm.


It’s not a long term strategy to just eat the storage.


The base could accommodate hundreds of people, but they needed to gather more people, just their little team wasn’t enough.


But there would also be a worst case scenario where the military decided to take over the food production base, but Guo Chao thought that the possibility of that is extremely low, at least they didn’t seem to be as threatening as Ling Mo.


If military had thought of this before, they would have already taken over the food production base.


The military had better defenses, as long as he was able to provide food for them, he could get some help with firearms.


This would indeed be a worthy exchange, they should be able to accept it.


This would be similar to paying tribute, but Guo Chao thought that it should be fine as this method would be able to help keep the food production base safe.


“Let’s go from the side and not get too close.”


Guo Chaos’ current state of mind is expecting a lot, so he felt very nervous.


Ling Mo on the other hand looked very calm, 202 seemed to look excited since he was rubbing his hands.


They are sticking to one side of the road and slowly approached the military base, right now they were only 200 meters away.


But the tall uncut grass blocked the view of everything, even the zombie girls with great vision couldn’t really see anything.


One should never be too cautious as it will limit people from taking risks, Ling Mo held on the Tang knife and looked for his arrows and said, “Whatever, let’s go and see.”


Chang Hao Yu, who was one of the survivors in the SUV said, “Don’t worry! Brother Ling is here with us!”


He is extremely grateful towards Ling Mo and seemed to also worship him as well.


After hearing what Ling Mo said, he felt calm as well.


Even Old Wang and Meng Jia Yu nodded to show their approval.

Guo Chao smiled bitterly, but a cold look flashed in his eyes, he was becoming less and less important in this group…


The military base is very empty, there wasn’t even any zombies in here.


But the buildings where very big, although you couldn’t see much from the entrance.


This is the first time Ling Mo had ever come to a military base, the good thing was that Old Wang had been here before and was right beside him.


“Old Wang, you should be familiar with this place, we will be counting on you today.”


“It should be a little bit different inside, but I will do my best to guide you guys.”


Old Wang is quiet guy, but to Ling Mo he would reply to him every time with whatever he knew.

The team slowly approached the center of the base.


“There might actually be some survivors in this place.” Ling Mo thought otherwise this place is just too clean, not even one zombie is in here.


It would be normal for not having a guard here, even if there were survivors here, there wouldn’t be a lot of them.


Right at this time, there is a person staring at Ling Mo’s group that was currently passing through the square. This person is on a roof, lying beside a pole.


After a few seconds the person aimed his gun at Old wang who was at the very front.


But just as the person was about to pull the trigger, the person let go of it.


But just in the moment when his eyes moved away, a blood-red light surprised the person.

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