My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 182

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 182 – It’s Great to be Friends with Creatures

The military base covered a very large area, but there were only about ten or more buildings, so it wasn’t hard to search for things.

They found some weapons on the way, although most of the were abandoned and couldn’t be used.


There were traces of fighting everywhere, cartridge cases and bullet holes, there was a half of a wall that seemed as if it been exploded apart.


You could see a burnt body in the wreckage, but you can’t really tell if the body was from a human or a zombie.


Ling Mo guessed that the army was able to defend here for a while but the casualties must of been high.


Not a lot of soldiers carried weapons on them all the time.


But at the least the people here would be able to get weapons immediately after the apocalypse happened, so they had a higher possibility to survive.


There are even two crashed cars with traces of an explosion.

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You could tell that the battle was fierce from the scene.


The situation is quite weird because there weren’t any humans or zombies around.


After searching through some buildings, Old Wang even fired his gun into the air, but still didn’t see anyone.


“This base seems to have been abandoned, it’s practically impossible to get any information at all. Hopefully the biological institute isn’t the same like this.”


Ling Mo seemed very disappointed, seems like they could only give up here.


Obviously, Guo Chao was the most disappointed out of everyone in the group since this meant that he needed to give up his idea of asking the military for help.


Meng Jia Yu sighed, but she looked at the positives of this situation. Although the farmland in the food production base couldn’t be cultivated yet, but at least there was a lot of land in the base. It wouldn’t be hard to feed and take care of a dozen or so people.


After all, only a few people knew how to really cultivate farmland, most of them were from the city.


Just as the team was about to leave, a voice suddenly came from a distance.


However, this voice is quite hoarse, probably due to the lack of communicating with other people


The things said from this voice surprised Ling Mo, “You guys…I mean… As for the humans, who is the leader. I also suppose there is a psychic in this group?”


Everyone is shocked and looked at the direction of where the sound came from.


A person popped out from the third floor of a building, but only showed half his body and as he was looking downwards, it was really hard to see what he really looked like.


It wasn’t hard to tell that this guy was from a military background. He was holding a rifle, but it’s pointing straight down, it didn’t seem like this person was going shoot them.


Chang Hao Yu shouted, “Wonderful! There’s a survivor!”


Nobody paid attention to his words, but Ling Mo heard it clear and felt a numbing feeling on his scalp.


He clearly said, “As for the humans”, so did he realize that there were three advanced zombies in this group?


So did this mean that this survivor was a psychic as well?


Ling Mo looked at Ye Lian and could tell that this person was definitely a psychic based on her reaction.


Only a psychic or a high level zombie could attract Ye Lian’s attention.


But even this person turned out to be a high level zombie that knew how to use a gun, they wouldn’t use such a peaceful way to greet people.


This person’s behavior seemed to be a bit shady.


Or is it because this person is afraid of this group? It’s possible…




Just when Guo Chao started to talk, the person interrupted.


“You are the psychic?”


Guo Chao looked towards 202 and Ling Mo.


Ling Mo is really cautious of this person, he kind of hesitated before standing out.


But just in case he fired his gun, Ling Mo prepared himself.


From this range, the tentacles could still affect him, and plus aiming takes a bit of time….


Ling Mo declared, “I am.”


The guy became silent for a bit before asking, “What are you guys doing here? You guys don’t look like people from around here, are you guys possibly from X city?”


There’s no reason to hide this, so Ling Mo nodded, “Yes, it looks as if you guys defeated the zombies here, but why….”


Ling Mo wanted to ask, since all the zombies were killed, why wasn’t the equipment here fixed?


They could obviously still grow food in the military base, and they had looked into the kitchen, the spices weren’t even touched yet.


There was even a generator that was thrown over there, why weren’t they using such a good thing.


Most importantly, the weapons were all scattered around….

Ling Mo thought that this was very weird but didn’t know where to start.


The soldier seemed to understand what Ling Mo was trying to ask, “Things are quite complicated. Tell me first, why are you people here? Maybe I can help…”


Huh? This person seemed to be willing to help people, but it didn’t match his shady looks….


“We are here to find out information and see if anyone has any contact outside and also to see what was going on outside. Does the military still have ways to contact?”


Even Ling Mo thought his own words were a load of crap, this place is a wasteland.


Meng Jia Yu yelled, “We are just ordinary people seeking help, we don’t have any bad intentions, could we talk in person?”


But the guy replied no immediately.


He raised his gun, Old Wang reacted pretty fast, he had also raised his gun as well.


Ling Mo didn’t move but his tentacles had already reached the person and could take effect at anytime.


But this guy seemed to immediately realized that he might have overreacted and lowered his gun down.


Ling Mo suddenly thought why couldn’t his tentacles have eyes on them so he could see what this person looked like.


He thought that he must find a way for his tentacles to grow eyes after he upgraded himself.


“You guys can’t come. I’ve been listening to the radios…but the last information that had come out was on the 20th day after the apocalypse happened. Afterwards, it was just people asking for help.”


After listening to the survivor’s words, Ling Mo could not help but feel that the amount of people who had technical skills were still a lot, he on the other hand wasn’t one of them. Ling Mo wouldn’t even know how to send out information.


But if people really sent the signals out, who would actually come save them?


Ling Mo asked, “May I ask what kind of information was being sent out on the 20th day?”


It had been three months already, but nothing came, is it really the end?


“Try saving yourselves, will send out rescue teams as soon as possible…”


Although his answer was brief, but Ling Mo could hear the hopelessness in his voice.


What else could you do besides helping yourself?


“Broadcasting station…” Just as Old Wang spoke, the guy quickly replied, “I don’t know how to use it.”


Ling Mo’s heart skipped a beat, sounded like he is the only survivor in this base….


Otherwise, even if he didn’t know how to use it, there should of been other people who did.


How did he survive just by himself….


Ling Mo thought that this guy seemed to be something else.


Suddenly the person said, “Can I talk with you in private?”


He was asking Ling Mo, and Ling Mo was actually expecting the same thing. What Ling Mo wanted to know the most right now was how did he know about Ye Lian and the other two.




“Then you…no, take one with you. If someone gets near you, I will fire.”


While he was talking he pointed towards Ye Lia and the other two girls.


“Wow..that was fucking close, he almost said the word zombie.”


But that was because Ling Mo used his tentacles to make him space out for a second and had put one of his tentacles over his mouth.


The survivor immediately understood and changed his words.


He actually sort of pointed it out already, but nobody would be able to realize that something was wrong.


Except 202…. He kept staring at Shana and the other two girls and even looked at Ling Mo.


“There must be one of them who isn’t human within the four of them? But who is it?”


“No matter what, it’s great to be friends with creatures!”

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