My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 183

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 183 – Zombie’s Body, Human’s Soul

“Slow down.”

Ling Mo moved his hand in front of Ye Lian to block and and moved her behind him to protect her.

All three of his zombies wanted to follow him, but Ye Lian who is usually moderate, insisted that this time she went with him and grabbed onto Ling Mo’s hand and wouldn’t let go.

Shana could only pull Li Ya Ling to side and say, “Go. If he doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes, just kill him.”

“Um, I’m just going there to talk about important matters…”

Meng Jia Yu also anxiously said to Ling Mo, “Don’t know why this person wants you to go to him, why don’t we just leave, we got the information that we required anyways.”

Ling Mo could feel that she was sincere and felt warmness within his heart.

He rubbed Meng Jia Yu’s head and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

This person knew what Ye Lian and the other two really were, if Ling Mo doesn’t understand how he knew, he would feel uncomfortable.

If this guy really had some sort of bad intention, Ling Mo believed that he and his advanced zombies would be able to win the fight.

And not to mention, he also carried a gun and had the Tang knife with him, as well as his puppet skills.

But when he stopped that person from revealing what Ye Lian and the other two really were, he had used his puppet skills on him, so this guy might already have noticed it.

But this didn’t really matter….Ling Mo clenched onto a nail in his hand.

He had prepared this before for a long time, just that he never had the reason to use it.

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He had been practicing on controlling and moving objects, this is one of his special trump cards.

As they went into the building and up the stairs where the person resided in, this guy showed sincerity by having his gun point downwards, but just as Ling Mo and Ye Lian reached the door, he immediately said, “Don’t come any closer.”

The office room is quite big, Ling Mo still couldn’t see what the guy looked like even when he tried to look at him through Ye Lian’s eyes.

The guy asked nervously, “The one right next to you…. Is a zombie right?”

Ling Mo sighed, this person really knew….

“How do you know this?” While Ling Mo was talking, he had controlled the nail in his hand to float.

With a stronger spirit power and constant practice, Ling Mo could now make objects float with more ease.

While the nail floated up from his back and had reached the ceiling, Ling Mo’s heart became a lot more calmer.

The needle stuck to the ceiling and slowly went to the top of that guy’s head, if he for some reason showed any hostility, Ling Mo would kill him instantly.

“I am also a psychic, my name is Hu Chuan.”

This guy didn’t notice what Ling Mo did, his complete focus was on Ye Lian, he seemed to be very curious about her.

“I’m guessing that these people don’t really know what she is?”

Ling Mo nodded, “Yes.”

Hu Chuan became silent for a while before asking, “What I wanted to ask is how did you make them look more human? If it wasn’t for the fact that I had my powers, I wouldn’t had realized she was a zombie.”

So he was just curious….But he seems to be quite serious about this topic.

Ling Mo began to think that this guy is too weird.

Right at this moment, Ye Lian whispered something into his ears that really surprised him, “He breathes like us….”

“What?!?!” Ling Mo hadn’t processed everything before the guy suddenly asked, “You must have a way right? If you told me how, I can pay you for this information.”

Ling Mo stared at him for a while, and at the same time the nail that Ling Mo was controlling had already already floated above Hu Chuan’s head, if it went down just a little bit, it would poke him through his brain.

Ling Mo replied, “Why do you want to know? Who are you? If you wish for my help, don’t hide yourself then.”

He held on tightly to the Tang knife, this guy looked well trained, if he didn’t guess incorrectly, all the zombies that were shot dead were probably all done by him.

If that is the case, there was no point in drawing a gun fight. But obviously Ling Mo’s close combat skills were much better than ordinary people.

And not to mention, he also had Ye Lian with him…..

The guy paused and was silent for a while before finally looking up and taking off his cap.

The red eyes that started back at Ling Mo shocked him!

“Zom….no that’s impossible….”

When he was downstairs, he clearly had already looked into this person’s spirit ball.

Although it looked weird, but it was completely different than the zombie’s usual red balls, it looked much similar to a human’s spirit ball.

“Oh!” Hu Chuan was surprised with Ling Mo’s reaction, “Can actually tell that I’m not really a zombie?”

“Were you so bored that you decided to wear colored contact lenses?”
Ling Mo wouldn’t be wrong when he saw the wild red eyes, but he still had to ask.

This was totally out of his expectations.

“Well, I didn’t lie to you, I am indeed a psychic but I also zombie as well. My psychic power is zombie doppelganger. This body that I’m using is my friend’s.”

Hu Chuan’s voice contained excitement, being recognized by others seemed to be extremely important to him.

He wasn’t going to see these people in the beginning, but when he realized that there were three zombies in the group, he hesitated and couldn’t help himself from trying to talk to them.

Ling Mo realized what he really wanted, “So you wish for this body to be more like a humans?”

“YES!” Hu Chuan clenched his fist and said, “My power is a bit different, please help me, I don’t want to be regarded as a monster for the rest of my life!”

His voice started to shake, “I have been trying to control my desire of eating human flesh, and I killed all the zombies. But I can’t bear it any longer. As you can tell, I don’t even dare see people.”

This guy is too emotional right now…Ling Mo is afraid that he might accidentally fire his gun.

It’s a bit surprising that this super power would be affected by a zombies instinct, and craving for eating flesh…But the real question is, if you don’t wish to bear this pain anymore why don’t you just give up the doppelganger since there’s no more zombies around here, so there obviously shouldn’t be any danger as well!

Or could there be something wrong with his original body?

At this moment, Hu Chuan had walked forward towards Ling Mo and asked, “Please tell me! How can you make me look like an ordinary person again? Her eyes look very normal, and she probably doesn’t eat flesh anymore right?”

It’s unfortunate that Ling Mo couldn’t establish a spirit connection with him.

He had a zombie’s body but his spirit was a human’s, Ling Mo didn’t want to take the risk of turning into a complete retard just for a chance to control him.

Seeing that Ling Mo remained silent, Hu Chuan said with excitement, “I still have a lot of canned food and some weapons as well as several army radios… I can give you some as long as you tell me…”

“Sorry, but I can’t help you, my method won’t work on you.”

Hu Chuan paused and asked, “What?”

Ling Mo sighed and said, “It’s because you aren’t a pure zombie….”

Ling Mo actually felt sorry for Hu Chuan

His nails had dug deep into his skin and had started bleeding, you could tell that he is completely devastated.

A human’s mindset with a zombie’s body and instinct….
Hu Chuan was very disappointed, or even a bit depressed probably.

He started at Ling Mo and looked at Ye Lian, a huge resentment exploded through his eyes.

“You just don’t want to help me, because you also think that I am a monster… In fact, the zombies are the real monsters, I’m human!”

He lifted his gun and pointed it at Ye Lian!

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