My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 184

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 184 – Awake And Fighting


A gunshot was fired!

The inside and outside of the room suddenly became silent.

Ye Lian stared at Hu Chuan with widened eyes, Ling Mo suddenly had cold sweats on his forehead.

Debris of the lime plaster on the ceiling dropped, and if you looked up you could clearly see a bullet hole.

After a few seconds, Hu Chuan’s body became stiff, and had slammed onto the floor, knees first.

The red eyes were wide open, blood had started to flow down from the top of his head through his face.

As Hu Chuan lifted his gun, Ling Mo’s powers came to effect.

While disorienting Hu Chuan with his tentacles, the nail slammed down.

As Hu Chuan’s knees fell to the ground, Ling Mo’s body couldn’t help but shake, he closed his eyes and reopened it after a few moments. Ling Mo is completely exhausted.

Ye Lian quickly held on to him tightly and asked, “Are you OK brother Ling?”

“I’m fine.” He stared at Hu Chuan with anger.

Even though Hu Chuan hadn’t attempted to kill him, his target was still Ye Lian. This crossed Ling Mo’s line and was completely unforgivable.

Hu Chuan might probably still think that he had not done anything wrong.

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But Ling Mo didn’t think that way, Ye Lian is one his girlfriends, and is also the person that he cared most about in this world.

So what if she is a zombie? Ling Mo had never thought of himself as the one to actually betray the human race, but at this point he really didn’t give a fuck!

And since when did Ye Lian and Shana ever become a threat a human being.

Even Li Ya Ling had never harmed another human being after she had established a connection with Ling Mo.

“OH SHIT, I forgot he this is just one of his bodies, he still has his original one!”

Don’t know exactly what had happened to his real body, but the one lying on the floor right now was just a body he was borrowing.

Ling Mo immediately realized something, he quickly dashed into the room and started to look around.

At the same time, outside were the group was, the sound of a gunshot shocked the people down there.

“Brother Ling!”


“Weir….No, Brother!”

Shana, Li Ya Ling, Meng Jia yu and even 202 immediately ran towards the building.

Guo Chao spaced out, but when he finally pulled himself together, he was the only one who was still standing there.

“Who died? Does this mean the end for Ling Mo?”

When this idea popped up in his head, he felt extremely happy.

But afterwards, he thought that he really shouldn’t think this way, because without Ling Mo, they wouldn’t have made it here by themselves….

“I’ve put up with him enough these days! Had to put up a fake smile the whole time! And plus it wasn’t me who killed…..”

Guo Chao immediately got rid of his guilty feelings and smiled.

“Still, I have to pretend at least…”

He looked up and ran into the building.

At this very moment, in a place somewhere in the building, a weird yell came out.


This sounded more like a howl, as if it was held in for a while before being let out.

The shadow of a person popped out from under a pile of blankets.

The person looked extremely skinny, as if he had just gotten through a sickness.

You could tell that this person didn’t have long to live!


The person stretched his own neck and slowly got up.

My current powers are no longer capable of controlling another body since whenever my real body is awake, my body would start to mutate….If it wasn’t for the fact that my real body is dormant most of the time, I wouldn’t have been able to have used it anymore.

Hu Chuan’s eyes are exploding with hate and resentment, a red light had flashed in his eyes!

“I can’t believe that this asshole tried to kill me for a zombie. He is the real monster, not me, they should all just go to hell….”

Hu Chuan took out a gun, looked around and opened the safe and loaded the gun before heading out of the room.

Just as he walked out a scene from his memory started appearing in his mind.
When his comrades in arms found out about his ability, they all considered him a weirdo….

“Hu Chuan don’t use the bodies anymore, you are completely affected by the zombies. I know that you cut your hands to drink blood….I also know that you lick the flesh of your dead partners as well! You are becoming a monster!”

“If you don’t give up, you will be forcing me to take extreme measures! Or, I could just tell the others….”

“You don’t understand, they don’t understand. Do you think you guys could still be alive without me?”

HU Chuan trembled, “Haven’t used my own body in a while, didn’t expect for these old memories to keep popping out.”

He went deep inside the hallway. This is currently the first floor…. Probably no one would of expected that he would put his real body behind the fire escape stairway.

At this moment, Ling Mo had met up with Meng Jia Yu and the others, he had begun to explain how Hu Chuan attacked him, although the lies that he came up with was a bit far-fetched, but he didn’t care as long as it didn’t expose the truth about Ye Lian and the other two.

But he couldn’t lie about the body that was on the ground, so Ling Mo told them Hu Chuan’s super power, but he didn’t explain to them why Hu Chuan had wanted to talk to him in the first place.

Ling Mo said, “Right now, the most important thing we need to do is find his real body.”

Old Wang lifted his gun and said, “Let’s split up then.”

Chang Hao Yu answered, “YES!”

Although this guy was a psychic, at least he wasn’t a zombie anymore. Ling Mo had already destroyed his advantage so he shouldn’t have any other skills.

Ling Mo is angry that he had tried to kill his girlfriend, who was both beautiful and also the person who had saved him in the past.

Ling Mo thought that his team were all survivors with a lot of experience, even though Hu Chuan had a gun, that shouldn’t be a big problem as long as they were careful.

“After you guys see him, don’t go toe to toe with him, anyways, always safety first.”

Ling Mo kept Meng Jia Yu with him. He didn’t have a good feeling about letting her go on her own.

Old Wang went with Chang Hao Yu, 202 casually walked up the stairs by himself.

But none of them took the stairs from the fire escape….

Ling Mo on the other hand took the three female zombies and headed to the fire escape staircase after looking all over this floor.

Right at this moment, Guo Chao had just walked upstairs.

He thought if there are other survivors, even if Ling Mo isn’t dead he would be surrounded.

If going up there might be a chance of entering a battle, why not take another path and see how things go.

Guo Chao sighed, “Meng Jia Yu was too worried, I’m afraid she might be dragged down as well by Ling Mo.”

And when he reached the fire escape stairway, a black shadow popped out.

Guo Chao reacted fast, he lifted his gun right away, but it was too late.

He was slammed onto the wall, and felt a painful sensation on his neck.

Hu Chaun’s eyes are completely red, he’s already eating Guo Chao’s flesh and drinking his blood….

Guo Chao kept kicking his leg and twitching at the same time/

“Ka Ka!”

Guo Chao couldn’t make any noises any more after his trachea was torn.

As his gun slipped off from his hands, it made a sound upon reaching the floor.

Hu Chuan immediately raised his head in a vigilant manner. His face was covered with blood, and his mouth even had a piece of flesh hanging on the sides.

Just as Hu Chuan reached for the gun that Guo Chao dropped, Ling Mo dashed down from the upstairs of the fire escape stairway.

When Ling Mo had reached the stairway, he heard a gun being dropped and had realized that something was wrong down there.

Ling Mo saw Guo Chao slowly dropping to the floor, after seeing that his neck was torn, he knew that there was no way he could be saved.

But it wasn’t hard to guess the reason why he decided to take the fire escape stairs.

Ling Mo didn’t have time to care about him because gunshots were fired immediately at him.

Meanwhile two shadows leaped past his body.

When Ling Mo saw the body, he stopped for a second and tried to dodge but he still felt a pain on his shoulder.

Shana and Ye Lian dashed out and slashed with their knives, Hu Chang felt his hands become suddenly light.

His gun dropped and he had lost a hand.

He started screaming, even though he was currently mutating, he was still half human!

Since he was also part zombie, he had a zombie’s agility.

The pain made him stay awake, just as Ye Lian’s tiger claw was going to pierce through him, he flipped over, took Guo Chao’s gun with his other hand and aimed at Ling Mo.
He could feel that Ling Mo was still alive!

“I’ll kill you first!”

But right at this moment, a shadow jumped from the railings of the staircase and stepped on his hands.

The huge strength of that step broke his wrist!

Hu Chuan fell forward!

Before he was able to get up a cold wind slashed through his neck, he could feel that his neck had started to roll, the next second he was able to see his headless body….

Under the combined attack of the three zombies, he felt hopelessness and fear right before he died.

There was still some human flesh in his mouth.

Before he died, another scene had appeared in his mind.

His army buddy had bitten his real body and forced him to mutate with his other companions…

“If he hadn’t bitten me in the beginning, I wouldn’t have been turned into this and had a desperate cravin for flesh.”

After all it was he who saw himself as a monster….

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