My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 185

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 185 – Learned While During my Sickness

“Brother Ling, are you okay?”

Ye Lian flashed, and appeared in front of Ling Mo, and held him.

Ling Mo couldn’t lift his right hand, and he had cold sweat all over his forehead.

He shook his head and said, “I’m fine, see if this is his real body or is it someone else’s? We can’t give him another chance to attack us.”

Shana who was going to see Ling Mo’s condition hesitated after hearing what Ling Mo said, and turned around towards the body on the ground and immediately inspected it.

Shana is shocked with amazement and said, “Brother Ling, he just started to mutate… I can’t tell if this a copy or something else…

“This should be his real body. There isn’t any part of him that is human anymore. No wonder he couldn’t listen to what other people said to him, he was already like this.”

In the eyes of Ling Mo, there was a hint of hate. He had felt that this person was a bit pitiful before he had attempted to shoot Ye Lian.

But it seems that being a pitiful person also meant that he or she also had hateful things about them

This person is obviously a psychic, he had the ability to kill all the zombies here, but why aren’t there any survivors here….

“Why is he here? Or is this his base?”

Ling Mo walked downstairs with the help of Ye Lian, but at this time, there were sounds of footsteps. It looks like the other people had come over after hearing the gunshot being fired.

When he looked over at Guo Chao’s body, he thought to himself, that he was so unlucky….

But sometimes it’s just the way it is, human life was very fragile.

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He saw that the fire escape door is opened and decided to take a flashlight to go take a look inside.

But when he turned on the flashlight, he felt goosebumps grow on his skin.

There are big black words all over the walls, it is written all with blood.

“I’ve never eaten people!”

“I’m not a monster!”

“It’s all your fault, if minded your own business, I wouldn’t have bitten you! You made me a monster!”

“I’m wrong, don’t come, don’t come!”

Words like this are all over the walls.

But it seems that it’s been there a while.

From those messy words Ling Mo could tell two things happened. One, all the survivors here were all killed by him. Two, he ended up being stuck with guilt and loneliness after killing them. He became insane after that.

While he was using another body, he said that killing all the zombies helped control his desire to eat flesh since it was a way to run away from his problems.

Seems like in order for him to stay alive, he kept using different bodies the whole time and hid his original one over here.

Ling Mo still didn’t quite understand his power, but he could still make some good guesses.

Previously when he had talked to him, he had seemed quite normal, but when the topic came became about himself, he revealed his twisted hidden personality.

The fire escape isn’t big, but there were a lot of things in here.

6 boxes of military canned food stacked up with several radios. The zombie corpse that he was using before also had one of these radios.

There are also some other things, but Ling Mo didn’t have the energy to browse through all of them.

Since Hu Chuan is dead, there shouldn’t be any more danger here. He should treat his wounds first.

He let Li Ya Ling take the radios out and put two in his bag.

He still needed to know what was happening outside in the world. If there really were rescue teams, they should still be sending messages out.

The possibility of that might be low, but it was still necessary to check.

When Meng Jia Yu and the others reached here, the first thing they saw were Guo Chao and Hu Chuan’s bodies.

Meng Jia Yu covered her mouth, her eyes had turned a bit red, Old Wang lowered his gun and showed sorrow on his face.

Chang Hao Yu asked in a shocked voice, “What happened here?”

Only 202 seemed relaxed, he looked at Hu Chuan and then turned towards Ling Mo, “Oh you also got hurt brother?”

He ran towards Ling Mo and patted him on the shoulder.

He had tried to show that he cared about Ling Mo with this move but this actually irritated him instead.

“Let me smell what’s the difference between human.., AH! Why did you kick me NaNa?”

Meng Jia Yu wiped away her tears and turned to Ling Mo, “Did you get hurt Brother?”

They walked over to Ling Mo, even though Guo Chao’s death made them sad, but they were all already kind of used to having the people around them either leaving or dying.

“You alright?”

Old Wang took a look and happily said, “It’s by a gun, good thing is that it hit the top part only, didn’t hit any bones,…you’re quite lucky. But you will need to rest that arm for while, it would take some time to heal completely.

Ling Mo though in his head, this isn’t luck, it was because he had good judgement.

His ability to react to danger had been trained from a lot of battles.

Ling Mo inhaled air with pain and said, “Good then, I have some first aid supplies, just need to to treat it.”

Chang Hao Yu hesitated for a bit before turning to Old Wang, “Let’s find a place to bury Leader Guo.”

This place is much better than putting him somewhere in the wild and letting other zombies have the chance to split him apart.

Meng Jia Yu and 202 stayed with Ling Mo, they sat on some steps outside the door, getting ready to treat his wound.

202 just wanted to see if Ling Mo was a monster or a human.

When the shirt was taken off, they could see blood and flesh mixed together on the left shoulder.

Although it had only hit the muscle area, it still dealt Ling Mo a severe damage.

Fortunately, his bones weren’t damaged.

“Seems like the things we saw on TV are completely full of shit….”

When the bullet hit Ling Mo’s flesh, it hurt a lot, it did not feel like a scratch at all.

If it had hit his stomach, even though it would of been a small hole, but it would be a complete mess inside, and it would become a bigger hole when it came out.

“We could only help disinfect it for a while…”

Meng Jia Yu started to cry, seeing Ling Mo suffering and sweating devastated her.

Ye Lian clenched her fists, Shana’s eyes seemed colder than usual, even Li Ya Ling frowned.

“Brother Ling…”

This is the first time Ye Lian didn’t have any reaction to Ling Mo’s blood, instead she held on tightly to his other hand.

“Okay, come here.”

It was usually Shana who treated his wounds, but for some reason this time, 202 was very proactive in wanting to treat him, he said he had been sick and in the hospital for so long that he knew how to already do this.

“Weren’t you in a mental hospital?”

“That’s why I am experienced in treating wounds.”

He took the hydrogen peroxide and happily looked at Ling Mo’s wound and started to clean it.

Ling Mo was going to stop him, but he thought it actually didn’t really matter as long as he didn’t use any knives or needles.

Meng Jia Yu looked extremely nervous, Ling Mo could only use his left hand right now.

While 202 was disinfecting the would, he looked completely concentrated, even looked better than doctors.

As a psychic, when he is highly concentrated, he could even take care of the very small detailed things in a fast pace.

After 10 minutes, he had already stopped the blood from bleeding and disinfected it and finally wrapped it up.

Obviously it would still hurt, this is just a simple treatment. Ling Mo would need some medicine and time to fully recover.

Ling Mo talked with a pale face, “I didn’t expect that you really knew how to do this.”

202 carefully put the things into his pockets and said, “Of course, there was a patient who likes lolis and who also liked to abuse himself, one of the most iconic patients on bed 203. This person had caused wounds all over his body from time to time, so I saw how the hospital treated these types of wounds quite often.”

Ling Mo tried to talk more with 202 in order to take him mind away from the pain, “My mistake, you aren’t that completely useless. But shouldn’t these kinds of people be tied down or injected with tranquilizers?”

202 seriously said, “That’s being naive, do you really think that all mental patients are crazy? 203 and I were only sometimes crazy, but that was due to having too many things going on inside our brain. The reason 203 kept abusing himself was that he missed his little Loli at home too much. Anyway’s its fun outsmarting the doctors and nurses, otherwise I would have left the hospital.”

No one in there right mind here believes you….

Meng Jia Yu felt a lot more relieved when she saw Ling Mo talking happily with 202.

But he is exhausted and still have cold sweats, probably due to being in immense pain.

Ye Lian and Shana both leaned on Ling Mo, they both probably wanted to make him feel better with intimacy.

Li Ya Ling hesitated before wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

Old Wang and Chang Hao Yu had finished putting Guo Chao’s body in a decent place and came back.

Old Wang excitedly said, “I saw some guns in another room on the first floor, a car key inside a car, and some military clothes, seems like we have clothes for the winter now.”

He was holding a submachine gun and gave it to Ling Mo, “There isn’t a lot of submachine guns, take it.”

This looked like something extremely good!

“The sounds made from submachine guns aren’t that loud, obviously they aren’t silent either. But you can dish out more bullets at one time although changing clips would be much harder. Although it’s not something perfect but it’s still helpful, I was actually quite surprised to find something like this here.”

After Old Wang’s introduction to this gun, Ling Mo felt very interested in this gun and gave it to Shana.

Sounds like he had found more of these, but this is very important to them, so Ling Mo wasn’t going to take them all.

And plus his female zombies who always went crazy in battle shouldn’t be using guns like these in the first place.

These days, Ling Mo had tried to teach them how to shoot, but they wouldn’t learn.

Ling Mo curiously asked, “What car is that car key for?”

Old Wang thought to himself for a while before saying, “I’m guessing this guy had wanted to leave as well, he was probably preparing the car for himself. I saw a lot of components taken off… I’m guessing he wanted to modify it.”

Modified cars? This is something good as well!

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