My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 186

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 186 – Coitus Makes You More Acceptable

In the following hour, everyone became busy.

Old Wang drove the jeep to the front of the building, Chang Hao Yu and the others started to take the things that were inside the vehicle, out.

Ling Mo had changed his bloody clothes to some military ones.

He used to look quite ordinary, but after his powers became stronger, his eyes looked much deeper than before. He looked quite handsome wearing the military clothes.

When he went out after changing, everyone that saw him became shocked.

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo and went to the modified car that is currently in front of the jeep and took the same military clothes out.


“Those are for men…”

But eventually Li Ya Ling found a smaller version for herself to wear.

It’s a bit too big for her, but due to her being tall, it fine in terms of length.

Li Ya Ling happily stood beside Ling Mo and said, “Now we look the same.”

Ling Mo was surprised, she had finally accepted him.

So the most easiest and effective way for them to accept him is to have coitus(A More formal way of saying sex for all you guys who don’t know the word.),he previously only used the spirit connection to try and make them accept him.

Oh wait no, this should be the outcome of both ways….

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202 and Old Wang went outside and took a look.

They drove the modified car back as well.

This car had been modified pretty well, you could tell that Hu Chuan had put a lot of effort into it.

But to Ling Mo, cars weren’t that useful now since the city center was too crowded and wouldn’t be able to use cars.

But right now it’s still better for them to have a car, because the next destination that they were heading towards was the biological institute.

The team all had thought that the plan was going to be given up after the death of Guo Chao, but fortunately Meng Jia Yu actually also knew a bit on how to get there.

Before Ling Mo came, it was usually only her, Guo Chao, and Old Wang discussing their plans and goals and Guo Chao had mentioned this place several times during their chats.

But at that time, they weren’t capable of doing this mission.

Even though Meng Jia Yu only knew the direction of where to go, it was still good enough.

Shana threw Ling Mo’s bag and submachine gun into the car.

Old Wang helped him take some bullets into the car. Also gave him a carton of canned food and bottled water.

There was water from a pressurized well, so it’s not contaminated and was drinkable.

So Old Wang decided to give all the water they found to Ling Mo.

“It’s okay, and plus I don’t think i can carry that much. I might be able to find some more in the city even.”

Ling Mo felt good about Old Wang, even though he didn’t talk as much, but he always took action that showed he cared about other people.

Due to the back of the car being filled with supplies, Old Wang and Chang Hao Yu took a car while 202 and Meng Jia Yu chose to sit with Ling Mo on the new modified car.

Shana and 202 both told Ling Mo, that they wanted to drive the car. One was a zombie and the other one had mental problems…..

It didn’t sound like a good idea to let either one of them drive.

“I’ll drive.”

Meng Jia Yu sat on the drivers seat saving Ling Mo from making a horrible mistake.

After understanding the route a bit more, she started to head out.

Old Wang followed the car and start to go faster.

They had assumed that it was going to take them a long time to get there, but surprisingly it only took them one hour to get there.

But it looked like this place was heavily guarded. There was even a outlying post, when they reached the gate there was post there as well.

Only a few buildings can be seen from the outside, and when you look in through the entrance, it was all filled with green belts(open area), and you couldn’t see anything.

202 noticed the surveillance cameras in the entrance post and became surprised and asked, “Is this that umbrella company? Would the virus have come from here? Could it be that I am the one that saves the world?

Chang Hao Yu impatiently said as he got off the car, “That’s in an American Movie….this is just a important institute.”

Meng Jia Yu stared at him and said, “How could a virus come from here, cut that bullshit off.”

The virus was too creepy and too cruel, it didn’t seem like that type of thing could come from an institute like this.

If someone is really trying to create a virus like this, it would be somewhere very far away and very safe away from the human population.

This is a virus that destroyed the world!

Old Wang looked around and said, “I’m not sure but I think this place was probably doing some dangerous experiment otherwise, they wouldn’t be located at such a remote area, but still it couldn’t have been the source of the virus…..”

“Most people couldn’t even come here, let alone pass the guards. There might have even been the army guarding these posts.”

Ling Mo expressed his opinions but Old Wang shook his head and said, “There would definitely be guards, but not from the army. A little group of special forces would be good enough though.”

Ling Mo had never heard of this place. If it wasn’t because of Guo and Meng Jia Yu, he might never have come to this place.

The reason why they could reach here so easily is due to Meng Jia Yu.

Meng Jia Yu peeked inside and nervously said, “I just remember some of the signals and where to turn…Leader Guo didn’t know much as well since he’s never been here before. So it’s hard tell what’s it like in there.”

There was a sensor entrance at the door, seemed like people needed to scan their ID card in order to go in.

Ling Mo felt both curious and excited coming here because this would be the first time for him coming to a place like this.

After all he was just a young guy who hadn’t experienced the world yet…..

When he looked upwards, the pain from his shoulder started to flare up again.

“Oh Shit…”

He had almost shouted but he held it in.

“Are….are you ok?”

Ye Lian came to see how he was doing.

Advanced zombies had a acute sense of smell, Ling Mo’s wound had probably opened up again when he looked upwards.

Ling Mo exhaled and replied, “I’m fine. I wonder if this place did any research on any new medicine.”

Shana came and asked, “Do you want some pain killers?”

Ling Mo hesitated before shaking his head, “No this thing has a lot of side effect, and plus the instructions said to eat it every six hours, right now it has only been a few. I can still tolerate the pain.”

202 turned around and smiled, “In our hospital, mental pills… I mean painkillers are a strong currency, you could trade a lot of things with it…”

It seemed as if he had remembered something and kept licking his lips.

The institute seemed extremely quiet, there were no zombies or mutant creatures around.

Chang Hao Yu carefully walked up and asked Ling Mo, “If there were guards, when people mutated they should of been able to fight right? So there should definitely be some survivors around here.”

Ling Mo couldn’t use his right hand at the moment but with the three girls surrounding him, he was the person less likely to get hurt.

After the previous experience they all decided to stick to walking through the grass and flowers just incase someone decided to want to shoot them from a building. It would it harder for that person to actually aim at them.

There shouldn’t be any snipers here.

“It is possible for survivors being here.” Ling Mo got some information from Hu Chuan previously but it looked similar to what he had predicted before.

Ling Mo needed experts to get a more in depth knowledge of the virus.

If there are some researchers that were still alive, they might be able to answer some of Ling Mo’s questions.

Chang Hao Yu sighed, “If only we could find some vaccines…”

“How would that be possible? There is practically no equipment and a huge lack of expertise, don’t even have enough samples….If there really was a vaccine right now, the would wouldn’t be like this.”

Ling Mo thought this but didn’t say it.

It was better to let people keep their hopes, deep down they probably already knew the truth.

The possibility of finding vaccines were pretty low.

Number 1 building. The building that was nearest to the gate had a silver sign.

You couldn’t really tell what this building was for from the appearance.

“Let’s go in I guess.”

Old Wang aimed his gun in front of him, the glass door also needed to scan a card to get in, but there was a gap for them to go in.

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