My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 187

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 187 – The Survivor in the Institute

“Why do I get the feeling it’s not dangerous here….”

In the beginning, Chang Hao was hiding behind Old Wang the whole time, but after searching the first floor, he felt relieved.

The Number 1 building consisted of only offices, they had found a lot documents here in this building.

The majority of the documents were all technical jargons, Ling Mo took a look at it but immediately felt dizzy since he couldn’t understand any of it.

But one of the files made everyone realize what kind of institute this was.

Hua Xia Scientific Institute, a biological research institute, under X City Graduate Institute, specialized in Cell Biology.

But according to the description, the things that they were researching were quite complicated, but it was all related to biological research.

Ling Mo thought they were in the right direction, if there were some survivors here, they could spend some time researching the virus and maybe find some secrets about it, it would be much better than Ling Mo trying to guess it all along the way.

He was also afraid that if he kept feeding the wrong thing to three of them, it might cause some bad side effects on them instead.

Most importantly, the way they had evolved was much different then the other advanced zombies.

Upon entering the Number 2 Building, they noticed that the floor had some blood, but there still weren’t any zombies around.

Ling Mo also noticed that there weren’t any bones left around either.

Zombies wouldn’t eat the bones, they also wouldn’t tidy up the things around here, so apparently this was most likely done by a human.

Ling Mo said, “There may be some survivors here after all, but they might have guns on them, so be careful.”

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Ling Mo hoped they would be able to find some medicine over here as well.

Ye Lian and Shana are holding on to him from both sides, Ye Lian’s fingers were laced around Ling Mo’s.

Although Ling Mo would sometimes tighten his grip when he was in pain, Ye Lian wouldn’t resist, but instead she would look at him to see how he was doing.

She hadn’t recovered much of her intelligence or the ability to express, so besides staying close to Ling Mo, there wasn’t really much she could do for him.

Shana on the other hand, kept trying to talk to him in order to take his attention away from the pain.

Li Ya Ling is walking at the front holding onto a dagger.

Based on the waves from her spirit, you could tell that she is also worried about Ling Mo as well.

“Senior sister, you have improved a lot recently… But lately, you don’t talk as much as before, is there something going on?”

After Ling Mo asked her this, she turned her head towards him.

She looked at him first, then looked down. Afterwards she said, “There is something I’ve wanted….to…ask…you for a while….”

“Oh? What is it?”

Ling Mo looked around him. Luckily the team was spread out searching the other rooms.

She can’t possibly be wanting to confess to me right now can she? Although her behavior has indeed been a bit weird lately.

She used to reject Ling Mo, even though they had established a deep spirit connection, but she would sometimes still resist Ling Mo.

Frankly speaking, before they had sex, Ling Mo only liked her but with no feelings attached.

But Ling Mo is after all, a normal guy, after having intercourse with her, he had a subconscious feeling that she was already his.

Their relationship that had been established got deeper and deeper.

After that night, Ling Mo started to care more about Li Ya Ling and paid more attention towards her behaviors.

But there’s one thing, Ye Lian and Shana were extremely dependent on him, but he didn’t know what Li Ya Ling thinks about him.

Did she have sex due to the awakening of her zombie instincts or was it because she had started to have feelings for him….

Ling Mo said, “Um….if you want to confess…..”

Even though he wasn’t expecting this, this would turn out to be some good news.

“Hum?” Li Ya Ling paused before saying, “When can…….recover…”

After she finished speaking, she continued to say it bluntly, “Since we’ve done it once already…..we need to….do it a second time! I remember an old saying that says, when you do it once you need to do it again and again and again!”

FUCK, that saying isn’t for this!

Ling Mo was stupefied and had a sudden impulse to smash his head on a wall.

She was a bit loud when she said this and for some odd reason, Meng Jia Yu had come out from the room behind her!

It wasn’t just her, Old Wang came out as well but immediately went back in afterwards, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything.

But Meng Jia Yu’s eyes became wide open with shock and looked at Li Ya Ling, before looking towards Ling Mo.


Meng Jia Yu’s beautiful face had turned extremely red.

She immediately recalled the weird way that Li Ya Ling walked in after the night of hearing those weird noises.

Ling Mo didn’t blame Li Ya Ling, because for a zombie, they follow whatever their instincts told them.

He could only blame himself for asking such a stupid question.

When he looked at Meng Jia Yu again, she seemed to have smiled and immediately turned around afterwards.

Chang Hao Yu came out with 202 from another room, 202 even had taken a empty test tube.

Chang Hao Yu seemed to have noticed that the atmosphere was pretty weird and so asked, “What’s going on?”

Ling Mo quickly replied, “Nothing….”

202 came to Ling Mo and said, “Brother, since your bleeding anyways, want give me some of your blood?”

“Get lost!”

“Big brother dont be like this, if anything, I can also give you some of mine. Which part of my body do you want my blood from?”

Ling Mo had a evil smile on his face and said, “Why don’t you give me the blood from your little thing?”

“Um… it would probably hurt when I pee if I gave you it, but in order to satisfy my curiosity, I’m willing to make sacrifices…Hold on a second.”

“GOD DAMN IT! I swear to god if you unzip your fucking pants, I’ll end your life right now!”

Right at this moment, Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill from his back.

At the same time, the three girls also looked back with their cold eyes.

They apparently also had felt danger as well.

A person had appeared behind them from out of nowhere.

The person looked extremely weird, from the reactions of the three girls, you could tell that this person’s powers is very different from other people.

They all looked confused.

Ling Mo immediately used his spirit powers to scan the person.

This person had a very stable spirit wave.

But after the incident with Hu Chuan, Ling Mo is extremely careful now.

You really couldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.


202 was the first to yell, he had totally forgot about exchanging Ling Mo’s blood for his and stared at the person that had shown up.

“Be careful everyone. This has blood on his hands and has killed several people. He’s a cold blooded guy… Oh wait no….”

He had stepped back a few steps before suddenly realizing something, “Are you a doctor for mental patients(psychiatrist)?”

The person probably seemed to have gotten confused because it took awhile to respond to his question before the person shook their head.

The guy looked up and revealed a pale face, pointed at his mouth and shook his finger.

“You can’t talk?”

Ling Mo finally realized why the person was so silent after seeing him nodding his head.

Jesus at least make a bit of noise when you sneak up on someone…..

Old Wang’s gun is already aiming at the person, even Chang Hao Yu had freaked out.

Were there actually researchers that were physically impaired? Then again Stephen Hawking was also physically impaired.

The person tried to use sign language, but nobody in the group could understand it.

So the person decided to raise his hands and show that he was surrendering and then pointed at the guns with one of his hands and put his hand down in order to tell them to lower their weapons.

Ling Mo said, “Put the guns down.”

This guy is wearing a white robe and a hat, probably was a researcher who had survived.

This guy might also be a psychic, even though Ling Mo couldn’t really be 100% sure, it was still better to be careful.

So far this guy didn’t have any weapons on him, which meant that he didn’t have any bad intentions.

The person smiled after seeing Old Wang and Chang Hao Yu put down their guns and then walked towards the group.

While he was approaching, Ling Mo had already released his tentacles and had them surround the person.

If this guy made any sudden moves he would attack instantly.

Although this wouldn’t be able to kill the person right away, but it could hinder them and cause a weakness immediately and let the three girls beside Ling Mo kill him.

As the guy approached, he immediately showed his kindness and wished to shake hands with Ling Mo.

Ling Mo’s right hand couldn’t move so could only use his left one.

The guy paused and shook his hand awkwardly, at the same time he noticed the blood that was appearing on the clothes of Ling Mo’s shoulder.

Even though Ling Mo had changed his outfit, the blood still penetrated through.

It’s hard to stop it from bleeding.

The person looked at Ling Mo before showing a sign that he could help and asked him to follow along.

Should I go?

Just when Ling Mo is hesitating, the guy smiled and turned around and then disappeared on a turn from a corner.

Meng Jia Yu asked with happiness, “Brother, is he gonna help heal you?”

“What are we waiting for?”

Chang Hao Yu is also happy because Ling Mo had saved his life previously.

202 was muttering, “I saw the doctor in him, he was the one that fought with us every day, and in order to win, he even learned some crazy fighting skills…Then again, the main reason I could become this good is also because of him.”

This guy didn’t look weak but he seemed pretty nice.

His eyes had even revealed happiness.

Probably because he hadn’t seen people in a long time….

The guy came back and realized that everyone was still hesitating.

He took his hands out of his pockets to show that he was empty handed and smiled.

“Let’s go.” Ling Mo said.

I have three zombies with me, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Ling Mo made the decision and asked the others to come along.

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