My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 188

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 188 – Warning

To be honest, Ling Mo didn’t expect that the researcher would take them to the elevator.

They had come here before, but they weren’t able to use it at that time, surprisingly, the button lights were on now….

“There’s electricity here?…Solar Power?”

Ling Mo immediately remembered the surveillance camera, seems like that was the reason why the researcher knew they were here.

They were currently on the floor of A1 apparently based on the elevator. The other floors were from B1 to B3.

Seems like there’s a basement here and the elevator had access to it.

“Um, how many survivors are over here?”

Ling Mo knows that the person didn’t have any hearing problems so he tried to ask him. The person looked at Ling Mo before pressing B2.

He used his hands to show the number “5”.

Ling Mo frowned, there should of been a lot of people here and now there’s only five? They must of had it really bad here.

As the elevator door opened, a light lit up the hall.

Instead of a dark and wet place, they found a very well decorated and dry place.

A cold breeze blew through the hallway, seems like the ventilation here is pretty good.

As they walked a bit further in, Ling Mo realized that the basement is actually quite large.

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Several corridors are intertwined to each other, you could probably get to the Number 3 building from here.

Both sides seemed to contain various laboratories, and some blood could be seen from time to time on the walls and floors.

Old Wang found some bullet holes and showed it to Ling Mo.

The researcher lead them around and then finally reached a room. When he opened it, a sound came out.

“They’re here.”

As the sound came out, a man with a gray hair appeared at the door.

He was actually quite young, probably only 30.

Just like the one who lead them all here, he was also wearing a white robe and had looked like a very sophisticated man.
“Hello, I’m Zhao Zhi, and this is my colleague Mo Da Hai, come in and have a seat.”

When they went inside, they noticed it was a very big lab, it was really bright inside and had separated into a lot of different rooms.

One of the doors of the rooms was wide open, looking inside, it seemed to be a monitoring room.

A guy who looked like a militant, sat inside playing with his dagger.

When he saw them, he just stared at them with a cold look.

Beside him was a girl who had a small body figure, brown hair, clear-cut facial features, white skin, and a bit of freckles, but she still looked extremely hot.

Moreover she was a foreign beauty….

Although the some institutes also had foreign researchers, it was quite strange to see a foreigner in such a institute.

She looked too young to be an expert, she should probably have been a student or something.

She looked at Old Wang first. When she saw the gun she smiled.

“Hello.” This foreigner’s accent was actually very good, even though her tone sounded a bit weird, probably due to her being excited.

Behind her is a 40-50 year old man.

He seemed more like a staff member than a researcher.

His expression seemed to be too dramatic. He was nearly shaking when he saw the group. There was no way to know if he was shaking due to not having seen other survivors in such a long time or because they had weapons on them.

But his reaction is a bit weird so Ling Mo and others noticed him immediately.

Zhao Zhi turned to him and calmly said, “Stop Old Luo, you’re scaring them.”

Not sure if Zhao Zhi was the leader here, when he talked, Old Luo looked away and inhaled some air to control his emotions.

“Don’t worry, he’s just happy. He hasn’t seen anyone new in such a long time.”

Zhao Zhi looked at all of them and then focused on Ling Mo, “Seems like you got hurt, I have some normal medicine here, use these first.”

Ling Mo was disappointed, just normal ones…..

Never mind, his intentions of coming here weren’t to heal.

Ling Mo is actually pretty happy that he could find some researchers that were still alive here.

He wasn’t sure if they knew anything about the zombie virus though.

Just as Ling Mo was about to walk past Mo Da, he bumped into his shoulder.

A huge pain burst out, Ling Mo looked at Mo Da Hai with anger.

From Mo Da Hai’s eyes, instead of seeing eyes that were apologetic, Ling Mo saw ones that were giving warnings!

But that look disappeared immediately and he smiled at Ling Mo and left.

“What does that mean?”

Ling Mo immediately felt a strange feeling.

Originally after seeing Zhao Zhi and the others, he had felt relieved.

In this group, Mo Da Hai had the highest probability of being a psychic, the other researchers were too weak, and the militant didn’t seem like any threat at all.

They all looked like normal people, they shouldn’t have any bad intentions.

But then why would Mo Da Hai, the most powerful guy in this group, give him such a look.

Seems like he might be afraid of a person in here, he had come and used this way to warn me when the others weren’t looking.

What did he want to express?

Although he didn’t say anything, but right now Ling Mo became aware of his surroundings.

Zhao Zhi took out a first aid box, but he only took out the antibiotic medicine and some pain relievers to give to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo obviously wouldn’t eat anything from a stranger, he thanked him and put it inside his shirt. Zhao Zhi didn’t pay attention to this though.

Zhao Zhi asked with excitement, “I’m guessing X city is now a dead city, did you guys run from there?”

Chang Hao Yu nodded, “Ya, but there should still be a lot of survivors in the city…”

Zhao Zhi smiled and said, “Is it really? But it’s much safer to stay here…But if we could go to X city….”

Ling Mo felt a lot better after sitting down, he frowned and asked, “Why would you want to go there?”

The others didn’t seem to understand this as well, it was so much safer here, why would he want to go to X city….

Ling Mo also had another question as well, since there were no zombies around here, he thought that they must have strong weapons.

But it didn’t look like they were strong….

Mo Da Hai seemed dangerous but it didn’t seem like he could fight ten zombies all by himself.

Not to mention that they only had riot guns. Using these were no different than having a death wish, if you couldn’t kill the zombies in one shot, it would be of no use.

Close combat? HAH! These people’s bodies looked even weaker than 202 who is the youngest out of everyone in the group…

After chatting for a bit Ling Mo found a point in the conversation where he could discuss about the virus.

This topic is what he cared most about.

The foreign gal interrupted them and said slowly, “There are no vaccines, we aren’t capable of that.”

When she said it, they all looked disappointed.

Although the team was prepared for this, it was still depressing to hear it.

Even Ling Mo felt upset.

Ling Mo asked, “So there isn’t any hope for healing the zombies?”

Zhao Zhi looked at Ling Mo with surprise and then realized something, “You wish to save your relatives right?”

“Once the infection of the virus spreads out, it changes the person’s cells…simply put, the virus changes the person’s body completely and each change can go even deeper.”

Ling Mo asked, “So does that mean besides the skin, the rest of body is zombie?”

“It’s kind of like that. And the longer the time goes by, the possibility of recovering or healing from the virus….” Zhao Zhi didn’t talk more and said something else, “This virus gives people stronger bodies! If we were to use it well maybe….”

He suddenly got extremely excited but noticed that he had used the wrong words and immediately shut up.

Ling Mo thought that the way researchers think was quite different from other people, most people would of regarded this person as a monster for thinking such thoughts. But these researchers could think so out of the box, if the virus was easy to control, the would wouldn’t have been like this.

But on second thought he realized that he had been in contact with the virus on multiple occasions. It was just that the amount was extremely diluted.

For example zombie orgasm juice or zombie saliva…

After coming from the girls, the liquids that contained the virus was extremely low.

And they actually gave Ling Mo more power.

From this point, Zhao Zhi was actually right, if you could learn how to harness this power, it could definitely be something good.

And so far, his cells havn’t been modified by the virus yet, it seems like that’s because the amount it contained was too low.

But this might be the only way.

Ling Mo asked: “Then what about their evolution?”

The foreign gal interrupted again: “It’s hard to say, when virus erodes the cells, it would reproduce. I guess the more virus it has, the faster it reproduces….The fast reproduction might let cells gain the possibility of mutating and produce some weird cells. Maybe the appearance would look different. But seems like the more you evolve the faster it reproduces, probably high level zombies become a huge virus source.”

Ling Mo jumped up and asked: “What!!!!!????”

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