My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 189

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 189 – The Sudden Danger

An appearance change?

Putting Ye Lian and Shana aside, only Li Ya Ling had mutant snake poison in her body.

The virus was definitely in the snake poison, and when it entered Li Ya Ling’s body, it completely merged with Li Ya Ling’s virus, who knew what was going on in her body right now.

But from Li Ya Ling’s body, you could definitely tell that there were some changes with her body, and she did have somethings that were similar to a mutant snake.

Ling Mo had a sudden image of Li Ya Ling becoming a beautiful snake girl and shivered.

It sounded very sexy at first, but the thought of her wrapping him and quenching for his dong…..

“NO! As a human being I still have standards….”

Ling Mo felt goosebumps.

But for some reason he couldn’t stop picturing it and also couldn’t help looking at Li Ya Ling and imagining her having a snake body….

And if she mutated again, who knew if Li Ya Ling would still have a human’s conscious or not.

No, I must get rid of this problem!

The foreign girl’s theory of the the virus source kind of matches Ling Mo’s theory.

He already realized that the virus in Shana and Ye Lian’s body had changed, but he knew only because of the spirit connection they had, it was much better to hear from someone who had some expertise in this area.

Although she hadn’t sounded completely sure, but Ling Mo’s heart was beating very fast.

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Ling Mo knows that there is a high possibility that what she said was probably right.

The reason why the gels weren’t very effective to Shana and Ye Lian anymore is because they really didn’t need them anymore.

Their body already became a virus generator where they could produce their own virus.

Ling Mo had thought that the thing which could generate the most of the virus was the gel in the back of their brains.

The thing that was considered just a condense virus turned out to be some sort of hive.

No wonder the virus could eat each other up, they would become smaller and more pure.

Advanced zombies already have very small gels, zombie leaders would probably be even smaller, probably the size of a nail.

The small the virus gel was, the more of the virus it contained.

The way Ling Mo used to feed was right but afterwards, it became wrong.

It’s hard to help them upgrade by using something external, they would have to do it themselves to evolve!

While everyone was talking, Ye Lian and Shana went out of the room, they were still not used to talking to strangers.

But from their connection, Ling Mo realized that they had sensed something.

Out of curiosity, they went to the halls and walked around, but didn’t find anything.

The foreign girl said, “This is what I know so far, due to the lack of samples and the right equipment as well as the ability, this is way out of our abilities to know more.”

It was extremely nice to talk to her, she would randomly play with her hair and show her cleavage while she talked.

At least Chang Hao Yu thought it was nice since he had been looking at it for quite a while.

“Didn’t know you liked big boobs.” A voice came from behind him and freaked out Chang Hao Yu.

He turned his head and found 202 looking at him.


“Don’t worry, I won’t look down on you, sexy, mature and big boobed woman are the best.” 202 carefully sized the foreign girl up and turned to Chang Hao Yu, “Unfortunately, her cup size isn’t the ideal size, I have to give a negative comment for this! But keep at it, I’ll cover for you.”

“That’s not what we came here to do….”

After the big boobed girl finished talking, she smiled and apologized, “Forgot to introduce myself, My name is Stella, this person over here is the security guard….”

The militant coldly looked over at them and said, “Chang Teng.”

Old Luo for no reason looked very nervous and said, “I….I am…call me Old Luo.”

But nobody really cared about his reaction except for Ling Mo.

Ling Mo realized that there must be something wrong since Mo Da Hai gave a warning look.

But so far, everything seems normal.

Zhao Zhi said with a smile, “Sorry that we can’t help much after you guys took such a big risk to come here.”

Meng Jia Yu shook her head, “No worries, at least we learned something, which is better than nothing. By the way, were not sure if you guys are willing to come with us, we have a base and a lot of food as well…”

“Aren’t they aiming to go to X city?” Ling Mo quickly interrupted.

They do need more people in the base but it might be better not to tell them too much about the base.
Zhao Zhi calmly said, “I did think about it. How about this, why don’t you guys stay for a night and we can talk about it tomorrow.”

Stella looked at Ling Mo but didn’t say anything.

Ling Mo began to think that there might actually be something wrong with these people, so it might be better to leave earlier.

That way they wouldn’t be able to get any more information from them.

“It’s okay….”

Old Luo suddenly said, “Let me walk you guys out.”

Mo Da Hai started to walk towards them but Old Luo had already walked in front of Ling Mo, “I’ll take you guys to the elevator.”

Ling Mo felt relieved after leaving the room.

After a few steps, Old Luo seemed like he had made a decision or something. He took two steps forward, just as he was going to open his mouth, the lights suddenly turned darker.

Ling Mo felt a sudden pain from his shoulder.

But it wasn’t because of an external source, it was more like his flesh was twisting inside.

He had nearly passed out from the pain, but fortunately Li Ya Ling helped him immediately.

He felt extreme danger and shouted, “Be careful!”

But right at this moment, Ling Mo heard a “Pu Tong..” sound. Someone had fallen to the ground.

He could only try to detect the spirit waves around him. For some reason he couldn’t change his vision to Li Ya Ling’s.

And not only this, Li Ya Ling also looked extremely painful, but she was an advanced zombie so she reacted fast and she dashed back immediately to the room.

However, the door sealed shut, Li Ya Ling was fast, but she still couldn’t make it in time.

Ye Lian and Shana tried their best to help Ling Mo up but then the light became even more dimmer.

The power had been cut out.

Ling Mo finally got the chance to take a breather, this is the first time he had gotten the short end of the stick(meaning taken advantage of), he didn’t expect that the three of them would be completely dominated.

Ling Mo felt the blood in his body boil, not just him, so did the three girls next to him.

Li Ya Ling turned on a flashlight and saw 202 and the others on the floor, trying hard to breathe. Their skin had turned red, as if the blood in their bodies were boiling.

Their eyes all looked stunned but they gave a feeling like they were over excited, Ling Mo dodged this attack probably due to the pain which woke him up from being stunned, but he still felt exhausted.

“This super power is fucking insane, although it didn’t kill people, but it makes everyone lose their power to fight….”

The door was sealed shut, Ling Mo felt that even if he had opened it, there probably wouldn’t be anyone in there.

And the power had also been shut down so there was no way they could take the elevator.

Did this mean they would die inside here?

Ling Mo believed now that people were more dangerous than zombies, who could know that the previous moment they were still talking peacefully and than the next, something like this happens.

But it seems like they were prepared already.

The reason why they talked to each other for so long was probably because they needed some time to shut down the electricity.

Old Luo leaned on the wall with his eyes wide open, and kept breathing hard.

“What’s going on?”

Ling Mo realized that Old Luo had the same look as Mo Da.

But because everyone was in the same room, Ling Mo didn’t realize this.

Old Luo finally stopped breathing so hard and looked scared, “I shouldn’t have been so impulsive….No, I don’t regret it…Brother, you guys might die in here.”

“Why? What happened?”

Chang Hao Yu ran and tumbled over.

Old Luo answered with a trembling voice, “Ever since we saw you guys, they had decided to use you guys as nourishments.”

“Nourishments?” Ling Mo felt anxious, because this was probably the worst situation that he had ever faced.

Injured shoulder, couldn’t use his right hand and also being stuck here in a building with no way out.

Old Luo nodded and said, “Yeah! That Zhao Zhi is a lunatic! The frozen corpses that we used previously have almost been used up. Although it could still support us for a while, Zhao Zhi said that it would be better to feed with a living person, so he decide take you guys down. Everyone here is a survivor, you wouldn’t have thought of this point.

“So Zhao Zhi was the one who took action? What is his super power? And what does he exactly want to feed?”

Ling Mo kept asking questions. The big disadvantage right now was that they didn’t have any information on what was going on, Ling Mo only felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t expect them to do this.
One of the reasons why Ling Mo fell into their trap was that everything went peacefully and Ling Mo was too confident!

If they had went face to face, Ling Mo’s group wouldn’t have lost!

But he didn’t expect them to pull this type of attack.

When Old Luo was about to answer, Ling Mo felt a sudden chill from his back. At the same time Li Ya Ling, Ye Lian, and Shana looked into the hallway.

Even 202 tried to stand up, touched his chest and said, “Usually under this situation a ghost would show up….”

Ghosts of course wouldn’t appear here but from Old Luo’s disappointed look, you could tell that something bad was about to happen.

Ling Mo grabbed Old Luo and yelled, “I don’t care if you wanted to save yourself by taking us out or if you felt guilty suddenly and so you wanted to save us. You obviously know this place, guide us the correct way in finding and defeating that Zhao guy!”

Although his arm was injured, a bloody arm could still really intimidate people.

“I… you are also from the military based on your clothes and you also have a gun…..I wanted to save myself otherwise someday I would become their food as well.”

Old Luo struggled to get up and pointed to the hallway, “There’s a stair behind the room to b3. They have already reached b3. And according to their plans, they are going to lock down all the gates, if you guys don’t have any bombs, you won’t be able to open it. Come with me, let’s find a place to hide and I’ll tell you guys what’s going on.”

Old Wang was a bit pissed and said, “If you said this earlier, it wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Old Luo looked terrified, Ling Mo quickly said, “Nevermind this, they were trying to get us from the beginning, even if he told us, we would have still be caught. The only possibility of this not happening is if we had never come here or we had killed Mo Da Hai in the beginning, but who could have predicted this?”

You could tell that this Old Luo was a pussy, it was impossible for him to try and give them a hint in front of Zhao Zhi and the others. He would have to be far away from them in order for him to tell anything

He must of suggested to walk them out on impulse, and then realized afterwards that there was no looking back after making this decision.

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